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to want a facebook status 'meme' thing that says...

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GeorgianMumto5 · 11/06/2013 13:00

...stop sharing meme posts about your tattoos and how I shouldn't judge you for having them.

I'll judge whoever I damn well like, thank you, and at the moment it isn't you. Stop drawing attention to yourself in this manner. (Except for you, person known to me who bangs on about them a lot. I do judge you, because some of yours are hideous and in poor taste.)

Well, am I? sigh Yes, probably. IABU for starting a thread about Facebook and to criticise the glorious 'art that you can take to the grave', apparently, but I do feel so much better for getting that off my chest, as opposed to tattooed onto it.

OP posts:
GeorgianMumto5 · 11/06/2013 13:02

Hang on - I'm definitely BU, because even I can see that mine was a judgemental post, despite my claims to the contrary. I'm just lying to my wigged and gowned self, aren't I?

OP posts:
Dorange · 11/06/2013 13:03

so you don't like tattoos then?

1Veryhungrycaterpillar · 11/06/2013 13:06

What's meme

GeorgianMumto5 · 11/06/2013 13:10

Dorange, am I that transparent? Grin Actually, I don't mind them per se. I mind the constant, aimed at no one (I don't think they're aimed at me - I seethe very quietly) status updates, reminding us all not to judge the inked.

Tattoos aren't for me, in the way that drainpipe jeans aren't either, but if other people want them, they really don't need to seek my approval in this roundabout way. (Except the person I obliquely referred to. She should, if it would save her making any more errors of taste and judgement. Honestly, one of hers is shocking!)

OP posts:
GeorgianMumto5 · 11/06/2013 13:11

I'm not sure meme is the correct term, 1VeryHungryCaterpillar. I used it to mean those oft-shared pictures and sayings thingies that are all over the place.

OP posts:
nancerama · 11/06/2013 13:13

Georgian, this person you know wasn't at Center Parcs last week was she?

I try not to judge on appearances, but there was a woman with pornography inked onto her legs in the toddler pool. Just why?

Dorange · 11/06/2013 13:28

I'm not sure I'm following you sorry, my fault.

BeyondTheLimitsOfAcceptability · 11/06/2013 13:29

Writing as a tattooed, pierced person, YANBU to hate PA memes Grin

nancerama · 11/06/2013 13:31

YANBU to hate the meme, but YABU to want one of your own. I find almost all of the ones defending lifestyle choices make me less tolerant.

FrenchRuby · 11/06/2013 13:36

Heavily tattooed person here who also hates those memes. There are some people who just like a attention.

meganorks · 11/06/2013 13:42

Someone on my Facebook has pink 'princess bows' (this is how she refers to them) on the front of her ankle. These are honestly the most hideous things I have ever seen, but gave me a good laugh when I realised they were real.

Ilovemyself · 11/06/2013 13:43

If you don't think it is aimed at you why let it bother you?

Dorange · 11/06/2013 13:46

anyone please explain again what's a meme post/update
I need to understand
(new to FB)

MamaChubbyLegs · 11/06/2013 15:26

YANBU. I always want to say "NO-ONE is judging you, because no-one gives a shit."

Seriously, do people actually judge other people for having tattoos?


mignonette · 11/06/2013 15:29

A meme is a idea or feature of a culture that is passed along between people using the analogy of genetic inheritance.

It is also an idea etc passed around online.

bragmatic · 11/06/2013 15:32

Google 'tattoo memes' in google images, Dorange.

Ilovemyself · 11/06/2013 15:44

Mamachubbylegs. Unfortunately yes they do.

There a lot of people out there that like to get whipped up into a frenzy by some of the press and they think that people who have tattoos lack intelligence ( I guess the doctor that had a nice back and neck tattoo that operated on my wife is not that intelligent......)

And if people didn't judge then it wouldn't matter when you go for a job. But it does.

MrsTerryPratchett · 11/06/2013 15:50

I don't mind tattoos and piercing. I mind swollen, bloody pictures all over my timeline. Wait until the swelling has gone down before posting!

FrenchRuby · 11/06/2013 15:52

Yes people do judge on tattoos. I was in the daily mail online recently and I'd say 70% of the comments were from people saying how horrible my tattoos are, good job I don't care what other people think haha

Ilovemyself · 11/06/2013 15:52

Swelling maybe, but bloody. Are people idiots. Clean it before you take a pic people !

GeorgianMumto5 · 11/06/2013 17:22

Thing is, my tattooed lovelies, people do judge, but people are always going to judge something and this is something you choose to do. I think if you're going to get a tattoo done then you should feel free, but then you just have to accept that some people are going to make snap judgements, based on your body art. Those making the judgements may be entirely wrong, but you can't be entirely surprised by it...can you?

OP posts:
GeorgianMumto5 · 11/06/2013 17:24

MrsTerryPratchett, I am with you there. I, too, get to see some manky limbs with designs inked on them. Post pics, by all means, but wait a bit, eh?

OP posts:
Ilovemyself · 11/06/2013 17:57

I am not surprised by it. It shows that some people can be very narrow minded though. Why judge someone based on that? Is it not the same as judging someone by the car they drive or the clothes they can afford.

You don't know what that person is like or what they do for a living when you judge them ( not you personally of course) - they could be a doctor or a paramedic, and may well save your life. And my wife and I give blood - is that not something that is a good deed and something you would not expect a person of bad character would do.

The trouble is it acceptable to judge someone because of a lifestyle choice if it doesn't hurt anyone else the. It shouldn't make a difference, so why do people get so offended.

MamaChubbyLegs · 11/06/2013 19:34

ilovemyself this makes me sad. I honestly thought people didn't do this anymore. Tattoos are a lot more widespread/fashionable these days. I'm a minority where I live in that my skin is naked and boring Grin

Maybe they all judge me! Shock

Ilovemyself · 11/06/2013 19:41

Nothing wrong with un inked skin. Wouldn't judge someone for it!

People will judge people for all sorts of things. The fact that HMV said that they were going to implement a no tattoo rule for staff shows what people can be like.

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