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about Grandpa In My Pocket?

55 replies

LifeIsButtercream · 02/06/2011 17:37

I probably need a new hobby......

Am being subjected to watching Grandpa In My Pocket with DD, and can't help but wonder......

Why has Grandpa decided to share his shrinking hat abilities with Jason, but not with whatever-his-sisters-name-is? Or, for that matter, his son/daughter (not sure which one he is father of!)

Surely thats a bit sexist - favouring the grandson over grandaughter, or deeming her unworthy of knowing his secret (I'll admit though, she is a bit of a wet lettuce and could do with acting lessons)

And AIBU to be falling about in hysterics now because I've only just realised that the initials of Grandpa In My Pocket are GIMP? Grin

Oh, I seriously need to get out more!

OP posts:

mrsravelstein · 02/06/2011 17:39

i detest that programme... and i get all feminist outraged (it's about the only thing i do get feminist outraged over) about the females in that show... the dippy mother and the insane spinster aunt, very nice view of women...


ThePrincessRoyalFiggyrolls · 02/06/2011 17:40

You need a new hobby - fortunately its one of the dvd's I can send around to my mum when she has the children - she fancies James Bolam (?) and introduced dd to bloody GIMP!

IMHO Jason is a tad wet lettuce too, I quite like Aunt Loretta myself - game old bird, and I am convinced that Mr Maker is Mr Liker Biker.

New hobby for me to then Grin


ThePrincessRoyalFiggyrolls · 02/06/2011 17:42

But MrsRavel, the men are equally as daft and ridiculous too which neutralizes it in my mind. Grin


LifeIsButtercream · 02/06/2011 17:44

Princess, your mum would have liked tonights episode, James Bolam had a skintight mouse costume on at one point.

I'm off to find some eye bleach........

OP posts:

mrsravelstein · 02/06/2011 17:45

princessroyal, i'm probably worried i might end up like the aunt, and that fuels my dislike, despite the fact that i am not a spinster and don't have purple hair Smile


NorfolkNChance · 02/06/2011 17:50

Mr Maker is Mr Liker-Biker


aStarInStrangeways · 02/06/2011 17:54

I hate all of them and want to thrash them all severely with nettles until they repent of their awful crimes.


RobynLou · 02/06/2011 17:57

in real life grandpa is married to aunt loretta...


SequinsAndSparkles · 02/06/2011 18:04

I started a thread about my hatred for Grandpa in My Pocket a couple of months ago! Grin

I hate Grandpa, He is an evil little old man, and why does everyone call him Grandpa? Even Miss Smiley? Why is he so horrible to everyone apart from his precious Jason? Your telling me, he's known about his shrinking abilities all these years and never shared it with his own children? And what about poor Jemima? FAVOURITISM is what it is! And Jemima's older, so presumably when she came along he thought 'oh no, she's not good enough to know about my shrinking cap'. And they laugh at her, and the others, because they don't know. TOXIC is what he is!! And I hate the way he sulks, he is a child hater! I hate the way Jason says things like ''Grandpa isn't very keen on Troy, and neither am I.'' And that bloody little dog of his! What happens when he dies, eh? What about poor Jason then? He will never have bonded with anybody else, because Grandpa has forced him to live a double life of manipulation and deciet! I also hate the episode where the baby comes to stay, and Grandpa is getting annoyed with the baby crying! Covering his ears and muttering 'What can possibly be making it cry so much'..he's a nasty old twerp.

You know what I think, I think that Grandpa is a nasty little BUSYBODY!!

Aaaaah that felt good Grin I wish my DD didn't love it so bloody much. She makes me draw the characters, when she's not watching it.

I also have far too much time on my hands.


ThePrincessRoyalFiggyrolls · 02/06/2011 21:42

So its unanimous - oh fuck I can't spell - we all loathe Granpa and our children think he is fanbloodytastic!

Does anyone remember Mrs Pepperpot?


piprabbit · 02/06/2011 21:48

Mrs Pepperpot is lovely - I am DD is rereading the books at the moment.

Mrs Pepperpot would beat Granpa in a fight any day of the week.


TattyDevine · 02/06/2011 21:53

I think you will find that the show is known on Mumsnet as "Grandpa in my barstarding pocket"

Someone did a thread on it a while ago and it was excellent rewriting-of-title-to-include-swear-word quality, up there with Thomas the Cocking tank engine from the other day.

Most annoyingly, I have the Joules skirt that the mother wears all the time. Its from the Spring 2008 range. I don't wear it with a yellow cardigan and red belt, in fact, I don't wear it at all since I fucking saw it on that fucking show.


razzlebathbone · 02/06/2011 21:54

I like that cafe with all the cakes in though.


sunshineandbooks · 02/06/2011 21:54

SequinsandSparkles that's an ace critique. Love it! Grin

I have given up on CBeebies. The equality in the programming has actually got worse (think Zingzillas) and they seem to be training a new generation to put up with endless repeats. Drives me insane.

I now use iplayer etc for pretty much all our TV viewing - control over which programmes are seen and the ability to choose Channel 5 faves like Peppa Pig without having to put up with adverts.


SunshineisSorry · 02/06/2011 21:56

errm, i think grandpa in my pocket is fanfuckingtastic and i take deep personal offence to your dislike Grin.

I never had a grandad, well obviously i did, my DD1 had a wonderful grandad (my dad) but my DD2 never did because he died when she was 8 weeks old. I always get a bit of a lump in my throat because my dad was a bit like grandpa - bit mischevious. Woudlnt have done the favouritism though.

Have you not considered that Jason may have stumbled upon grandpa and his shrinking cap and been sworn to secrecy, not that he was taken into grandpas confidence over anyone else. Maybe it is an X linked mutation that somehow skips a generation and jason will go on to take over the shrinking cap when grandpa pops off this mortal coil.

i did however have a guilty crush on james bolam when he was in that program with the bisto woman


sunshineandbooks · 02/06/2011 21:57

Have you not considered that Jason may have stumbled upon grandpa and his shrinking cap and been sworn to secrecy, not that he was taken into grandpas confidence over anyone else. Maybe it is an X linked mutation that somehow skips a generation and jason will go on to take over the shrinking cap when grandpa pops off this mortal coil.

Grin Grin Grin


clappyhands · 02/06/2011 21:57

hate that show

have now trained eldest DC that it is only on mummys computer at the weekend [very mean mummy!]


shakey1500 · 02/06/2011 21:57

Wasn't the kid from next door on Britains Got crap entertainment Talent?


KvetaBarry · 02/06/2011 21:59

I stopped letting DS watch it after seeing one where Grandpa 'entered Jemima's carousel'. Disgusting behaviour on children's television :o

that, and the fact that none of them could act their way out of a brown paper bag, put me off it rather.


Purpleprickles · 02/06/2011 22:00

I just can't stand Jason's goofy smile, makes me irrationally mad.


razzlebathbone · 02/06/2011 22:02

So can Jason now use the cap and also shrink? I've not seen one where he does that!


thumbwitch · 02/06/2011 22:03

oh glad that someone has already said that Mr Likerbiker is indeed Mr Maker.

Shakey - yes, Troy was on BGT. I didn't realise that, DH did. He has an eye for remembering male faces in things - I'm better at remembering females than him though (hair colour puts him off!)


BiscuitNibbler · 02/06/2011 22:05

I hate this bloody programme. I hate everything about it especially smug Jason and his stupid fucking necklace. Every single character is annoying.


Tanith · 02/06/2011 22:05

I hate, HATE, HATE that show!!! It's everything I despise in a children's programme. Awful adults, irritating kids, stupid story lines: I even hate the decor of the house.

James Bolam deserves so much better.


aStarInStrangeways · 02/06/2011 22:06

Sunnysands is ripe for a zombie invasion IMO.

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