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People who are doing it WRONG

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GloGirl · 30/06/2015 15:20

My Dad loves to talk about how he enjoys a good barbecue in this weather, once he even invited a lot of family round for one.

His version of a BBQ is a George Formby grill (natch), and in nice weather he plugs it in outside to cook a burger or sausage on. He is quite evangelical about how clever it is to barbecue that way.

It gives me the gritted teeth rage.

Anyone else who is doing it ALL WRONG? Offload here Brew

OP posts:

WannabeLaraCroft · 30/06/2015 15:33

Very wrong GloGirl! Another bbq related one for me....

Was freezing cold outside a couple of weeks ago (bonnie Scotland). Got home from work, and DH had lit the BBQ. He then proceeded to stand indoors in between checking on the food, then brought the food in and ate it inside. I was so determined he was wrong, I nearly shoved a pizza in the oven for myself! But the burgers did taste good. Blush

But pointless exercise imo!


haveabreakhaveakitkat · 30/06/2015 15:34

Oh I'm with him. I find the whole bbq thing messy, expensive and stinky.


BlueBananas · 30/06/2015 15:37

DS (5) just absolutely will not eat a kit-kat properly, he just bites into them 2 or 3 fingers at a time like any other bar of chocolate instead of eating each finger separately

...I've stopped buying them


Isabeau1980 · 30/06/2015 15:38

A George Formby grill?

Does it lean on lampposts?

Sorry, couldn't resist. Smile


ASettlerOfCatan · 30/06/2015 15:39

A george foreman grillis NOT a bbq. My dad needs to understand this as well.


whatsbehindthegreendoor · 30/06/2015 15:43

I love a barbecue - in fact we go camping every other weekend and our barbecue is one of things we look forward to. However, I find it unacceptable when people use a gas 'barbecue' - that's not a barbecue, that's an oven or grill pan!!! A George Foreman grill is even worse in my opinion!! Barbecued food needs to taste of smoke and of outside!!!!


TurnOverTheTv · 30/06/2015 15:46

Pissing myself laughing at George Formy grill :-)

People who are doing it WRONG

ghostyslovesheep · 30/06/2015 15:46

I hate it when people try and bbq on flames! Be patient Feds and give it a while


ChuffinAda · 30/06/2015 15:47

A gas bbq is not a bbq it's a glorified oven


PHANTOMnamechanger · 30/06/2015 15:54

does it lean on lampposts arf!


pregnantpause · 30/06/2015 15:54

I've a friend who puts milk in a bowl THEN cerealShockConfused it's wrong and I'm reconsidering the friendship tbhWink


bigTillyMint · 30/06/2015 15:56

Am loving the idea of a George Formby grill - does it play the uke as it grills?Grin


IKnowRight · 30/06/2015 15:57

dh bought a gas bbq - why? what's the point? we have a perfectly servicable gas cooker in the kitchen

he also eats scones incorrectly. Cream with jam perched on top. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong


GloGirl · 30/06/2015 15:57

Milk first!

OP posts:

MrsGentlyBenevolent · 30/06/2015 15:58

My partner puts a tea bag, milk and sugar in a mug before adding any hot water. So, I win. Monster Angry.


NRomanoff · 30/06/2015 15:58

I know so many people who consider a George Forman the same as a bbq, it's not. Neither are gas ones. Some of our friends look incredulous when we get the actual bbq out.


PHANTOMnamechanger · 30/06/2015 15:59

Am loving the idea of a George Formby grill - does it play the uke as it grills? dunno but if it 's good at cleaning windows, I might just get one....


Tuskerfull · 30/06/2015 16:00

People who brush their teeth then eat breakfast.


isupposeitsverynice · 30/06/2015 16:02

MrsGB - no excuse for that. LTB


pregnantpause · 30/06/2015 16:02

Controversial- but those women ( there'll be some here) who put their bras on backward then shimmy it round before hooking their arms in- they are WRONG.

Arms in, boobs in, buckle at back - the right way to put on a bra.Smile


Tinkerisdead · 30/06/2015 16:02

This has made me laugh. We have a caravan and use an electric hot plate/grill thing just because its fast and easy and doesnt use our gas.

And all the other caravanners cone over and say "hmmm cooking are we, what is it?....." And they peer over and exclaim "oh. Electric."

I agree it's lame. And cheating. And not proper. Blush


gymboywalton · 30/06/2015 16:03

ontroversial- but those women ( there'll be some here) who put their bras on backward then shimmy it round before hooking their arms in- they are WRONG.

Arms in, boobs in, buckle at back - the right way to put on a


YOU are wrong!!!! you have to do it up and then swivel!!!


FraggleHair · 30/06/2015 16:05

No YOU are wrong! When my regime is up and running people who do up their bras and then swivel them around will be in big trouble.


LadyPlumpington · 30/06/2015 16:06

pregnantpause you are wronger than a wrong thing in Wrongtown.


LadyPlumpington · 30/06/2015 16:06

And you fragglehair!!

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