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There are some right rude barstards about.

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bupcakesandcunting · 11/05/2011 16:35

If you send someone a PM on here, do you expect a reply? Even just an acknowledgement that you've written them a message? Because I certainly do.

I PMed someone the other day to congratulate them on a good post and not even a "thanks". Rude sausage.

OP posts:
MrSpoc · 11/05/2011 17:31

What is/are Arse-Sticks?

Charleymouse · 11/05/2011 17:31

OMG never knew there was an inbox and just got excited but nervous about all the people I have ignored.

Just checked and no message in there.

Thanks for the info though.

Randy I'll send you one if you send me one. Grin

Charleymouse · 11/05/2011 17:33

Oh see I am too late Randy. Sad

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar · 11/05/2011 17:34

Grin Mumbling

Round at bupcake's pudding is stuff her mum scoops out from the slops bin in the canteen.

3timesalady · 11/05/2011 17:41

MrSpoc Arse-sticks are the device which causes a normally fun person to behave in Hyacinth Bucket nose-in-the-air fashion. Once removed, and said snootiness removed, normal sense of humour is resumed. Thank feck.

TattyDevine · 11/05/2011 17:41

Mmmm porky toes.

mylovelymonster · 11/05/2011 21:42

I don't have an arse-stick. My snootiness is congenital. More Margot than HB though, TYVM.

PinotGrigiosKittens · 11/05/2011 21:44
shakey1500 · 11/05/2011 21:48


But yes, it is rude. I was nicely surprised to receive a PM noting a comment I'd made and I felt all warm and fuzzy (I was a MN virgin, 2 months later I am positively ancient!)

And I replied. Sooo in the spirit of the forum YANBU.

strandedbear · 11/05/2011 21:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PinotGrigiosKittens · 11/05/2011 21:50

Oh. Yes. Quite.


strandedbear · 11/05/2011 21:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BiPolarPauline · 11/05/2011 21:52


Clearly, like me, they do not take you seriously. Sorry, but I can only go on your posting history.

Animation · 11/05/2011 21:59

PinkJenny - We're coming up to a powerful full moon, so that might explain why folk are a bit restless.

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