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To think that gang psychoplogy is behind people who like Thatcher

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YohedYoshoulderYonisandYotoes · 16/04/2013 18:21

I have noticed that many people who 'like' Thatcher are really only people who are either a) trying to align themselves with the Tories with the mistaken and deluded belief that it will sorta make them richer and more socially accepted by the richer folk (the 'Rachel Haircut' idea), or b) people who like the idea of being in the gang that bullies the poor (in this I put people who instead of blaming employers for exploiting their staff so much that their staff would rather choose not to work, blame unions for making them have to walk a bit one day a year or some other small-minded petty inconvenience).

I can accept maybe a third circle that is overlapped by those two above of people who think that because she is middle class and was trying to sound like nasty poor-hating members of the middle and upper class, she is similar to them and so supporting Thatcher is a little like saying 'I'm alright' (and conversely feel that hating Thatcher is a little like hating the embarrassing bit about themselves), but I still think this is 'gang' type behaviour.

Its ironic for a leader who went on about the individual so much that she attacks pack rats.

Is that unreasonable?

OP posts:
YohedYoshoulderYonisandYotoes · 16/04/2013 19:25

Hang on, I've just realised that people who mentioned the Archers did it when the Archers was on! That's cool we can predict conversation swings according to whats on R4.. :) Shame 'Thinking Allowed' wasn't on! :)

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 16/04/2013 19:25

"I am sure that a lot of people voted in 1979 because they thought they would become richer" ha ha ha hah hah hah hahhhhhh!

And with that comment you make perfectly clear that you weren't around in 1979.

People were mostly hoping to turn their lights on whenever they wanted and for the electricity to actually work. Or for the rubbish to be collected. Or for the shops not to run short of bread.

YohedYoshoulderYonisandYotoes · 16/04/2013 19:26

Thanks for the Essay - its a bit impenetrable at the start, but I will 'Labour' (geddit!) through it. Its interesting..

OP posts:
ComposHat · 16/04/2013 19:28

the 'Rachel Haircut' idea

Wow, there's an up to date cultural reference.

YohedYoshoulderYonisandYotoes · 16/04/2013 19:30

Huh? Are you saying there was no working electricity until 1979 and no bread?

OP posts:
FasterStronger · 16/04/2013 19:32

YABU & boring. saying 'people who disagree with me all think like this or that' is pisspoor.

I respect Thatcher for economic reasons, meaning I think left wing politics is bad for the country as a whole, including people on the lowest incomes. The uk needs money to pay for NHS, schools, old people etc.

LittleBearPad · 16/04/2013 19:33

I'm sorry OP you lost me rather but are you saying people who voted for thatcher were aspirational?? Possibly and quite likely by '87. But this doesn't make them like a gang????

LittleBearPad · 16/04/2013 19:34

And haven't you heard of the winter of discontent? You may need to do a bit more research on your theory

DontstepontheMomeRaths · 16/04/2013 19:38

"Huh? Are you saying there was no working electricity until 1979 and no bread?"

You need to read up a bit more about what things were like when she came into power OP. You clearly either weren't born yet, or were too young to remember from the sounds of it.

ajandjjmum · 16/04/2013 19:38

Maybe post again when you're old enough to realise that there is no black and white in politics.

TheCatInTheHairnet · 16/04/2013 19:38

I'm don't know which I'm more confused by. How a haircut from a show 10 years ago makes you more cute, successful and American or how that is even slightly related to a British PM from the 1980s.

Kewcumber · 16/04/2013 19:38

are you saying you are unaware of the power cuts and food shortages and rubbish piling up in 78/79. Do you think the 5% swing from labour to conservativesich gave thathcer the election was previously staunch labour supporters who had suddenly decided that they'd actually rather just get stinking rich?

IslaValargeone · 16/04/2013 19:39

or for the dead to be buried.

Springdiva · 16/04/2013 19:40

Gawd, not only am I v bored with thatcher funeral but I am even getting bored with bombings in Boston. Both are important but if there is nothing new to say just move onto Korean nuclear attack or Syrian war, it's not as though there is nothing else going on.

Rosesforrosie · 16/04/2013 19:40

OP, after you've finished researching the winter of discontent could you tell me why you think this bunfight is appropriate on the eve of someone's funeral?

Oh and if you have time, also were you even vaguely interested in all this six months ago? If not, wait another 6 months and see if you are still interested.
thecatfromjapan · 16/04/2013 19:42

Glad to oblige, wrt essay.

It is written in the style of the 80s/90s, which wasn't the best style for reeling the punters in. That's a shame, because I do think the whole issue of politics, gender and rationality is fascinating - and this essay is a good springboard into that.

I was enjoying the Archers debate. a. I love the Archers b. it's well known that politics is kept out of the Archers. so it's always fun to try and work out who votes for whom.

Kewcumber · 16/04/2013 19:45

I forgot about the dead Blush mind you in my defence at my age I was more concerned with heat/light and food and death

Hullygully · 16/04/2013 19:47

Rosesforrosie Tue 16-Apr-13 19:07:36
Because you have started a goading, and repetitive thread which puts the democratic majority (for three successive elections) into a box marked 'cunts, money grabbing, class jumping cunts'.

And you are refusing to see that that is ignorant, small minded, and quite offensive.

Oh and you are doing it on the eve of a dead woman's funeral. naice

It would be odder if it were an alive woman's funeral

crumpet · 16/04/2013 19:49

Yo shed are you seriously posting whilst being totally unaware of some of the issues in the 70s?

Power cuts and strikes:

Inflation rates:

Those are from just a quick google but there is plenty of info out there, which helps put Thatcher's election into context. And no, she wasn't a supporter of cancelling free milk, and yes the "no such thing as society" is generally quoted as an incomplete sentence to reverse what she was trying to say -again the full quote can be easily found.

Am not particularly a Thatcher fan, but the bollocks spouted with no background knowledge has been infuriating to read in the last few days.

YohedYoshoulderYonisandYotoes · 16/04/2013 19:49

Yes but why was a PM who went on about fighting for what you want and individualism anti people refusing to do collective work for the benefit of society and instead seek better pay and conditions for themselves by refusing to work unless they got them? Surely that is well tory?

OP posts:
hoodoo12345 · 16/04/2013 19:49

I refuse to give that dead old bag headspace, i can't wait until Thursday when i won't have to see her ugly dead face everywhere i look.

sydlexic · 16/04/2013 19:51

I love Maggie. Yes I did vote for them because I thought I would get richer, and I did.

YohedYoshoulderYonisandYotoes · 16/04/2013 19:53

Are they stopping Big Ben because it would be like ringing 'ding dong the witch i dead?' That's amazing intertextualism

OP posts:
crumpet · 16/04/2013 19:54

Go and look it up love.

YohedYoshoulderYonisandYotoes · 16/04/2013 19:56

I wish there was a real posh party that was all about Tweed and Hunting and benevolent generosity to the lower orders, rather than these new money oiks.

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