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So after the whole 'colleague microwaving kippers at work' has got worse

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EricNorthmansMistress · 27/04/2011 14:47

Someone has a slow cooker on stewing lamb Confused

The stick of cooking lamb has permeated the entire floor. Nobody can go into the kitchen without releasing more stink into the offices and we are all going WTF at each other. It is completely vile. I'm sure if you eat meat it's a nice smell, but I do not, nor do a disproportionately high number of my colleagues (right-on public sector workers on SE) and I'm fucking pissed off, actually. At least kipper stink dispersed in 30 mins, I've been here MNing doing paperwork for two hours and it has been on the whole time. The window is open and I'm cold but I still feel sick.

You might think I'm being princessy but when i was pg the smell of cooking meat was instant vom and i really can't bear it.

I have sent an email round asking the culprit not to do it again. AIBU?

Actually, to avoid AIBU by stealth I should confess that I have pretended I don't know whose it is but I do, and she gets on my tits anyway.

Oh! Oh and it's her fucking dinner! For when she goes home!

OP posts:

VivaLeBeaver · 27/04/2011 14:48

Why on earth could she not set the slow cooker at home then if its her evening meal? How odd.


squeakytoy · 27/04/2011 14:49

I agree with Viva, that is just ridiculously stupid.


Insomnia11 · 27/04/2011 14:50

I think the boss needs to have a word about taking the piss with company resources. Cooking your dinner at work? WTF?


Groovee · 27/04/2011 14:51

There's no reason why she couldn't have left it cooking at home. It will be roasting hot by home time and she'll probably end up causing an accident with it!


EricNorthmansMistress · 27/04/2011 14:52

Isn't it?! Boundaries people!

OP posts:

whoops · 27/04/2011 14:52

Eww that's ridiculous! Why not leave it coooking at home?

I once had a colleague try cooking vegetarian sausages in the toaster Hmm that stank our office out more than the indian restaurant did next door!!


notwavingjustironing · 27/04/2011 14:52

Maybe next week she'll get all of her shopping delivered straight to work, cut out the middle man!


EricNorthmansMistress · 27/04/2011 14:52

Well the email has gone to everyone including the boss Wink

OP posts:

BendyBob · 27/04/2011 14:57

Dear oh dear you don't half work with 'em don't you Eric? Poor you! Why on earth would you bring in a slow cooker to work??Confused

Maybe she secretly lives there and her family live in the stationery cupboard like that woman off the Brittas Empire Grin


ClaireDeLoon · 27/04/2011 14:58

That's bizarre. What other household tasks could we take into the office to do? We could institute a 'bring your ironing to work' day.


Quenelle · 27/04/2011 14:58

That wins the prize. Fantastic!

I'm pretty quiet at work at the moment and often sit here MNing thinking about all the useful things I could be doing at home. Perhaps I'll make a nice terrine in the office tomorrow and bring my knitting in.


Starshaped · 27/04/2011 15:02

Errh, YANBU - that's ridiculous (and I'm somebody who likes the smell and taste of lamb!). Why on earth would you bring a slow cooker to work?!


HomeJames · 27/04/2011 15:02

I used to work in the public sector and health and safety was complete madness. Surely she is not allowed to leave a heat generating electrical appliance on unattended? Maybe you can come at it from that angle.

Oh and I agree, total lack of boundaries... like the woman I used to work with who used the library to do her yoga stretches. Would often open the door to be presented with her bum in my face Blush


Selks · 27/04/2011 15:02

Lol at veggie sausages in the toaster!


EricNorthmansMistress · 27/04/2011 15:03

It's so bizarre! I think we are spoilt TBH. We are a council office but in two old ex council houses stuck together in the suburbs, with a proper kitchen and lovely garden. One woman used to cycle to work and have a shower when she got here Grin We're a long standing team and don't have to share facilities so I think people are a bit too comfortable. They are making us move next year and we'll be sharing workspace and hot desking Shock some people Will Not Cope!

I'm glad that other people think it's mental too though. I was a bit worried that I was getting cross because I didn't like her and being a bully, like the time I didn't talk to a 'friend' at school for 2 weeks because she stepped on a spider.

OP posts:

manticlimactic · 27/04/2011 15:04

I eat meat and I hate the smell of lamb cooking

Rather weird to bring a slow cooker into work. I hope the thing has been pat tested Grin - we can't plug anything in at work without it being tested.


LaWeasel · 27/04/2011 15:05

That smell wouldn't bother me.

But at work? For your dinner?! What the holy cashewnuts?


BendyBob · 27/04/2011 15:06

Sorry but this is hilarious - Rofl at HomeJames and the yoga/bum colleague Grin

Why not just shuffle in in your jammies and pick your feet for a bit. Make yerself at home why don't you?Grin


BendyBob · 27/04/2011 15:09

Hot desking? Lordy I used to hate anyone sitting at MY desk at work. It was my space. Leaving crumbs and coffee cups (and now slow cookers) lying about.


thinNigella · 27/04/2011 15:11

Surely she would have to get her slow cooker approved by those electricians who stick stickers on every plug? Can't you get round it like that - Elf and Safety type thing.

Cooking her dinner at work !!!!! Wowsers. Bring your irnoing in tomorrow and see what reaction that gets....


DingDongMerrilyOutOfSeason · 27/04/2011 15:12

Bring your wet washing in and hang it off all the radiators. Also a thing that could be going on at home while you are at work but why risk it? Nobody will mind...


Milngavie · 27/04/2011 15:13

pick your feet for a bit, that just made me boak!! Grin. Made worse because the podiatrist is here today (work in a care home).

I can not imagine anyone bringing a slow cooker to work, how on earth is she going to get it home complete with bubbling hot juices etc?

The mind boggles!!


Miggsie · 27/04/2011 15:14

Why didn't she have the cooker on at home? The whole idea is the food cooks at home while you are out...not that you take the cooker out and about with you!!!!!!

Surely her lugging a pot full of hot food out the door at the end of the day is a safety hazrd? What if she dropped it?


VinegarTits · 27/04/2011 15:16

do you know who your health and safety rep is so you can report them, i would have swtich the slow cooker off myself, what a cheek!


YankNCock · 27/04/2011 15:16

Bizarre. When I worked in the public sector in London we weren't even allowed a toaster!

I just can't fathom bringing a slow cooker in to work. At my last office you got a telling off for eating hot food outside of the little kitchen area, due to it stinking up the open plan work area.

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