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To give my dc wet grapes

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lecce · 25/04/2011 19:55

Yes it's a grape thread, but not as we know it.

Met up with a friend today and I rinsed my dc some grapes, then cut them, (of course Grin) then put them in a bowl and added yoghurt. My friend said, "I can't believe you give your children wet grapes!" She was laughing but also meant it, ifyswim. I said, "What?" and she explained that I should pat them dry.

I don't get it. They're wet inside anyway and water is fine from the tap, no? I know this friend gives her dc squash with tap water, so what is the problem?

Our dc started killing each other calling for us at this point so we forgot about it. I will ask her what she meant when I next see her, but in the meantime, I really need to know:

AIBU for giving my dc wet grapes?

OP posts:

usualsuspect · 25/04/2011 19:56

your friend is a loon


hairylights · 25/04/2011 19:56

Yanbu. Has she got OCD?


littleducks · 25/04/2011 19:56

I give them a shake but there is no way i would pat them dry Hmm


parakeet · 25/04/2011 19:56

I would never do that.

Because I never wash them.


K999 · 25/04/2011 19:56

I don't even wash grapes....they come home from supermarket, open wrapping and kids eat them!! Grin


squeakytoy · 25/04/2011 19:57

does she warm the loo seat for him too? Grin


zukiecat · 25/04/2011 19:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

discobeaver · 25/04/2011 19:58

Wet grapes, noooooo! Your poor poor kids, I hope they are strong enough to recover from this trauma. . .


Flisspaps · 25/04/2011 19:58

I bet she has a special towel just for drying them all individually Grin


MedusaIsHavingABadHairDay · 25/04/2011 19:58

I'm just impressed you washed them Grin (yes I always cut them when my kids were small but rarely rinsed and they are ridiculously healthy teens now)

Why on EARTH would it matter if they were wet? I'm dying to know now!!!
The only thing I can think of is them being slippier -therefore choking hazard, however being cut up too that's not a problem.

Please update when you know why!:)


QuintEggSentialPaints · 25/04/2011 19:59

I prefer wet grapes than grapes with pesticide and fertilizer residue on them, to be honest.


Bunbaker · 25/04/2011 20:00

I always wash fruit and veg. Why would you not? They have been handled by all sorts of unwashed hands and are covered in insecticide.

I don't pat grapes dry for me but I have to for OH as tap water gives him hives.


squeakytoy · 25/04/2011 20:00

I have just discovered how nice frozen grapes are :)


MrsBananaGrabber · 25/04/2011 20:00

Strange. At least you washed them [busmile]


lecce · 25/04/2011 20:00

Oh, thank god. It was one of those wierd comments that really made me doubt myself for a moment, thought there was some obvious point I was missing then.

Thank you, MN Grin.

OP posts:

RainbowPatooties · 25/04/2011 20:01

I cba washing any sort of fruit tbh


Zimm · 25/04/2011 20:01

LOL at Bunbaker!


Vallhala · 25/04/2011 20:02


If more parents were as responsible and sensible as your friend and dried grapes for their children the world would be a better place.

It would improve the national economy by increasing water bills and keep wimmen busy so that only men could work in these difficult times of mass unemployment.

Does no-one realise how essential grape drying is?


Bunbaker · 25/04/2011 20:03

What does cba mean?


Zimm · 25/04/2011 20:04

Can't be arsed?


Vallhala · 25/04/2011 20:04

Can't be arsed, Bunbaker.

Source - teenaged daughters. :o


lecce · 25/04/2011 20:05

Can't be arsed?

Hope so, because I sometimes forget to open the blueberries to stop ds2 screaming the supermarket down.

OP posts:

olibeansmummy · 25/04/2011 20:05

I've never heard anything so ridiculous!


lecce · 25/04/2011 20:06

Sorry, should be an 'or' between "to" and "open".

OP posts:

KenDoddsDadsDog · 25/04/2011 20:07

I have a special electric grape drier so my fingers do not contaminate them. Am amazed none else has. Grin

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