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to be gobsmacked at the STUPIDITY and arrogance of some people?!

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LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 11:59

DH just told me about some mates of his, who play the very geeky, but usually fun and silly, LARP game (it's basically dressing up in funny costumes and acting out fake battles ... as geeky as could be and makes me roll my eyes, but this is beside the point ...).

Anyway, DH's mate apparently walked through a major train station carrying a shedload of replica weapons. Not covered in a bag, not having cleared it with the station staff first ... just wandered around carrying what looked extremely like real guns.

The police grabbed him, quite hard, and cuffed him and questioned him, and gave him a lecture. He is now cross because he has a bruise where the policeman grabbed him.

Is it me? Or is this just crushingly stupid and rude? I heard about it and was thinking WTF even before I heard that this guy actually considers himself to have been molested by the police.

I know this is an odd AIBU but I had to ask someone to share my WTF face ... and I do feel awful for the police who must have got a horrible scare!

OP posts:

squeakytoy · 26/05/2011 12:00

He is lucky he didnt get tazered .... what a fucking idiot.


sparkle12mar08 · 26/05/2011 12:00

YANBU. He's an idiot.


purplepidjin · 26/05/2011 12:02

Walking round visibly armed? He's a twat and I'm surprised it was just a bruise. What a wuss, does he need mummy to kiss the booboo better? There there, dear...


Callisto · 26/05/2011 12:02

He's an idiot.


IhateMarlo · 26/05/2011 12:02

Him I mean not you. . . .

Have some equally geeky friend of friends and that stuff can look so real, they pride themselves on how real it looks.

Luck thats all that happened


LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 12:03

squeaky - exactly! In fact they did apparently warn him that he could have been. Imagine if it had been one of the times when the police have been warned about possible bomb threats/terrorist action ... I should think we (members of the public) don't hear about most of the scares.

OP posts:

LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 12:05

Ihate - some of their stuff I have seen looks dangerous to me - they are very proud of it and I find it somewhat distasteful myself (erm, you're pleased you have a house full of things to kill people with? Ok then), but ... words fail.

I am so glad I have MN, as I can't really bitch about it in real life!

OP posts:

SuePurblybilt · 26/05/2011 12:06

Bet he did it on purpose, showing off and just dying for someone to comment on them. Knobber.


LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 12:08

I hadn't thought of that - it's quite possible though.

I'm feeling really awful for the police who were there, maybe I have a sense of humour failure (Hmm) but they must have had the shock of their lives and to deal with it without even really hurting him is very impressive calmness, I think.

OP posts:

Twit · 26/05/2011 12:13

YANBU, he is a fucking idiot and should be relieved he wasn't hurt. Why can't you bitch about it in RL? I'd be sure to let him know what a knob-end I thought he was and that he got off lightly.


LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 12:16

Twit, he's DH's mate not mine - I think he is a total knob for other reasons and don't ever find a reason to talk to him. If I did, I would tell him he's a knob, trust me. But I don't want to bitch in RL because it turns into a friends-of-friends chain of snarky comments.

OP posts:

lookingfoxy · 26/05/2011 12:20

YABU to be gobsmacked, there are loads of self rightous idiots like this around.

Hes a bloody lucky man only to have a bruise!


Twit · 26/05/2011 12:21

Ah gotcha.
YAstillNBU though.


SuePurblybilt · 26/05/2011 12:23

Oh, I didn't mean the police bit was planned, just that some people who do those kind of activities are very keen to be noticed. My DB and SIL used to do something similar and would often have very loud pointed conversations about some technical apsect of the costumes or props, just killing themselves to be asked about it.


Ormirian · 26/05/2011 12:24

"Or is this just crushingly stupid and rude? "

Rude? Confused But it is stupid.


LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 12:25

I think you're right - I think it's massively attention-seeking to be complaining about it afterwards too. If I'd done something so stupid I would be cringing in shame and keeping it very quiet!

OP posts:

sheepgomeep · 26/05/2011 12:26

dunno about rude but cetainly incredibably stupid


LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 12:27

Orm - rude to the police, surely?! They were doing their jobs quite reasonably, he did something that must have been very scary and his response is to be cross they cuffed him? That seems incredibly rude to me!

OP posts:

ashamedandconfused · 26/05/2011 12:33

he is a pillock of the first degree

like the loons who say "yeah i've got a bomb, har har" at the airport


ginnybag · 26/05/2011 12:37

I have friends that LARP too - difference is, mine often ask if we can pick them up so they don't have to take their kit on Public Transport.

LRD - have you pointed out that carrying a replica weapon in public could have landed him into serious legal trouble if the arresting officer had been ofthat mind? He's very, very lucky he only got a bruise and a warning!

Stupid man!


LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 12:40

The police told him that, ginny.

I just know he would be the first person furious with the police if they didn't catch someone who was genuinely looking to do harm.

OP posts:

saffy85 · 26/05/2011 12:40

Dunno about rude but he's definately a fucking moron. He's very lucky he got away with just a bruise.


EverythingInMiniature · 26/05/2011 12:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 12:46

I am really impressed too, EiM. I think they were amazing. I know occasionally the police get a bad press on here and I remember someone saying she felt but for her DH - so if anyone is a police officer or has a DH who is, you should feel bloody proud I think.

I would be interested to know if it is illegal to carry replica weapons.

OP posts:

bluebobbin · 26/05/2011 12:48

What a fucking idiot.

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