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To ask you to tell me the best bits about having a little girl?

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HeffalumpTheFlump · 04/06/2013 19:16

After an awful week, we had a ray of sunshine today. We had a scan and found out that our baby is 100% healthy as far as they can see and were told that they think it's a little girl! We are over the moon. Grin

In your experience what are the best things about having a girl? We would have been thrilled either way, but I am now so excited about the prospect of being a mummy to a girl, and would love to hear your stories.

OP posts:
McNewPants2013 · 04/06/2013 19:18

The same as having a boy lol

TheHerringScreams · 04/06/2013 19:19

They're like boys but pee projection, as babies, is shorter. I was shocked at how far a baby boy could wee, after having two girls!

BearsInMotion · 04/06/2013 19:19

The clothes! Loved trying on all the baby dresses

Chottie · 04/06/2013 19:19

Congratulations - I have a DS and a DD so I can say 100% both are wonderful.

Mintyy · 04/06/2013 19:21

Sorry you have had an awful week.

Hand on heart, I can honestly say, that having a girl is not different in any fundamental way to having a boy (I have both) and both are quite wonderful.

Congratulations to you both!

HeffalumpTheFlump · 04/06/2013 19:21

One of the first things that came to mind was the chance of getting pee in the face would be greatly reduced! That can only be a good thing!!

OP posts:
UtterflyButterfly · 04/06/2013 19:22

Congratulations! Glad all is well.

In my experience, the best thing about having a girl is that they grow up into lovely young women you can share 'girly ' things with, like browsing the shops, long lunches, spa days (if that's your thing, I know a lot of Mumsnetters hate them!).

When mine were small I don't remember much that would have been different with a boy (except they don't wee on you when you change their nappy).

TattyDevine · 04/06/2013 19:23

I love having a little girl. I have a boy too.

In my experience, she looks like me, so she's sort of my mini-me, whereas my son looks more like his father. People comment on her looking like me.

She imitates me and seeks to copy me, whereas my son didn't so much. She seems to idolise me. My son loves me to bits but not in an idolise kind of way - he is more likely to idolise his dad. I guess they relate to the parent of the same gender they are.

She is sweet and gentle compared to her brother in mannerism. He had a Glaswegian Headbut at a certain age, and just thundered around knocking stuff over and breaking stuff Grin. Whilst she is a "fiddler" (likes tinkering around with things and hiding stuff in little handbags and generally fiddling) she is much more gentle in mannerism. This is refreshing. I don't think she's ever even given me a black eye!

There's a little more range in clothes for girls, I've found, and more choice and choices more likely to be in stock, if you like shopping.

She plays differently to how my son did. She is slightly quieter, though she talks as much.

A lot of this may be nothing to do with being a girl but its just me sharing my experience.

barleysugar · 04/06/2013 19:23

Oh well, I have two girls, and one boy. I'm not going to compare them, but girls are absolutely marvellous! As I'm a girly girl myself I've totally loved playing games with them with dolls and Barbies, doing crafty things with glitter and sequins, playing dress up in scarves and pillowcases even!

We do each other's hair, they shave my legs in the bath, they love looking at catalogues and making imaginary shopping lists.

These are the things they like doing. They also love tearing round the park and climbing trees, riding their bikes.

Enjoy your baby girl! I know I did!

meglet · 04/06/2013 19:24

The same as a boy.

(Except the peeing in your face thing and they can't wee up trees when you're out on a walk).

Maypoledance · 04/06/2013 19:26

I have three lovely girls and I have to say it is lovely. We go shopping together, cook together, look at clothes together and chat together. I'm sure I would have been happy with three boys but having girls is awesome. Congratulations and hope you enjoy her very much.

BlackeyedSusan · 04/06/2013 19:26

there are more girls clothes in the supermarkets. the little girls clothes are cute and pink and frilly. the advantage swaps though as they get older because then you get miniteenage clothes from age 6 ish, Sad but the boys clothes are still good.

it is socially acceptable to dress girls in boys clothes/play with boys toys, but not the other way round. it is also socially acceptable for girls to wear pretty bows and ribbons.

I have one of each. a lot depends on personality rather than gender.

pigletmania · 04/06/2013 19:28

Congratulations on your lovely little arrival. I haven dd 6 ad a ds who is 16 months. I love tem both to bits equally, however my dd was more cuddly, she loved being held and cuddled even as a baby and now we live our cuddles. Ds is more independent and does not seem to love cuddles as much as she does, funny as dd has Autism!

NotAnotherPackedLunch · 04/06/2013 19:28

Wrong sort of plumbing for spectacular fountains of pee so you're less likely to get it in the eye as you change girl's nappies.
Oh and potty training without the complication of standing up pees is better too. Sorry for the theme, but that has been the main difference. Grin

Congratulations on the good news and enjoy your little one.

pigletmania · 04/06/2013 19:30

Notanother my ds apart from when He was born, has never peed on me, I have been changing his nappy for 16 months Grin

ItCameFromOuterSpace · 04/06/2013 19:32

Its amazing, love my little dd to bits and love the clothes etc, but also looking forward to our relationship as she grows up.

littlepeas · 04/06/2013 19:33

I have 2 boys and a girl and agree with those that say it is fundamentally no different, at least when they are little anyway! The superficial nice things are clothes and hairdos once it's grown long enough.

JimbosJetSet · 04/06/2013 19:33

Stripy tights!! And clothes in a rainbow of colours. It was a shock when I had DS after DD that boy's clothes are just so boring in comparison.

NotAnotherPackedLunch · 04/06/2013 19:36

piglet You missed all the fun.
My DS started by peeing in his grandmother's eye in the hospital and never looked back from his pee-fest until toilet training. Nappy changes were done with caution, allowing enough room to stand to one side. Grin

Livvylongpants · 04/06/2013 19:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TallulahBetty · 04/06/2013 19:37

The clothes. And dressing her up/brushing hair like a little doll Smile

Oh, and looking forward to having the same relationship with her as I have with my mum Thanks Thanks Thanks

Fakebook · 04/06/2013 19:42

I like dressing dd without a doubt. I love it when I match some clothes for her to wear with some shoes and take her out and get all sorts of compliments and "aaaw cute" expressions.

I can't get into buying DS clothes. Boys clothes are boring IMO.

toobreathless · 04/06/2013 19:45

I only have girls.

I LOVE the fact that I can dress then in anything I like the look of, for girls or boys ditto toys. There is nothing that will get a raised eyebrow (I appreciate this should be the same for boys but in reality it isn't)

My girls are generally gentle, quiet and naturally eager to please. They seem much less of a handful than some of my friends boys but I suspect this is personality rather than gender. I suspect the teenage yard will bite me on the butt!

I'd like more in time, a boy would be amazing but I would be equally pleased with another girl :)

MiaowTheCat · 04/06/2013 19:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HeffalumpTheFlump · 04/06/2013 19:49

Aw these are fantastic! Thank you! I can't wait to find out of she is a girly girl or a tomboy or both!! I still want to play Lego and splash in muddy puddles but I'm so excited to dress her in pretty things when she's tiny! I truly feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds :D

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