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to hate the term 'on the blob'?

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Champersonice · 04/05/2011 11:28

After reading about jam sponges on the mooncup thread, I googled and took a look. Under FAQs, they have used the term 'blob'. Yuk! I just hate that expression. Who agrees and what other terms do you dislike?? First one to say, 'got the painters in' gets a jam sponge Wink

OP posts:
NeverKissPigs · 04/05/2011 13:30

Can we just not refer to it and if you insist use 'the unmentionables' with a whisper and a nod.

I'm also championing conjugals instead of all these phrases that imply something pleasurable.

kerala · 04/05/2011 13:34

As an innocent comprehensive school girl I was shocked at university when my new friend who had gone to a very posh public school said she was going to the loo to "cram a tam" shudder!

littlewater · 04/05/2011 13:35

for me, it's weeping.
as in this week someone going to be crying by the end of! for the love of f* why does it always have to be painful Sad

Champersonice · 04/05/2011 13:35

Oh, Mrs!! You made me laugh out loud re: distraction on the sofa when BGT gets a bit dull!!! Grin

Also, as a Spurs fan, I must say I do like the way it has been made synonymous with "Arsenal playing at home" laughing all the way to the sanitary bin!!! And isn't that another horrible term, 'sanitary towel' eugh!

OP posts:
CalmInsomniac · 04/05/2011 13:38

I love the French expression "les anglais sont debarqués" meaning "the English have arrived" pretty much the same as "the red coats are coming".

Nice to know animosities between French and English are still alive and well.

frogs · 04/05/2011 13:47

I hate all of these. But worse than any of them has to be, "I've got the curse".

Wrong on so many levels.

thelittlefriend · 04/05/2011 13:49

MrsSchadenFreude, you do sound like a fab mum. Well done for being so upfront with your kids. And the thought of your dh wimpering behind the sofa made me giggle. My dp would die of embarrassment!

For me it's got to just be "period". Though i do love that Jo Brand one

HalfPastWine · 04/05/2011 13:50

A male friend of mine used to say 'she's on the curse'.

Champersonice · 04/05/2011 13:54

Oh gosh there are so many.

Frogs, I forgot 'the curse'! That derived from 'Eve's Curse' and there is also 'The curse of TOM' (Time Of the Month)

OP posts:
Ragwort · 04/05/2011 13:54

All I can think is thank God I've got thourgh the menopause and don't have to worry about any of this any longer - and no DD Grin.

Champersonice · 04/05/2011 13:56

One XP would ask if I had my mouse in (referring to a tampon)

OP posts:
MrsSchadenfreude · 04/05/2011 13:57

Champers - Spurs fans all the way here too! GrinGrinGrin
Could we also say "Arsenal are losing"?!

MrsSchadenfreude · 04/05/2011 13:58

Ragwort - you have to look coy and say "My friends no longer visit."

BonzoDooDah · 04/05/2011 14:00

Another "fab mum " vote for MrsShadenF. I'll be PMing you for hints when mine get old enough.

Champersonice · 04/05/2011 14:01

Mrs, loving all your posts but even more now Grin Grin Grin

OP posts:
Champersonice · 04/05/2011 14:01

Mrs is a a fabby mum all the way!!

OP posts:
thelittlefriend · 04/05/2011 14:06

Up the Spurs Mrs and Champers :o :o !!

MrsSchadenfreude · 04/05/2011 14:06

I think I will stick with "Arsenal are losing" from now on. I like that.

saffy85 · 04/05/2011 14:07

I love "twat splat" Grin Also Jo Brand's subtle little way of working it into a conversation.

My DP calls it the blob too mainly to piss me off, which it does, it just sounds so disgusting and not teehee funny like twat splat.

MrsSchadenfreude · 04/05/2011 14:08

Calm - the English wore red coats in battle to hide the blood stains. The French wore brown trousers...

RockThePots · 04/05/2011 14:09

I call it 'moon time'. This comes from many years ago when a male friend of mine thought all women got their period at full moon. I have just realised it sounds quite twee though Confused

Tampons are 'lady mice' thanks to a friends 8yo dd

jodee · 04/05/2011 14:10

If I'm talking to my mum, I will say "I've got you know what"

If talking to a colleague/friend it's "time of the month"

DH for some reason calls it my "Honda", it must be "Honda time" (as in a Honda cycle ... (other brands are available) Smile

TottWriter · 04/05/2011 14:12

My DP refers to it as "...unpleasantness" and gestures vaguely at my genitals while squirming slightly. He doesn't cope well, bless him.

I just tend to say "nuhr, that time of the month" if I mention it at all, though I will happily use the word period, menstruation, pretty much all of the not so excessive euphemisms.

And we have a soft toy that he called Jam Rag - a cute little white seal, but the name won't shift now. The best I can do is think of it as J.R.

Mind you, buying a book can backfire spectacularly. My mum bought me a book about sex when I was about 12/13, and it was bright pink and I was so mortified that I hid it in a drawer and never looked at it. I think it is safe to say that thanks to that I have a DS.

Champersonice · 04/05/2011 14:13

Hey hey, Littlefriend!!

Saffy, couldn't agree more and coincidentally, my XP would do the same as your DP.

So Mrs and Littlefriend, are we in agreeance that 'twatsplat' and 'Arsenal are losing' are the way forward?? Smile

OP posts:
LyingWitchInTheWardrobe2726 · 04/05/2011 14:15

Am I on my own in just not saying anything about it? Not announcing it with a fanfare or tantrum or unaccountable craving for chocolate? Grin

All of the terms, all the way through the thread, make me cringe... if I had to refer to it, it would be 'time of the month' or 'period' and just get on with it. I know that a lot of women feel comfortable discussing it and telling all and sundry about it, but I just find that really crude and unnecessary.

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