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To expect poo stain removal for £16 per hour

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LaurieFairyCake · 12/05/2011 21:22

I have just got off the phone to my friend who has hired a new princess cleaner. She wasn't too impressed with the clean as the loos looked it hadn't been cleaned properly so she called the company up (think Molly Maid type thing):

Her: "I'm not too impressed as the loos still looked like they hadn't been cleaned properly"

Female Manager: pause "We don't clean loos Madam"

Her (stupefied): "Sorry, you don't clean the loos"????

Female Manager: "No, we can't have our maids do that as really that's up to the householder"

Her (totally flummoxed) : "Er, ok right - well, I guess the rest of the clean was ok"

and then she signs up for 4 hours a week at £16 per hour

When she phoned me up she seemed quite resigned to it.

I am totally [shocked]

I would expect the loos to be cleaned for £16 per hour.

Is that unreasonable? Fgs, care assistants in care homes round here get paid £6.75 an hour to do all sorts of heavy cleaning.

When did cleaning become so precious? And WHO EXACTLY do you need to hire to clean the loos? - Local council dramatically masked bio-hazard folk???

OP posts:
CurrySpice · 12/05/2011 21:24

Erm I think that's ridiculous and YADNBU! :o

IwishIwasmoreorganised · 12/05/2011 21:24

I get my loos cleaned and only pay £7.50 an hour!

Mind you, I have a cleaner, not a maid Wink

YANBU (but your friend is!)

Pfriend · 12/05/2011 21:24

My loos get cleaned for 9 pounds an hour. They don't clean the oven though, that's extra.

emsyj · 12/05/2011 21:25

Have never heard of a cleaner who doesn't clean loos.

Are your friend's loos filled to the brim with lurking turds or something?

Gooseberrybushes · 12/05/2011 21:25

I would not expect anyone to clean my toilets, I really wouldn't.

FabbyChic · 12/05/2011 21:25

To be honest I would expect a householder to use bleach and clean their own shit out of toilets.

It takes not a moment once you have used it to wipe it over with toilet roll before disposing of it.

I hate dirty toilets there are no need for them.

PurveyorOfBaloney · 12/05/2011 21:26

What exactly is the point of a cleaner that doesn't 'do' loos??? Confused

CurrySpice · 12/05/2011 21:27

Fabby do you purposely take the opposite view all of the time Hmm

I do not leave my toilets covered in shit for the cleaner. But I do expect her to clean them properly rather than a quick wipe with the bog roll to remove skids! [barf]

diggingintheribs · 12/05/2011 21:27

£16 per hour!!! That's outrageous!!!

Re toilet - my cleaner cleaned the toilets but I always made sure they were visually clean (iyswim). Don't think anyone should see that!!

LaurieFairyCake · 12/05/2011 21:28

Her toilets are definitely not really dirty - she has a very large, immaculate beautiful country house but has 5 kids - think there's 6 toilets in the house.

OP posts:
CurrySpice · 12/05/2011 21:28

And as for saying "householder" :o

JeremyKylesPetProject · 12/05/2011 21:28

I wouldn't expect anyone to clean my loo. If they did then I wouldn't complain of course but I wouldn't expect it. Then again my toilet sometimes requires some serious elbow grease due to the kids pebble dashing and then "forgetting" to flush.

DoMeDon · 12/05/2011 21:28

I wouldn't pay £16 an hour for a cleaner. I would expect my loo cleaned.

If you are a cleaner, you clean. Otherwise you're a bit pointless!

MissMarjoribanks · 12/05/2011 21:29

I wouldn't expect a cleaner to have to clean up skid marks or nasty stains on a loo - but I wouldn't leave them either. But I would expect it to be cleaned.

glassofwhiteanybody · 12/05/2011 21:29

I think a cleaner should clean the loo, it's part of their job.

That said, I always clean ours before the cleaner arrives, as I think it must be the worst part of their job and not something I would want to do.

pommedechocolat · 12/05/2011 21:30

My cleaner does my loos for £10 an hour but I would never leave skiddies in it though.

RumourOfAHurricane · 12/05/2011 21:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

proudfoot · 12/05/2011 21:31

The cleaning co is unreasonable! It should be included in the fee IMO and they should get on with it.

LaurieFairyCake · 12/05/2011 21:31

Yes, my loos are 'skid-free' but I would expect scrubbing/de limescaling from a cleaner - I would want them to be really clean if I was paying someone to do the bathroom !

That's the weird thing too - they only cleaned the bathrooms/kitchen and hoovered the rest. They didn't do anything else.

OP posts:
CurrySpice · 12/05/2011 21:31

Is she computer-generated? Shock

Gooseberrybushes · 12/05/2011 21:31

We've had loads of staff to do just about everything but they don't clean the loos tbh. I told them they didn't have to. I think it's something that takes five mins and is something so basically pretty degrading that I just don't think it's on.

KLou111 · 12/05/2011 21:31

I used to have an ironing and cleaning company, and I charged £24 per 'job'. Most only took me an hour TBH, as once you get into a routine and do it every day, you get quick, but I cleaned loos and the whole houses were spotless once finished. I had a successful business for 7 years (most of the same customers since day dot) only closed because we moved from England to Wales.
I must say though, you pay for what you get, but YES loos should be cleaned!!!!

Trinaluce · 12/05/2011 21:32

Where does she live? For £16 an hour I'LL clean her loos!

Gooseberrybushes · 12/05/2011 21:33

cor 24/hour is not degrading Grin

DoMeDon · 12/05/2011 21:33

I think your friend is being a bit of a twit Laurie - stay out of it Grin

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