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To think my neighbour has some balls nicking my cat in front of my face

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basketofsoftkittens · 05/07/2015 22:22

So, standing outside calling my cat to come in for the night. Next door opens her window, sees me and shuts the window again. 5 seconds later she re-opens the window, calls my cats name, he runs in her house and she shuts the window (at this point her cat had ran to her house and was sat outside on the windowsill watching her feed my dam cat).

She saw me, heard me call him and blatantly stole my cat right in front of my face.

Why am i such a wimp that i haven't even gone and knocked on her door and demand my cat back. I have considered walking up to her window and taking her cat and seeing how she likes it but no. I have walked back into my house, shut the door and thought, did that really just happen.

OP posts:
SarfEasticatedMumma · 05/07/2015 22:28

That's really creepy. Maybe tell her about a local cat shelter? Or ask her if she has been itching lately because your cat has fleas .
That is horrible by the way.

ppolly · 05/07/2015 22:28

OK, well that is really odd behaviour. maybe your neighbour is really short sighted, or likes your cat better than her own? is she looking after her own cat too? You need to go and ask for yours back again.

TTWK · 05/07/2015 22:31

How long have you both lived there. She probably thinks it's her cat, as cats are greedy selfish sods and often have 2 or 3 homes.

Court cases with people fighting over cat ownership where they both swear they've had the cat for years aren't unusual.

basketofsoftkittens · 05/07/2015 22:39

Nope definitely knows he is my cat. She has been here about 10 years, and I've been here about 3, but the cat has only lived here for about 6 months, he lived with my mum for 9 years before that.
She stops and talks regularly when i am outside, she has asked me the cats name, how old he is etc.

When he comes back the litter tray is coming back out and he isnt leaving the house again.

She would have to be short sighted and deaf as i was outside calling him when she had her window open moments before she nicked my cat. But i have never seen her wear glasses for driving or anything.

I am definitely telling her about my 'flea infestation' next time I see her. Still to much of a chicken to go get my cat back, may go out and start calling him again, if he is not outside (he sleeps in the same spot whenever he goes out), i want to call her cat into my house.

OP posts:
Mabelface · 05/07/2015 22:44

Knock on her freaking door!

SarfEasticatedMumma · 05/07/2015 22:44

Maybe the flea threat isn't enough, maybe some mention some kind of rare biting mite, or that the cat is showing signs of age related anal leakage, and may need to wear a kind of cat nappy soon...

You could knock on her door and ask if she's seen your cat?

Cheby · 05/07/2015 22:47

Go knock on door, smile nicely, collect cat.
Nip in the bud now.

RagingJellyBean · 05/07/2015 22:47

I'm in absolutely stitches at this entire thread.

I can't believe your neighbour stole your cat hahaha.

Cats are such funny creatures. Maybe you should ask for your cat back, in the most polite way possible? Grin

SurlyCue · 05/07/2015 22:48

Oh fgs just go and get him! Confused

basketofsoftkittens · 05/07/2015 22:50

Well i went round with some encouragement from the dog and all the lights are off and no answer. My cat is not outside.


She wont answer the door. I just want my blooming cat back, he is a proper traitor

OP posts:
ColdCottage · 05/07/2015 22:50

Wait as late as possible the go and knock until she comes to the door. Wake her up and get the cat back. That is totally out of order behaviour. Don't forget to ask her why she feels she can steal your cat. Crazy cat lady. Maybe she is crazy and thinks your cat spoke to her and wants her?? Good luck. You have nothing to lose.

thetroubleis · 05/07/2015 22:50

Go and get him as you have an important vet appointment for his kitty diabetes tomorrow and he needs regular insulin injections or he will be very ill (or any othe kitty illness)

ColdCottage · 05/07/2015 22:51

Just seen your last message. Keep knocking until she gets up.

basketofsoftkittens · 05/07/2015 22:52

Anal leakage is a good plan, i need to buy some sort of nappy and just send him out with it on when she returns my cat. I am sure she will ask me what is up with him. What does she want with my cat, she has her own and a dog. He isn't the best looking cat in the world bless him

OP posts:
BibiBlocksbergv2 · 05/07/2015 22:56

oh OP, i've had this, it's truly gobsmacking isn't it. In my case cat went missing for over a week (not like her at all) then i saw her coming out of a neighbours front door late one night.

All i mangaged ed to squeeze out was 'got a new cat' to a stuttered bullshit explanation. I was so stunned i just walked away at the time & beat myself up for not kicking off.

That's just to say you're not alone - its just so weird when it happens its hard to know how to respond.

Tempting as it is, try not to go down the retaliation route of 'you take my cat, i take yours' all that will do is confuse the cat in question.

I've had to take a very deep breath & speak to several of my neighbours about their cat coming to me/my cat moving in with someone else.

Not my favourite activity, knockin on strangers doors but its all fine now.

Start off friendly if you can 'hello, i saw mr whiskers going into your house last night, he's a little bugger for doing that, here's my number, please call/text me if he does it again'

At least it will give you a chance to gauge whom your battling?

basketofsoftkittens · 05/07/2015 23:00

Yeah I will try and grab her tomorrow if I see her. It is such a pain. I work 12 hour shifts so only see her on my days off really.
Think I'll get my partner to talk to her if he sees her tomorrow.

I am just so shocked at how blatantly she stole my cat in front of my face without a care in the world, then thought I'll go off to bed now whilst I have my neighbours cat locked in my house.

OP posts:
AnUtterIdiot · 05/07/2015 23:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

basketofsoftkittens · 05/07/2015 23:10

What makes it worse is i am due to get a gorgeous grey kitten in august. My son picked her himself and is so excited, so i will now have 2 house cats. If she thinks she is getting her dirty mits on my cat again or my new kitten she has another thing coming.

I am bringing out the pad of paper and writing her a nice note that i will stick through her letterbox.

OP posts:
yellowdinosauragain · 05/07/2015 23:19

I'm sorry but I just don't get why you didn't go straight round as soon as you saw her call your cat in Confused What is wrong with you? You saw her call your cat in and you came and posted about it on here rather than just going and getting him back?

basketofsoftkittens · 05/07/2015 23:21

There is absolutely nothing wrong with me thank you.

OP posts:
coconutpie · 05/07/2015 23:22

I agree with yellowdinosaur - why on earth didn't you go around there straight away? Bizarre...

Fatmomma99 · 05/07/2015 23:26

Why am i such a wimp that i haven't even gone and knocked on her door and demand my cat back.


And if she's gone to bed, throw stones at her fucking window until she gets up and gives you your cat back or you break her window.

But the nice note idea is nice! (nicer than me!)

Wolfiefan · 05/07/2015 23:29

I would go round and lean on the doorbell until the door was opened and I got my cat back. End of.

Spog · 05/07/2015 23:30

as said above - cats indeed are total whores.
that then makes the neighbour a whoremaster (or whoremistress).

yellowdinosauragain · 05/07/2015 23:40

I'd now do what wolfiefan said

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