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to be gobsmacked at the STUPIDITY and arrogance of some people?!

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LRDTheFeministDragon · 26/05/2011 11:59

DH just told me about some mates of his, who play the very geeky, but usually fun and silly, LARP game (it's basically dressing up in funny costumes and acting out fake battles ... as geeky as could be and makes me roll my eyes, but this is beside the point ...).

Anyway, DH's mate apparently walked through a major train station carrying a shedload of replica weapons. Not covered in a bag, not having cleared it with the station staff first ... just wandered around carrying what looked extremely like real guns.

The police grabbed him, quite hard, and cuffed him and questioned him, and gave him a lecture. He is now cross because he has a bruise where the policeman grabbed him.

Is it me? Or is this just crushingly stupid and rude? I heard about it and was thinking WTF even before I heard that this guy actually considers himself to have been molested by the police.

I know this is an odd AIBU but I had to ask someone to share my WTF face ... and I do feel awful for the police who must have got a horrible scare!

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BeerTricksPotter · 27/05/2011 00:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tigerchilli · 27/05/2011 00:15

Attention seeking knob head. How old is he...12?

Al0uiseG · 27/05/2011 00:16

Grown men do this?

GetOrfMoiCase · 27/05/2011 00:19

What is larp?

GetOrfMoiCase · 27/05/2011 00:21


(have googled)

I couldn't have sex with someone who did this Grin

That is a lie, I am a geek myself, I would probably love shit like that. I would just never tell a living soul.

plupervert · 27/05/2011 09:48

"He is now cross because he has a bruise where the policeman grabbed him."

Hahahahha, poor hyprocritical baby. Hard enough to play big-boy games with big weapons, but not big enough to carry them properly, or deal with the consequences of his stupidity.


Juxtapose that with not only the superficial Shock response any normal person would have, but your understanding that the police had had a horrrible scare....

He should be ashamed of himself.

QueenofDreams · 27/05/2011 09:55

Apparently DP's dad goes 'caving' basically playing roleplay in a cave. bunch of grown men in a cave whacking each other with swords. He has a full set of chainmail apparently.

How idiotic though to show off the 'weapons' like that. He has no right to complain, he brought it on himself.

LRDTheFeministDragon · 27/05/2011 10:07

Grin GetOrf, that's pretty much my position .... you guys aren't REAL, are you? Shock

I think it is totally ridiculous. DH is a huge geek, though, and he doesn't take it especially seriously, so I am ok with it.

I have a memory (that I am trying hard to erase) of the weapons guy when I first met him insisting on telling me how knowing about fake swordfighing made him and his wife very fit and athletic.

Believe me, it did not.

I don't so much mind the 'grown men being stupid like kids' - I'm just shocked by how twatty this guy is to have put the police through that.

OP posts:
LRDTheFeministDragon · 27/05/2011 10:11

... should also say, DH is not stupid enough to own/carry through train stations replica weapons!

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Get0rfM0iLand · 27/05/2011 10:14

"the weapons guy when I first met him insisting on telling me how knowing about fake swordfighing made him and his wife very fit and athletic"

lolol at the mental image Grin

LRDTheFeministDragon · 27/05/2011 10:22

Grin Indeed.

Mind you, I am sure the things I like look just as daft to them - I spent half yesterday afternoon weeding my plants and baking cake, so I probably look to them as if I'm prematurely granny-esque.

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LRDTheFeministDragon · 27/05/2011 10:22

Oh - and half yesterday afternoon on MN, which is my dark secret I would never tell for fear of the mocking hoards ... on balance, LARP doesn't look so bad! Grin

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