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To shove his bloody flip flops up DP's arse?

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TwigletFiend · 23/06/2015 01:25

7mo DD is a terrible sleeper. I try to keep night time quiet, dark, no eye contact etc.

Just tiptoed downstairs to change her. Got to the second to last step and slipped on DP's flip flops, which he has abandoned on the stairs having obviously kicked them off on his way up. Fell down the last step carrying DD and had to twist to one side to protect her, so have banged my head on the living room door frame at the bottom of the stairs and it's now pissing blood. Had to leave poopy DD shouting in the living room while I went and mopped up my head and now she won't go back to sleep as she has fully woken up. And my head hurts.

WIBU to wake DP, who is blissfully snoring away, by shoving his fecking flip flop up his arse?

OP posts:
DisappointedOne · 23/06/2015 16:41

I have said nothing about turning on lights and playing Hmm, just that I wouldn't withhold eye contact!

firesidechat · 23/06/2015 16:53

But you didn't say what you would do until now and seemed to be criticising other parents. Now that you have explained, it is no different from what the op was doing apart from possibly the co sleeping, so I fail to see your point.

I also breast fed in bed and changed nappies on the bed too, but I still kept lights low and talking and eye contact to a minimum (in fact I think I had my eyes closed most of the time). As do most parents, I suspect.

Topseyt · 23/06/2015 16:57

OP, hope your head is feeling better now, or at least no worse.

I always tried to avoid eye contact during night feeds with my three where at all possible. It just stimulated them far too much.

Clearly I am a founding member of the Crap Parents' Club.

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