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To wonder if there's a man alive who knows when the bin truck comes, what the kids eat for packed lunches, when school discos and parents nights are????

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ssd · 29/04/2011 08:27

cos mine doesn't

he's a great dad, but I'm coming to realise he's great when its something he's interested in, eg. football, football and football

he coaches, helps out, fundraises, plays with the boys, absolutely great for 2 sons

but anything else boring and mundane is up to me or else it doesn't happen

I can pin up schedules of the bin men coming, whats happening at school, but it all by passes him


OP posts:

MrsFruitcake · 29/04/2011 08:28

YANBU! It's not man bashing, merely the truth. In my house anyway. Although he does know that the bins are collected on Mondays.


mousesma · 29/04/2011 08:30

Well my man knows when the bin trucks due because putting the bins out is his department. Too earl to tell for the other stuff because DD only 9 months.
It has to be said he doesn't know what to feed DD but that's because he works and I'm currently a SAHM and seeing as she seems to change daily what she'll eat he doesn't have the confidence yet.


LCarbury · 29/04/2011 08:30

DH does. I thought in lots of families the DH takes the bins out, TBH


mitochondria · 29/04/2011 08:32

my husband puts the bins out, and he also makes the packed lunches every day.


liath · 29/04/2011 08:33

DH does. He currently does most of the house-hold chores as I'm working FT and he is on long term sick leave. I come back from work to find everything sorted, ironing done and the dinner on. It's fab Smile.


tryingtoleave · 29/04/2011 08:36

DH puts the bins out. He doesn't know when school events are on (and often doesn't come, even when I remind him). He wouldn't dream of making lunch for the kids (in fact he wants me to make for him, but I refuse).


Truckstop · 29/04/2011 08:37

Of course there are.

It's like saying are there any women out there who can actually put oil in a car or put up shelves.


PrinceHumperdink · 29/04/2011 08:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ssd · 29/04/2011 08:37

ah so its the men who take out the bins

we must have missed that part...

OP posts:

alistron1 · 29/04/2011 08:39

I put the bins out in my house, and I'm a lady. We've lived in our house for 10 years and DP still thinks our rubbish collection is on a wednesday (as it was at our old house). It is in fact on a friday, and has always been on a friday Grin


rainbowinthesky · 29/04/2011 08:41

Either of us takes the bins out. DC have school dinners but when they did have packed lunch it was mainly dh who made them as I make a crap packed lunch and he makes a great one.
Never had a school disco but I've never been to any of my dc school events - it's always dh.
Parent's evenings -whoever checks the book bag writes it on the calendar and then one or both of us goes.
Tbh I would hate to live any other way.


goodbyemrschips · 29/04/2011 08:41

DH does always does the bins and empities them from the kitchen.

PUts washing out.

puts washing in.

cooks cleans

school and other dates on the wall.

why would he not do this

i am not the only person who lives here.


PrettyCandles · 29/04/2011 08:42

Mine can do all those - and he's better than me at some of them. And I can check the engine oil, change a tyre, wire a plug, get things from the loft, mow the lawn and set up the direct debit to pay the gas bill - but I don't, he does them.

We're comfortable in the roles we've each taken on, traditional though they may be.


alistron1 · 29/04/2011 08:43

My DP cooks our sunday lunch and has always cooked our christmas dinner. I have never personally roasted a turkey.


alistron1 · 29/04/2011 08:44

Also, I deal with plumbing/toilets/drains and flat pack furniture. I may not know how to roast a turkey but I can assemble a three door wardrobe without swearing, claiming the instructions are wrong or losing any of the screws.

I'm so macho.


compo · 29/04/2011 08:45

I leave post it notes for my dh Grin
ds is in year 2 and yesterday dh had to pick him up and kept asking when school finishes Hmm


rainbowinthesky · 29/04/2011 08:46

Compo, I had to arrange for my mother to collect dd from school (Y2) and had to check the school website to see what time her school finishes. I've never picked her up.


MoreBeta · 29/04/2011 08:47

ssd - I suspect DW might say something like you did in your OP but the thing is I do know when the bins need to go out, I do packed lunches every day, and do know when school events are.

Its just that DW really likes to feel that she is still 'on top of everything' so she feels the need to remind me and has it all worked out and written down on a calendar. Is that like you?

It kind of works. I basically know what needs to be done and DW also knows what needs to be done - I let her remind me and we are both happy. I supect if left to his own devices your DH/DP would be the same and no one would die of starvation and the house would not fill up with rubbish. He just knows you have everything organised and he has come to rely on you for your input.


ssd · 29/04/2011 08:47

rainbow, your dh checks the school bags???

next you'll be telling me he notices when the milks finished AND BLOODY GOES AND BUYS IT WITHOUT BEING ASKED
OP posts:

rainbowinthesky · 29/04/2011 08:49

Actually he does most of the shopping.....
Easy for him as he passes an M and S garage on the way home.


rainbowinthesky · 29/04/2011 08:50

but you can't have everything. I earn double what he does so going part time or being a sahm is never going to be an option for me even if I wanted it to be.


ssd · 29/04/2011 08:52

BETA, you're probably right, I'm a bit of a know it all control freak......

OP posts:

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows · 29/04/2011 08:55

My DH does all the bin/lunches stuff, but wouldn't have a clue about school dates etc. But then he doesn't need to, because I tell him.


HarrietJones · 29/04/2011 09:00

Dh does bins & shopping & cooking & cleaning


fizzylaces · 29/04/2011 09:01

Haha Beta - spot on Grin I like to be in charge and sometimes am a bit of a martyr (and don't share info if I don't think he needs to know - he shares everything). I think my 7 years as a single parent has contributed to this as I always did everything and that is my role. However, left to his own devices, DP would do a sterling job and the reason he doesn't do certain child related tasks is because I take on the responsibility for them such as packed lunches, info about school/nursery, family meet-ups (even his), shopping for food/clothes and other things.

And we both know when the bins are due out and do them when necessary. We both work full time and we have a 2yo together and a 13 yo from my prev relationship.

Food for thought. I know I need to relax on the controlling front as all of us would benefit once I got over the initial panic Smile

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