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To be annoyed that dd (6yrs) got in trouble in school for saying the word "butt"

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jennymac · 17/04/2013 13:20

Dd confessed to me on Sunday that she had been put on the "thinking sun" in school (kind of a warning system they have) for saying the word "butt" meaning bum. I asked her the context and she said that she had been quoting a line from Ice Age 3 to her friend and another girl heard and told the teacher that she had said a bad word. Dd was in tears telling me about it as she was mostly worried the headteacher would come into the classroom and see it and think she was bold. I am a bit annoyed as this word obviously is in a children's film and is in one of their favourite library books so in her view (and mine) it is not a "bad" word. Plus, she wasn't using it in a nasty way, just thought the line in Ice Age was funny and was telling a friend. AIBU to be a bit annoyed at the teacher for making a big deal of it?

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This is 9 years old
angelikacpickles · 24/01/2022 18:27

The teacher should have told the telltale to stop telling tales, unless someone was being hurt.

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