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Calling Teachers (unashamedly TAAT i just need to check, is that BU?)

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VacantExpression · 01/07/2015 13:18

Would you REALLY appreciate a thank you gift of stationery supplies? As I think I really like this idea but don't want DS's teachers (who are lovely) to think WTF?

AIBU To remain unconvinced this would be popular?

OP posts:

Wideopenspace · 01/07/2015 13:19

I'd love it, especially from Paperchase, I luffs stationery porn.


Bea · 01/07/2015 13:20

hmm a nice notebook! Yes! To the stationary porn!


JustinsBrother · 01/07/2015 13:21



TitusAndromedon · 01/07/2015 13:24

I live for nice notebooks and those cute booklets of post-it notes with different designs and things that you can find in Paperchase. I would love to get a few bits like that which co-ordinated.


RockySpeed · 01/07/2015 13:26

Oh yes! Nice pens and notebooks!SmileSmileSmile


glenthebattleostrich · 01/07/2015 13:35

Ooh, shameless highjack!

We are planning on getting the teachers and TA's in DD's class (there are 6 I think!) a nice notebook and pen each but DD also likes to make presents. Would a fabric pencil case go down well? Or a fabric bag? Like these:

I would never inflict baking on anyone but family but wanted to give something personal. The other idea was a photograph on a notebook from somewhere like funky pigeon?

There are 4 parents all putting in for a joint present so it will also include a small bar of hotel chocolat and a bottle of Aldi's finest prosecco (my favourite by the way, not being a cheapscate!)


ChanandlerBongsNeighbour · 01/07/2015 13:37

Yep, sounds good, I'd love it! Smile


MidniteScribbler · 01/07/2015 13:39

Yes to all forms of stationery. I have never met a teacher that doesn't go get excited when walking through the door of Officeworks.


modelthroughit · 01/07/2015 15:07

I'm a teacher. I LOVE stationery; I'm pretty convinced we all do. Back to school stationery sales are one of my favourite things.

To have a pencil case or similar made by a student would probably make me cry (hopefully in private, and with joy) and I'd treasure it for a long time to come.

Failing that, any stationery comes in handy. In my experience, a teacher's pen is NEVER where they left it - and more often than not, it's in a kid's pocket Wink


CherylBerylMeryl · 01/07/2015 15:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MiaowTheCat · 01/07/2015 15:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

P0llyP0cketR0cket · 01/07/2015 15:19

Ok, I'm the only one but no way! I want wine please. Or food.


glamourousgranny42 · 01/07/2015 15:36

I'm a teacher and I LOVE stationery. My trainee teacher gave me gorgeous notepad and a gift card for paperchase. I'm in heaven!!


AlwaysDancing1234 · 01/07/2015 15:38

School budgets are such that decent stationery is always welcome.
A personalised notebook/pencil case/academic diary would be wonderful


QueenofLouisiana · 01/07/2015 16:02

Yes! I love pretty pens and things just for me. My favourite present last year was a pen with my name engraved on it (Mrs Louisiana). No other teacher can pinch it!


soapboxqueen · 01/07/2015 16:06

Yes. Luffs the stationery.


neverputasockinatoaster · 01/07/2015 16:09

I am an ex teacher.
Yes to stationery! I loved getting glue sticks as ours all went walkabout and were like gold dust!
One year a child put those knotted plastic lace things around a black and red pen for me so no one else would steal my register pens. Scoobies I think they were called.
Another year my PPA cover always nicked my pens so a child had a pen engraved with my name. She told me she'd chosen pink because she knew Mr X hated pink!


987flowers · 01/07/2015 16:19

Yes to stationary here! I only became a teacher so could get a teacher diary!


tilliebob · 01/07/2015 16:19

Absolutely - glue sticks are more prized than gold in our school. You can't go wrong with a nice notebook either Grin


PuntasticUsername · 01/07/2015 16:28

This thread confirms my own personal experience, which is that every single teacher I know is thoroughly obsessed with cool stationery and either they are happy to admit that that's why they went into the profession to begin with, or they're still in denial Wink


mayfridaycomequickly · 01/07/2015 16:42

A little boy once gave me a pot like this

but he'd made and decorated it himself (think it was a tea bag box painted and varnished) with nice pens in. Best present ever and I still use the pot 12 years later!


0ellenbrody0 · 01/07/2015 17:04

Another teacher here, secretly hoping for stationary!!! Fancy colour gel pens, post its, note pads, push pins for notice board - love 'em all.


clam · 01/07/2015 17:14

My best gift yet was an electric pencil sharpener. Bit pricey, but if you club together with a couple of others, it might be do-able?


ItMustBeBunnies · 01/07/2015 17:28

Love love love stationery! Or chocolate. Or wine (white). Or mugs.

I only get occasional presents (secondary), but those are my favourite types. A card is always the best part, though. I keep them all!


ltk · 01/07/2015 17:31

I love stationary. Makes a change from chocolate.

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