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to think that dog owners shouldnt assume that everyone else is a dog lover?

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urtwistingmymelonman · 21/06/2013 06:15

when I bump into you in the park I don't want to have a soggy nose repeatedly pushed into my crotch.
when I come to your house for a cuppa I would prefer it if your doggy didn't keep trying to hump my leg.
and when im 17 weeks preggers I don't want a bloody great german shepherd jumping up at me pawing at me with his claws as if hes trying to bury a bone in me!
don't get me wrong,i like dogs and I think anyone who mistreats or neglects them should be hung,drawn and quartered but aibu to think that when this sort of behaviour is displayed said fluffball should be pulled of instead of doting owner giggling and rolling eyes at me in an isn't he adorable kind of fashion?

OP posts:
Yonihadtoask · 21/06/2013 08:10


I like dogs - don't want the responsibility of my own though - but do not appreciate doggy drool on my body/clothes either.

I also run a lot. One of my routes takes me on the outskirts of a local doggy toilet park. Quite often a have to divert as a 'friendly' pooch wants to come and say hi/sniff me/trip me up. I am on the pavement, the dogs are off leash in the park. Keep the dogs in the park and leave me alone.

Rant over.

BabyMakesMyEyesGoSleepy · 21/06/2013 08:11

No fear of my dog bounding up to anyone. No fear of him getting up off his lazy arse in general.

I don't like bouncy dogs who jump up on you. Its bad manners and bad training.

diddl · 21/06/2013 08:12


Not everyone loves my PFD as much as I do?

pictish · 21/06/2013 08:13

Kitten - what if you need a doctor round who doesn't like dogs, or a hairdresser, or a health visitor, or a friend with a phobia of dogs?
Don't be so childish.

Bunbaker · 21/06/2013 08:17

"I wouldn't want anyone to visit me who didn't like my dog.
Okay, dogs should be trained not to pester people, but IMO people who don't like dogs are just plain wrong, and overreact a lot too."

That's a very narrow minded view.

JustPanicking · 21/06/2013 08:17

I find it astonishing that some people won't be friends with those who don't like dogs! I am a dog lover and can't believe some have this as friendship criteria Confused

urtwistingmymelonman · 21/06/2013 08:18

I like dogs kittensoft.
im not dog bashing.
im bashing owners that cant be bothered to train them properly.
and before someone jumps on the band wagon im not talking about all dog owners.
as I said earlier I had dogs as a kid and we didn't have these problems as we took a lot of time training them.

OP posts:
pictish · 21/06/2013 08:22

Kittens pov reminds me of being 7, and you were bff with another little girl just because she liked ponies too! Grin

urtwistingmymelonman · 21/06/2013 08:22

it is strange panicking.
its like not being friends with a meat eater or someone who likes thrash metal.
very bizarre.

OP posts:
KittensoftPuppydog · 21/06/2013 08:22

Don't care. My dog comes first. It's her house.
I did put her in another room when a plumber came around who was really scared of dogs, but friends, no.
Luckily I don't seem to know anyone who really dislikes her. If they did, I would dislike them.
She goes virtually everywhere with me. Even been to a funeral. I know that the person in question would have liked her being there.

KittensoftPuppydog · 21/06/2013 08:24

Good reason to be friends with someone because they like ponies Grin

Aetae · 21/06/2013 08:24

Interesting point pictish. I'm looking forward with interest to various midwife and health visitor experiences with the dog. As I'm planning to have a home birth the dog will be around (although shut in a different room obviously) so the midwives hopefully understand how to interact with dogs! And if they don't I hope they're grown up enough to tell me there's a problem and not expect me to guess. Will see what happens next week when they visit.

And as for health visitors, as I've heard tales of some of them suggesting dogs and babies are incompatible I'm hoping the dog will be a litmus test of "sensible hvs that aetae wants in her home"! Not that the dog is a licker or a crotch sniffer, but he does like cuddles. From everyone.

pictish · 21/06/2013 08:26

So long as you respect the fact that not everyone wants to give him cuddles, that's fine.

urtwistingmymelonman · 21/06/2013 08:27

kitten nobody is saying they don't like dogs!
but how would you feel if you went to somebodys house and their child sat there throwing baked beans at you?
would you be like'thats their home?'
that's a bit of a daft attitude.

OP posts:
Bunbaker · 21/06/2013 08:29

I am astonished at how childish and selfish some people can be about dogs. Not being friends with someone just because they don't like dogs. Isn't that something a primary aged child would do, not a grown up!

I don't care for horses. My best friend is passionate about them, but she is an adult and we are still best friends - fancy that!

My BIL is a selfish arse dog lover and when we visit I often have to push the dog away from my crotch when I am eating my dinner because BIL won't shut the dog out of the dining room when we are eating.

KittensoftPuppydog · 21/06/2013 08:30

My dog has never yet thrown baked beans. She is very well behaved really.
But I would want to know the baked bean throwers mum, no.

Aetae · 21/06/2013 08:31

Oh I don't care if people want to cuddle him or not. His constant need for affection annoys even me from time to time. It's people being unable to clearly express a non-cuddling preference that bother me. I'm not a mind reader.

KittensoftPuppydog · 21/06/2013 08:32

Would any of you want to be friendly with someone who disliked your child?

Bunbaker · 21/06/2013 08:33

Kittens But you might not know that the mum's child throws baked beans until you went to her house. Why is it so difficult for you to try and see it from another point of view?

I love cats, I mean I really, really love cats. I have, however, removed them from the room when people have come to my my house and told me that they didn't feel comfortable around cats. I am considerate towards my friends. I don't set cat loving as a criteria before I befriend someone. I like people and I am nice towards them.

Aetae · 21/06/2013 08:33

Bunbaker I assume you've told your BIL that you don't like the dog being in the room while you're eating and asked him to put it in another room? If he ignored that polite request then yes I agree, he's a selfish arse.

Bunbaker · 21/06/2013 08:34

I don't think you can equate dogs with children though.

hollyisalovelyname · 21/06/2013 08:36

I love dogs but have a healthy respect for them- they are animals with natural instincts ( Fenton!!!!). Some dog owners are many tragedies have happened because dog owners have thought their dog would not hurt anybody?
I just wish that dogs in public places were on leads. There is a lovely pier walk near my home but it is often spoiled by dogs off lead bounding off and 'fighting' with dogs on lead not to mention poo deposits. Selfish owners.
Like Pictish I would love a dog but don't have the time to give a dog at the moment.

urtwistingmymelonman · 21/06/2013 08:37

if my child humped visitors legs,licked them,stuffed his nose into their crotches and pawed at them to the point of causing pain then I wouldn't blame them to be honest!
you are completely missing the point of this thread and not listening to what people are saying.

OP posts:
KittensoftPuppydog · 21/06/2013 08:37

Bunbaker, why not? Or think of it as someone who didn't like your perfectly lovely BFF. It's a question of loyalty.

Bunbaker · 21/06/2013 08:37

Yes, I have Aetae, very politely. A few years ago a barbecue at my sister's house was completely ruined because the dogs (they had two at the time) were making a complete nuisance of themselves. Although I was very irritated I kept my temper and asked politely if the dogs could be shut in the house just while we were eating. The answer was no, they were part of the family. I didn't enjoy the meal and neither did DD or OH.

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