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To be annoyed that dd (6yrs) got in trouble in school for saying the word "butt"

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jennymac · 17/04/2013 13:20

Dd confessed to me on Sunday that she had been put on the "thinking sun" in school (kind of a warning system they have) for saying the word "butt" meaning bum. I asked her the context and she said that she had been quoting a line from Ice Age 3 to her friend and another girl heard and told the teacher that she had said a bad word. Dd was in tears telling me about it as she was mostly worried the headteacher would come into the classroom and see it and think she was bold. I am a bit annoyed as this word obviously is in a children's film and is in one of their favourite library books so in her view (and mine) it is not a "bad" word. Plus, she wasn't using it in a nasty way, just thought the line in Ice Age was funny and was telling a friend. AIBU to be a bit annoyed at the teacher for making a big deal of it?

OP posts:
PomBearWithAnOFRS · 17/04/2013 16:50

Did the teacher actually ask what the "bad word" was, or simply take the word of the other child that your DD said something "bad"?
There's a big difference between butt and fuck for example, but both would be "a bad word" to a small child telling the teacher...

Dahlialover · 17/04/2013 16:52

My DS learnt 'fuck' in reception class. I would have been a lot happier with 'butt'

mrsminiverscharlady · 17/04/2013 16:53

Regardless, I'd be Hmm about a child going on the cloud because of another child telling tales about 'a bad word'!

jennymac · 17/04/2013 17:13

I think the teacher knew that she had said "butt" - it is my dd's understanding that she was put on the cloud for saying that word. Coincidentally the child who told is the teacher's daughter!

OP posts:
HorryIsUpduffed · 17/04/2013 17:15

there's a big difference between butt and fuck


I don't tolerate "bum" or "butt" at home so I disagree that it is a harmless word. And there are children who would say "oh but I was just telling her what it says in the film" so that isn't really an excuse.

That said, I remember being ill with worry at a similar because a girl (Sarah M) said she would tell the teacher I had said a bad word, so I appreciate that DD's interpretation of the teacher's response is perhaps more significant than the sanction itself.

Dahlialover · 17/04/2013 17:31

"Coincidentally the child who told is the teacher's daughter!"

I would not be happy with DC being punished on the say so of another child and certainly NOT this!!

digerd · 17/04/2013 17:44

In my day, we used 'behind 'and 'derriere' < very refined >
These days I say 'bum'.

diddl · 17/04/2013 19:20

"Coincidentally the child who told is the teacher's daughter!"

In that case, I'm surprised she didn't tell her daughter to butt out (sorry!!)

Is it the only class in that year?

If not, I would have thought that the daughter would be in another tbh.

LindyHemming · 17/04/2013 19:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ComposHat · 17/04/2013 19:29

I'd go to school apologise and explain to the teacher that your daughter will be using the correct term - back fanny - in the future.

Thatssofunny · 17/04/2013 20:58

Haha...I wish my class would stick to words such as "butt". Grin I use butt in class. "Now, park your little bum/butt...on a chair,, not on a table, not on your mate,...on YOUR chair. Thank you." I frequently have to tell kids off for using "crap", "fuck off" and "C U Next Tuesday". Shock That's outside my room, though, when they think I'm not listening or paying attention.

Your DD appears to go to quite a posh school. Hmm I certainly wouldn't tell our Y1/2 off for using "butt".

The rule in our room is: If I'm not allowed to use the word on the premises, neither are they. It stops the silly discussion about it being ok at home.
I do tell kids off for getting involved in things that aren't any of their business, though,...and sometimes use the words "Oh please! Don't be such a tittle tattle! If he said it, he's lucky I didn't hear it. If he makes the mistake to repeat it in my presence, he's in trouble...but of course, he would never (cue stare at accused child) do that."

DonkeysDontRideBicycles · 17/04/2013 21:33

'Butt' is bad? Short for "buttocks" surely! She wasn't shouting it or saying anyone looked like one.

And the teacher's DD tattled to her mum?!

mrsminivers shame your DD missed a party because of a minor infraction.

Wellthen · 17/04/2013 21:38

I dont understand why people are saying she was punished. What was the punishment? She was warned. She entered the first stage of the behaviour system so this was recorded on the display.

An over-reaction maybe but I think people on the thread are over-reacting far more!

ComposHat · 17/04/2013 22:30

More to the point:

Dd confessed to me on Sunday that she had been put on the "thinking sun" in school

What happens if she does something really bad? Does she get to sit on the

ComposHat · 17/04/2013 22:33

Sorry pressed 'send' too quickly!

Dd confessed to me on Sunday that she had been put on the "thinking sun" in school

What happens if she does something really bad? Does she get to sit on 'the rainbow of staring vacantly into space' or the 'cloud of idle contemplation'?

Where is this school? The Woodstock festival?

apostropheuse · 17/04/2013 22:55

Butt is definitely a bad word. Well, my four year old grandson tells me off for it all the time. I started saying it to him because he won't allow me to say arse. That's a bad word too, allegedly. This is such a shame as I love that word.

It's quite funny, actually, now every word he hears that he doesn't know the meaning of is classed as a bad word.

I do think that butt is a perfectly innocent word and I'm a bit Hmm at people getting so worked up about it.

Euphemia I may revert to the good old Scots word of bahookey, but no doubt that will be deemed bad too.

Plant your arse on there...plant your bahookey on there... equally satisfactory I would say.

yellowhousewithareddoor · 17/04/2013 23:04

Does anyone really think" bum" is bad? I mention at toddlers that I'm going to and change my baby's bum.... should I not?!

SconeRhymesWithGone · 17/04/2013 23:33

I love "bahookey." In the American South, we say "hiney."

LOL at ComposHat re Woodstock

thebody · 17/04/2013 23:43

Just wonder in amazement:

A where the hell do you send your kids to school and

B haven't the teachers got a sense of humour?

Butt is not a swear word, its not cunt,,, I work as a TA and would laugh at this, no harm at all and if course in Disney films its completely acceptable.

And what's with the thinking sun??? Funny as.

MrsPoglesWood · 18/04/2013 00:08

I actually would take it up with the teacher. I was very sensitive when I was little and a proper goody two shoes. I got bollocked a couple of times for things I hadn't done/things the teacher had misunderstood and my confidence and happiness were knocked out of kilter for weeks. It made me utterly miserable at the time and 40 years later I still harbour a grudge at the injustice of it. I have a long memory Grin

I would just go in and ask the teacher, all bright and breezy like "Am I understanding this correctly? You punished DD for saying X? A word that is in a Certificate U film? Can you tell me why? And I assume you heard her say it?"

MidniteScribbler · 18/04/2013 04:14

Butt is not allowed in our school. Or arse, or fart. Ironically, despite being a catholic school, we would have no problem with same sex relationships.

Children do need to learn that there can be different standards of behaviour between different places. What mum and dad let you say at home may not be acceptable to a different group. I have no problem using bum, butt, fart, etc outside of school, but know that in my workplace it isn't acceptable.

macreturnofthe · 18/04/2013 05:58

finally someone mentions the actual BU bit - the thinking sun ffs what the hell is that

cansu · 18/04/2013 08:20

What would be the point of complaining? The op dd has sat on the thinking sun and the trauma is over. She now knows that butt isn't allowed in her classroom. She also knows that life isn't always fair. Op if you overreact on this you will look like a loon. The teacher will say that she is sorry your dd was upset but that butt isn't a word she allows the children to use. Nothing will have changed except the teacher will think you are precious. Next time when you have something serious to omplain about you will regret whining about this.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles · 18/04/2013 08:58

The OP said yesterday she'll leave it.

chocoluvva · 18/04/2013 14:20

:o at the "thinking sun" too. Is the sun thinking, 'Phew it's hot'?

OP - I wouldn't risk antagonising your DD's teacher - there's only about 10 weeks of this school year left and then she'll presumably have another teacher. If she has such poor judgment that she panders to her own DC's tale-telling then I wouldn't trust her to react sensibly to you bringing this up with her. UNLESS you had the opportunity to casually mention that your DD was mortified at the thought that she thought this was her word, not a quote. Also, your DD is only little - she may not always tell you the whole story. Perhaps she has a history of telling tales too.....

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