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AIBU? get really, really hacked off with people who use more than three dots!

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candyandyoga · 17/06/2013 23:22

It's three dots only...not as many as you want to put.

Please people, use the point of ellipsis correctly! I can't stand all these extra dots.

OP posts:
candyandyoga · 17/06/2013 23:36

I've googled it before! Never again!

OP posts:
ThisReallyIsNotSPNopeNotAtAll · 17/06/2013 23:37

If ... Has a name then what is ?! Called?

reelingintheyears · 17/06/2013 23:38

It's called showing orf SP Grin

ThisReallyIsNotSPNopeNotAtAll · 17/06/2013 23:40

Whats ¥ called? Why is it an option on my phone? Where will I ever use that apart from asking wtf its for?

~ and that? Why a wavy line?

candyandyoga · 17/06/2013 23:40

...points of ellipsis.

Without grammar (and punctuation) there is chaos! We need to use it properly!

OP posts:
tulipflowers · 17/06/2013 23:41

I must be so thick!!! I use them the whole time... It's the only way anyone will listen to me?!?!

ThisReallyIsNotSPNopeNotAtAll · 17/06/2013 23:42

Well I cant use it properly so I will apologise for the wild chaos that follows

Tiredmumno1 · 17/06/2013 23:42

I love wavy lines ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ < sorry don't usually get to use wavy lines BlushGrin

I'd love to know what they are for as well?

ThisReallyIsNotSPNopeNotAtAll · 17/06/2013 23:44

[ ] and { } and < >

Why so many brackets?

Kaekae · 17/06/2013 23:44

I have better things to worry about. So no, it doesn't bother me.

TheEarlOf · 17/06/2013 23:44


ToysRLuv · 17/06/2013 23:44

ThisReally: I think that's Y thing is the sign for the Japanese currency Yen. The wavy line means an approximate in maths (I think). Or something like that..

As you see, I quite like using two dots instead of three. Is that as bad as 4 dots or more? Grin

ThisReallyIsNotSPNopeNotAtAll · 17/06/2013 23:44


TheEarlOf · 17/06/2013 23:45

¥ Isn't that a Yen sign? As in Japanese money
~ I use this when I'm computer coding and nowhere else!

Tiredmumno1 · 17/06/2013 23:46

<span class="underline">_/

<br />
^ I figured out what the wavy lines are for.
TheEarlOf · 17/06/2013 23:46

oh ToysRLuv is right
it's like 0.99999999999 ~ 1

Tiredmumno1 · 17/06/2013 23:46

Damn, I knew that'd happen, the flag is obviously supposed to be on the boat Grin

candyandyoga · 17/06/2013 23:47

It doesn't matter if you LIKE using two dots, THREE dots is the correct amount of dots to use and just making up your own rules looks stupid!

OP posts:
ToysRLuv · 17/06/2013 23:47

ThisReally: The floating dot is for making lists with points.

SisterMatic · 17/06/2013 23:48


That was quite.......satisfying Grin

LauraRoslin · 17/06/2013 23:49

!! is perfectly acceptable in chess annotations, to indicate that a move was particularly good. And similarly, ?? indicates that a move was particularly bad. Other than that, I'd advise against using either.

CakeExpectations · 17/06/2013 23:49

Without grammar (and punctuation) there is chaos!

Why does poor old Chaos always get so much abuse on these threads?


ToysRLuv · 17/06/2013 23:51

Well.. I think three is a bit excessive, really. Grin It's about nuances: when something is not three dot worthy (... = dun dun duuuun!), but warrants some sort of a pause.

However, I wouldn't try to use an incorrect amount of dots in any official context. Just informally with friends and on t'internet. Just like the emoticons, etc.

ThisReallyIsNotSPNopeNotAtAll · 17/06/2013 23:51


I'm using it all correctly now...

Tiredmumno1 · 17/06/2013 23:53
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