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To shove his bloody flip flops up DP's arse?

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TwigletFiend · 23/06/2015 01:25

7mo DD is a terrible sleeper. I try to keep night time quiet, dark, no eye contact etc.

Just tiptoed downstairs to change her. Got to the second to last step and slipped on DP's flip flops, which he has abandoned on the stairs having obviously kicked them off on his way up. Fell down the last step carrying DD and had to twist to one side to protect her, so have banged my head on the living room door frame at the bottom of the stairs and it's now pissing blood. Had to leave poopy DD shouting in the living room while I went and mopped up my head and now she won't go back to sleep as she has fully woken up. And my head hurts.

WIBU to wake DP, who is blissfully snoring away, by shoving his fecking flip flop up his arse?

OP posts:
firesidechat · 23/06/2015 07:28

I second ignoring DisappointedOne too. It's fairly standard advice to keep night time stimulation to an absolute minimum and it does help babies learn the difference between night and day. No one is damaging their child by doing that. They are probably having a cuddle in the night, which is great for bonding. No need for any more than that.

DisappointedOne · 23/06/2015 07:30

Ignore DisappointedOne's advice. Babies need to learn night from day and that night means sleep, so low light, no smiley playtime faces etc. Babies can get their connection time, without the play time. smile

What tosh. We (humans) haven't evolved much since we lived in caves. Night time meant danger then. Adults don't sleep through the night, so why do we expect babies to? (Incidentally, if your partner couldn't sleep at night and was upset, would you ignore them too?)

Hope your head feels better, OP. Flowers

crispandfruity · 23/06/2015 07:32

I manage to sleep through the night. Perhaps I'm highly evolved?

DisappointedOne · 23/06/2015 07:33

No you don't. You just don't know that you wake up.

HolgerDanske · 23/06/2015 07:34

That's terrible, sorry you got hurt but very relieved that in the grand scheme of things everyone's ok.

Do think you maybe ought to change your routine for night time changings, though. Probably not the safest to be trying to tip toe down the stairs in the dark..

QuietNinjaTardis · 23/06/2015 07:39

At no point did op say she was ignoring her upset baby. Hmm op hope you woke your dp up to deal with her so you could look after yourself. Ignore disappointed, everyone else knows what you mean.

BathtimeFunkster · 23/06/2015 07:39

The thought of an ADULT leaving things on the stairs for other people to trip on is Angry

Irresponsible, selfish prick to leave things on the stairs when you have a baby you will be carrying up and down the stairs.

She could have been seriously hurt.

My 5 year old knows better. FFS Hmm

MrsNextDoor · 23/06/2015 07:44

OP is FINE to change baby in the dark....I did and mine are both fine.

firesidechat · 23/06/2015 07:44

Well you parent your way Disappointed and I'll do it mine. I'm right though.

In any case the op wasn't ignoring her child. She was going to change it and quite possibly feed it. Thus supplying it's practical needs. I expect she cuddled it too and thus helping with it's emotional development.

What would you have done differently?

TelephoneIgnoringMachine · 23/06/2015 07:49

Youareallbonkers - where, specifically, did the OP say that she had left the baby to go and post on MN? You're assuming. "Had to leave poopy DD shouting in the living room while I went and mopped up my head and now she won't go back to sleep". I rather assumed that the OP had dealt with her head, changed the baby, taken her back up, and was MNing from her DD's bedroom. Presumably she wasn't trying to get her back to sleep with a poopy nappy - or if she was, I think we can forgive the mistake of leaving the child for a moment as she's obviously suffered concussion & forgot about the nappy!?

And by-the-by, withholding stimulation is not the same as withholding attention.

TwigletFiend · 23/06/2015 07:51

Thanks for the uninvited opinions on my parenting. DD is rocked, cuddled, murmured to at night. I just don't smile or encourage her to be alert and responsive by making eye contact. Apologies if doing my best in a difficult situation is inadequate for you!

I didn't wake DP as he is a terribly heavy sleeper. DD was squalling pretty loudly at one point in the morning and he slept right through it. He's so difficult to wake that it's actually quicker to sort myself out - although she cried, DD was perfectly safe on a carpeted floor while I whizzed to the kitchen for a cloth.

I normally have changing stuff upstairs in what will eventually be DDs bedroom but we are running out and I failed to shop yesterday, so had to go downstairs for the change bag Blush

No harm done this morning, just a sore noggin, and have refrained from ramming the flip flops somewhere uncomfortable. DP is very apologetic now and has bought me breakfast in bed. I am debating forgiving him after I've milked it for another couple of days.

Thanks for well wishes, those who expressed them! Flowers

OP posts:
MrsNextDoor · 23/06/2015 07:54

Aah. Glad you're ok OP! I hope DH has promised not to do that again!

HolgerDanske · 23/06/2015 07:55

Awww glad to hear he's taking good care of you this morning. And milking it is definitely the way to go Wink

TelephoneIgnoringMachine · 23/06/2015 08:00

Definitely milk it for as long as the bruises take to fully show. I'm sort of joking but your DH needs to learn from this, it could have been a lot worse than a bang on the head.

Glad you're ok. Flowers

firesidechat · 23/06/2015 08:00

I know op, I bet you didn't expect that when you posted about something completely different. There is a certain section of mn that would have an argument with themselves if there was no one else around to disagree with.

I did exactly the same as you and my daughter has done the same with her child. It also means you can do most of the night time stuff without really waking up yourself, which is an added bonus. Smile Apart from those times you crack your head open of course. Hope you are feeling better now.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant · 23/06/2015 08:00

Yabu! Who wants to go near his arse?
Throw them at his head instead!

Seriously, consider having a change mat and a few nappies near where dd sleeps. For convenience.

And get the biggest plaster you can for your head. For sympathy/guilt...
Hope it's not too sore now.

And for the ultimate 'revenge', put a Lego brick where he steps out of bed!

hairylittlegoblin · 23/06/2015 08:01

Split head AND a lecture on your parenting skills from random insomniac MNers. You've hit the jackpot Twiglet Grin

Hope your head is recovering. I'd have smacked him round he head with the flip flops personally. Have a cup of tea and hopefully a better day.

TinyManticore · 23/06/2015 08:04

A simple thing all kids should learn is 'you don't leave anything at the top of steps or on the stairs in case anyone trips or slips on it' - a grown adult has no bloody excuse not to see how dangerous it is to just abandon his shoes on stairs Angry I'd be mad as hell.

BathtimeFunkster · 23/06/2015 08:09

It's especially dangerous when people using the stairs might be carrying a baby.

Stupid, dangerous, irresponsible, lazy.

Damn fucking right he should be bringing you breakfast in bed, given that he injured you last night by being an incompetent, selfish wanker.

whois · 23/06/2015 08:36

Poor OP! That is so dangerous :-(

RackofPeas · 23/06/2015 08:47

Hope your head is feeling OK! But I do agree with milking the bruises for all they're worth.
It's funny how some men sleep. I've always assumed my dh was quite a light sleeper, tiny little noises would wake him. Except for the time I had bad d&v one night and collapsed in the bathroom unable to move. I was yelling for help, but he did not wake.
If I were you I'd have put the flip flops through a shredder and served them at breakfast.

Topseyt · 23/06/2015 08:50

Glad he seems contrite and is looking after you. Hope he has learned his lesson now. It could have been a very different story this morning and he knows that.

Milk it a bit yet though. You need some good quality expensive chocolate later on at least.

Ignore Disappointed and Youareallbonkers. They are talking total bollocks.

CocktailQueen · 23/06/2015 08:50

Ouch, OP! Hope you are feeling better today.

Your dh is a twat - what a dangerous and crap place to leave something. YANBU - I hope you woke him to deal with your dd and show him the damage he caused by being lazy.


Preciousbane · 23/06/2015 08:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Horsemad · 23/06/2015 09:52

DisappointedOne you are talking crap. End of.

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