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Adverts... Grrrrrrrrr

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NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 21:19

WeightWatchers woman in odd dress just annoys me
Jammie Dodgers monkey advert is seriously odd
The birds eye strange teddy in freezer is creepy
The hotel ad with the aggressive teddy in bed is NASTY
All Halifax adverts, especially those offering me a 'great rate' (2% FFS)
All cosmetics adverts are boswellox.
DM ads p*ss me off, because I want what they offer, but refuse to buy the DM
I know I should just stop watching ads, or TV in general, but DO THEY THINK I AM STUPID??.

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Crevix · 07/05/2011 21:21

retrain your brain. i don't see ads at all any more. if i'm not looking for something i don't see it. (i use the same approach with children and piles of paperwork)


NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 21:29

But howwwwww? It makes me cross that they are treating me like an idiot and trying to sell me crap. Why don't they just say 'this is sugary nonsense, but sometimes you need it' OR ' this is no better than basic emollient cream, but the packaging is pretty'.
I think I am getting old and grumpy...or are they trying to hoodwink me?

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DiscoDaisy · 07/05/2011 21:34

I hate the Halifax ads where they list what they give to their customers. I end up screaming at the screen that they shut peoples local branches as well. (definitely need to get out more Blush)
And don't even get me started about the soap dispenser that you don't need to touch to get the soap out.
My 6 yr old worked out that it doesn't matter if the soap dispenser is covered in germs because you are going to wash your hands.


NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 21:37

Germy soap pump! DO THEY THINK WE ARE STUPID?!?!?!?

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Tidey · 07/05/2011 21:37

This is why I like Sky+. Start watching everything ten minutes after it starts and fast forward the ads.


NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 21:39

Clever! If only I ....
a) had Sky
b) had sky plus
c) could do technology,

I would be a calmer person

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Tidey · 07/05/2011 21:41

Ahhh. Yes, that wasn't helpful then. Erm... Only watch BBC programmes and avoid ads altogether?


DiscoDaisy · 07/05/2011 21:41

Adverts are quite funny at x30 speed on Sky+.


NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 21:46

Thanks, Tidey, perhaps I just need to persue my normal policy of muting for the ads. I was too tipsy to reach the remote earlier and had to endure all the crapola.

That will teach me!

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confuddledDOTcom · 07/05/2011 21:47

There's one set of adverts at the moment that I'm really enjoying, which is unusual because I usually tune them out for being irritating. It's the Direct Line ads. The comedians are brilliant and I feel really sorry for salesman. I'm actually looking out for them now.


euphrosyne · 07/05/2011 21:47

Angry at all the crappy sofa sales that MUST end tomorrow so that the next sale can start on the day after...
Seriously, has anyone EVER paid the full price they quote?


NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 21:48

But really....why do I need air fresheners, connected to mains electricity all over the house??
DO THEY THINK I AM STUPID. ( rather than asthmatic, which those chemically toxic pumps make me)???

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euphrosyne · 07/05/2011 21:49

oh and of course YANBU


Tidey · 07/05/2011 21:50

Muting is a good plan. Have a good book next to you so you can read during the ad break and then you don't even need to see the silly gurning faces on the Halifax ads, ISA ISA baby aaargh. I don't always manage to avoid ads, clearly Grin


NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 21:50

Ooooh, sofa ads.
If I need a sofa, I will research what I need, look at the price difference, look at quality versus price, consider delivery options, seek out reviews on various companies.

A catchy jingle does not beat that. It just makes me CROSS

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cat64 · 07/05/2011 21:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

confuddledDOTcom · 07/05/2011 21:51

Apparently there is a sofa shop in the middle of nowhere in Scotland that keeps the sales claims legal.


hormonesnomore · 07/05/2011 21:53

Ads seem to be rubbish now - am thinking specifically of those monkeys in the biscuit advert and the weird, freaky dancing clothes in the cadbury one.

I remember when adverts were .


NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 21:54

Muting, with a BOOK! Why didn't I think of that, genius TIdey!
Do most people do this, I just slow to catch on?
It would stop me shouting at shampoo ads with the really tiny writing underneath saying that the results are versus living in a forest for six years combing your hair with hedgehogs and washing in puddles!

OP posts:

Tidey · 07/05/2011 21:55

Grin at hedgehog hairbrushes


shakey1500 · 07/05/2011 21:57

I also like the Direct Line adverts, the woman is great!

I can't however abide cosmetic adverts where they declare that "80% of women agree" and when you read the teeny tiny blurb it states that 20 (or some equally low number) women were tested etc etc.

I know what I mean :)


phonemonkey · 07/05/2011 21:59

I do that too Norks! I'm always saying to DH "did you notice that small print?"

I do love the crusha dancing cats ad though Grin


shakey1500 · 07/05/2011 21:59

On the subject of adverts (little tangent, sorry OP) my ALL time favourite was the Dulux "you find the colour, we'll match it" one where the school teacher rips the head off the little red plasticine figure. His little playfriends wait till she's gone they try and fail to fashion him a new head of what's remaining. Bloody funny :)


NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 22:00

Oooh, cat64, that's another thing..... Why do they mute the very end of REALLY IMPORTANT storylines to tell you something that is coming up in six month's time???

Oh, also, just half-watching telly and have seen a special K advert. That is reserved a very Special place in hell. I will NEVER EVER EVER be able to wear a red dress or swimsuit now because of these ads. DO THEY THINK I AM STUPID????

OP posts:

NorksAreMessy · 07/05/2011 22:05

Shakey, yes yes yes!
Tiny tiny proportion of fuckwits who were offered a FREE product said they would agree with anything they were told to so they could get more free product.

In France, ALL crappy- food ads have a little line at the bottom of the screen saying 'exercise more' or 'don't eat between meals' and this gives you a hint that the food is CRAP! I think these little 'surveys ' do the same job. If Cheryl Cole is wearing hair extensions, and they need to tell me that, I don't want to buy that particular snake oil, thanks.

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