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To ask you to tell me the best bits about having a little girl?

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HeffalumpTheFlump · 04/06/2013 19:16

After an awful week, we had a ray of sunshine today. We had a scan and found out that our baby is 100% healthy as far as they can see and were told that they think it's a little girl! We are over the moon. Grin

In your experience what are the best things about having a girl? We would have been thrilled either way, but I am now so excited about the prospect of being a mummy to a girl, and would love to hear your stories.

OP posts:
MoelFammau · 04/06/2013 19:52

I'm a bit sad that everyone seems to be swooning over the clothes and glitter.

I have a 2 year old DD and while obviously I do put clothes on her, I'm happiest taking her to look at the petting zoo, or build dens or draw with sticks in the mud, or jump in puddles... She also loves drawing, playdoh, painting, and books... Basically I do with her what I do with my nephews.

Maybe it's because I'm a toyboy and not into spa days and make-up!

Catbert4pm · 04/06/2013 19:55

The clothes; and seeing if she liked the same things as I did as a little girl!

TheCountessOlenska · 04/06/2013 19:56

Ha ha Miaow, my DD is a whirling dervish of destruction in a princess dress Grin.

Littleballofhate · 04/06/2013 19:56

I have two dd's about ten years apart. My eldest is a complete girly girly, but also feisty, intelligent and very athletic. My youngest has an unfortunate predilection for mud puddles and rain drops. She does not give a hoot if her hands are dirty and her face is covered in chocolate. She is also loving and compassionate to her family and anything on four legs.

Dogsmom · 04/06/2013 19:57

My DD is only 12 weeks old so I'm no expert but I'm looking forward to girly chats, painting our nails, shopping trips, playing with toys that I played with in my childhood.
I lost my own wonderful Dad suddenly 11 weeks ago when she was 7 days old and I know how precious the father/daughter bond is and it'll be lovely to see her and her Dad doing the things I used to do with mine.

So far I'm enjoying the clothes too and am putting her in as many cute dresses and frilly pants as I can in case she doesn't want to wear them when she's older!

Dogsmom · 04/06/2013 19:58

Moel - I presume you meant tomboy....

ChunkyChicken · 04/06/2013 20:00

I have one of each - DD is 3yo & DS is nearly 7mo. I think less about the gender differences, particularly as DS is so young, & more about the different things they're doing. For example, DD is such an actress, she's also very communicative, so will tell you all about what's going on & who's doing what, in minute detail & with actions :). It's also great fun when she starts repeating words & phrases you've said, often in the correct context too (nothing too risky/rude thankfully!!). DS amazes me every time we have dinner, at how dexterous he is already.

In short, whichever sex or gender your baby is/will be, you will be amazed by everything they do Grin

Oh and the pee thing is SO true. As is the boring clothes thing - I mean, why do baby boys only get to wear jeans??! What's wrong with shorts in the summer?

MasterSplinter · 04/06/2013 20:04

There really is no difference. It's all about personality really. My ds (also never peed during a nappy change, whereas dd could projectile pee and poo from a v young age) loves dolls and colouring and is very sensitive and nurturing. DD likes climbing trees and pretending she's a ninja. She's a grubby little so and so.

The one thing I do appreciate about my relationship with dd however, is that we share something fundamental. So when she asks me about periods and growing up and pregnancy and all that stuff, she's asking about experiences which ds will never share. It's not a huge thing but when I share the world with dd, it's from a common ground in some arenas. I look at her and I see me. I have an instinct with her as she gets older and I remember what it is to be her and to feel like she does with regards to her changing body and hormones. I won't have that certainty with ds I suppose. But then at some point they'll both believe I know bog all about sod all anyway and my experiences will be irrelevant. Grin

NotSoNervous · 04/06/2013 20:06


I only have a girl and I love it. The cute dresses and frilly summer hats Grin I think girls clothes are nicer and easier to find for girls and my little girl is dressed in a lot of pink, I know some people are anti this but I just like my DD to look like a little girl. My bet is that she's going to hate pink when she's older but that's okay Grin ill have all my blackmail photos

somewherewest · 04/06/2013 20:07

The most important thing is letting your DD be herself. I loathed dolls and dresses and would've worn the same scruffy Scooby Doo t-shirt every single day of my pre-school life if I'd been let. I'm so relieved my family just let me get on with it rather than trying to make me girly.

lljkk · 04/06/2013 20:09

1 DD & 3 boys here:

Girl is most organised, most hysterical, most sporty, most brainy, most confident.
And sometimes it's just nice not being the only girl in the house.

musicposy · 04/06/2013 20:10

I have 2 girls and they are both teens now and both wonderful. I was delighted when I was told I was having a second girl (I'm sure I would have loved a boy the same but having only had girls I can only go from experience).

As children I was so proud of my two girls I loved taking them out and about.. It's shallow but I loved the clothes and doing the hair and making them look lovely. My youngest has totally rebelled against that now and wears black most of the time, so I dont think it did any long term harm Grin

I've enjoyed all the things they've done and been into over the years from the train obsession when DD1 was 3 to the ballet shows as she's got older.

Now they are 17 and 13 and we have such a strong bond. We joke about all sorts of things together - it's like having a girl friend that you can laugh about anything with. We go for coffees, lunches, go shopping, go on days out.

Havingvtwo girls has been the most wonderful thing ever and despite having a DH I love to pieces, great family and brilliant friends, my daughters are truly the best thing that's ever happened in my life.

Congratulations! Enjoy :)

HeffalumpTheFlump · 04/06/2013 20:11

Master splinter I can only hope and pray that one day my daughter will pretend to be a ninja. That is the coolest thing ever. Grin

OP posts:
IdealHomeHouseBeautifulLivinge · 04/06/2013 20:17

Watching DD and DH together and the fabulous relationship they have. They adore each other, share a love of a sport which they do together each week. Listening to him read her a story, chatting, laughing, plotting!

I have an equally close relationship with DD but it's lovely seeing how happy she makes her daddy.

Will never have a DS but am sure they are pretty amazing too Smile

ZolaBuddleia · 04/06/2013 20:21

Girls shoes are MUCH cuter, and, if you can avoid the sequin plastered guff, the clothes are nicer too. Nothing so lovely as my little DD in her dungarees with stripey socks and red shoes.

Startail · 04/06/2013 20:27

No football and no rugby, no muddy boots and no muddy kit.

Ha, ha, ha, ha one bit last autumn DD2 managed, to have hockey, rugby, football, ballet and gymnastics kit wash. Frequently for the next day.

Wishiwasanheiress · 04/06/2013 20:30

I see me, dh, my mum in ours. It's marvellous to see all that history obvs would see same in a boy but its nice having this link. I'm not explaining very well... Sorry. It is lovely.

Startail · 04/06/2013 20:32

That, that of course, is on top of girls abillity to wear three different outfits in one day.

They also cover your house in hairbands and steal your hair brush, shoes, scarves and gloves.

DD1 even has some clothes of mine that are a bit tight and she lookes better in them than I ever did.

PS girls are gorgeous and l wouldn't change them for the world.

marriedinwhiteagain · 04/06/2013 20:37

I have one of each and dd is definitely more gentle, less rowdy and mre empathetic than her bro although she hates shopping even more.

The best thing for me - dd was my fifth pg, I miscarried two boys and ds2 died after being born at 27 weeks and even Ds1 was a teeny bit premmy. The best thing - my girl was a big fat pink full term baby girl and had an pgar score of 9+.

I so needed a boy to replace my lost boys; I so wanted a boy. From the minute dd was born I knew I wasso very lucky. As I type I am waiting for my movely 15 year old dd to finish a singing lesson. I can't wai to see her and give her a hug.

Congrats OP Smile

sjuperyoni · 04/06/2013 20:39

My lovely dd1 is a 'tomboy' she likes cars, bikes and dinosaurs, she also likes baby dolls. her hair didn't really grow in until she was 5 so no ribbons etc here and thank god she didn't do the glittery pink disgusting stuff (for me it is, others love it and i don't care)

The difference between her and ds is more behaviour wise - she is much much calmer, sits quietly and reads, is always eager to help, rarely answers back and whilst we are not huggy she will on occasion say ''mummy is it ok if i hug you a little bit because i really love you tonight'' it's beautiful!

Dd2 isn't due until august but i hope the only difference is her hair grows quicker Wink i do love dd1 gorgeous blonde curls :)

dollywashers · 04/06/2013 20:41

Lovely clothes. Patterned tights. Hair accessories.

HeffalumpTheFlump · 04/06/2013 20:45

Aw it's lovely to hear all about your girls, all of them sound fantastic and complete individuals. I can't wait to meet my little girl :) I can't wait to see her relationship with DH, and find out what she's into. I think together me and DH have got most things covered, he's sporty, handy, into cars, fishing etc, whereas I'm more of a bookworm, into music and arty crafty things, cooking and animals. I hope we can offer her lots of choices and let her be exactly who she wants to be. :)

OP posts:
tunnocksteacake · 04/06/2013 20:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheHerringScreams · 04/06/2013 20:58

You sound lovely and congratulations! There are so many amazing things about children in general. My DDs are now 13 and 21 (DS is 5) and I can honestly say that it's been amazing. Now my DDs are older, we have slightly more similar interests, and I love going shopping and whatnot with dd1 (but she's in university in the US now and staying there after anyway) and having a sarcastic teen dd2 to remind me how stupid I am on a daily basis.

KitCat26 · 04/06/2013 21:03

I have two DDs. They are brilliant.

I am with Miaow though - mine are fidgety and bouncy, fight, play and laugh lots, are noisy and fearless. Well, DD1 is fearless, dd2 (2yrs) got scared by an ant yesterday Hmm. DD1's pee range as a baby was huge too Grin.

All the beautiful clothes I so lovingly choose are mud, food or paint splattered by the end of the day. And I absolutely love it!

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