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Horrific rudeness that fell out of my mouth today

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hobbgoblin · 23/04/2011 23:56

I don't know what I was thinking but the depths of my brain verbalised themselves into the following rhetorical question when faced with fat lady without kids parking her sports car in the P&child spaces:

"oh are these spaces for the fat people now then?"

And she heard, and she went to move her car but then didn't because I drove off as quickly as the awareness sunk in that I had actually said what the nasty part of my brain was thinking.

You were fat, lady... and parked obnoxiously. I, however, did not mean to unnecessarily and hurtfully link these two facts in an insult.

I had to explain what a rude moron I had just been to the eldest DC too.

Telling you all in AIBU is my self served punishment.

I am fat and on a diet and also a hypocrite.

OP posts:
GitAwfMayLend · 24/04/2011 01:14

I want to move to Glasgow

RespectTheDoughnut · 24/04/2011 01:19

'Mrs Begbie and the weens' Oh goodness, that overtired hysteria is beginning to kick in Grin

Zigzag, I know - it's horrible. The book's even worse for that bit. I had to read it for uni & I was the only one with a child of my own; nobody else seemed to find it as distressing, but I had to skim-read it & then distract myself :(

JarethTheGoblinKing · 24/04/2011 01:20

Psshhh aside from the fat comment she deserved it.

princessparty · 24/04/2011 01:21

You have taught your DC that it's ok to hurl insults at fat people an d then drive off

RespectTheDoughnut · 24/04/2011 01:24

princess, she said:

'I had to explain what a rude moron I had just been to the eldest DC too.'

I don't think that her DC think that she felt justified. She spoke without thinking & hurt someone's feelings. It happens. She feels guilty about it now & hopefully won't be so rash next time - & her DC won't take up 'fat-bashing' as a hobby after this!

AgentZigzag · 24/04/2011 01:26

I watched it most before I had DC doughnut and it touched me but not deeply.

I don't even like to think about it now, but still do occasionally.

PintOfStellaAndBuckfastChaser · 24/04/2011 01:31

Just to point out (I've read my post, and I sound a bit fattist), I'm no skinny Minnie myself, I bought a dress (size 12) for DP'S Sis wedding, fitted like a glove at the time, two months ago, tried it on again, the thing winna zip up now Shock , so I know fit it's like to be 'fat' Sad .
I probably wouldn't have said anything about the womans weight, had I been you OP, but I would have said something along the lines of my last post!

AgentZigzag · 24/04/2011 01:36

It could have been the bits where (and I'm paraphrasing) you called her a fat, snooty, stuck up, bitch-cunt-arsehole POSABC that were the dead givaway as to how you felt about her.

JarethTheGoblinKing · 24/04/2011 01:39

Your size 12 dress doesn't zip up and you think you know fat? Fgs...

RespectTheDoughnut · 24/04/2011 01:40

Agree with AgentZigzag. & as a side point, I'm not sure how many people will take kindly to the 'bigger than a size 12 = fat' thing...

RespectTheDoughnut · 24/04/2011 01:40

Cross post!

spiderslegs · 24/04/2011 01:50

Just let it out...........everyone........please...release those feelings.

& PintOfsStella - Jeysus - your name itself is scary.

PintOfStellaAndBuckfastChaser · 24/04/2011 01:54

I'm about a 16 now, with a huge belly. I didn't notice it to be honest, always wear baggy-ish clothes for comfort, but I've been asked a few of times "fan you due", fae random strangers in shops and school friends I've bumped into, but not seen for years!

AgentZigzag, I didn't refer to the wifey in my situation as fat, yes I called her snooty, arsehole, cunt e.t.c but I never said she was fat!
I jokingly crossed out 'fat cunt' when referring to the OPs situation, but after reading it over, I do feel bad about it, especially as I'm not exactly a size 8 myself.

EttiKetti · 24/04/2011 03:52

Ouch, yeah she'll probably be crushed by that. I used to be morbidly obese and although would never have done what she did, have had years of hideous unsolicited insults. I remember most of them, location, words, dates....

But she shouldn't have parked there if not with a child....I'd have said something leary about it too but not her weight ;) esp with still officially being a lard arse myself :o

Cheer up, its done now

southofthethames · 24/04/2011 04:12

I must say well done to OP for saying something out loud at people who park in P&C spaces when they are not supposed to - come on, a sports car? No car seat (which would be a bit ill-advised in a 2 seater sports car but I suppose ok if child over 6)? No way she was picking up a small child. Bit unfortunate that the adjective that came out was "fat", rather lazy/selfish.
The number of times I have seen HGVs (I kid you not), singletons with no kids (I see them coming in and they just happen to be out at the same time that I finish my shop or dropping off the drycleaning) stealing a P&C parking space while further down the crowded bays a mum with a toddler and an infant are trying not to get run down by other motorists...... Anyway, don't feel too bad OP - good try for voicing what many feel, you'll find right word next time. Pity you had to explain it to DS though - still, I think he knows it's about what's fair.

Disabled spots are different - if you have a badge, you can park. (If you have a badge on the car but the usual passenger/driver who is disabled isn't present, well, just don't let sott catch you dancing your way back to the car, that's all....., disabled bays are usually not a problem in our area-always plenty available)

Morloth · 24/04/2011 04:18

That is pretty vile.

You also have no clue what her circumstances are. Just because some is fat doesn't mean they can't be pregnant/disabled whatever.

P&C spaces are a bit pathetic anyway, I just don't get why they need to be so close to the store.

Personally, I think you have posted here hoping everyone will say that it isn't that bad and want everyone to make you feel better. Which is a bit shot given you are the one who has caused the hurt.

CheerfulYank · 24/04/2011 04:38

You were definitely unreasonable to say it. :(

But at least you know how bad you feel now and won't do it again.

I love your first post, Stella . I look like moron reading it out loud in my straight-from-Fargo Minnesotan accent. :o

CheerfulYank · 24/04/2011 04:48

And I didn't know that about Trainspotting. (The little baby, I mean.) Horrific! :(

proudfoot · 24/04/2011 06:49

Sorry but YABU, totally unpleasant and rude

Icelollycraving · 24/04/2011 08:49

Well,u know yabu. You can't take it back,she will probably be going easy on the Easter eggs today.
On the plus side,she is unlikely to use a p&c space again,but she no doubt feels like absolute crap. Not a lot you can do now,although if you think a size 12+ is fat,it may be the first time anyone has ever considered her fat & she may just think you are a nasty precious car space policer & moved before you came out with some other gem.

Prunnhilda · 24/04/2011 09:02

PintOfStella, you're from where I escaped from come from!
I only learned recently that people write like that when I read my stepsister's facebook page.

takewhatyoucan · 24/04/2011 09:04

PMSL!! Thank you for saying what I so often think!

changingmynameagain · 24/04/2011 09:13

Oh poor you.

But Grin at the same time.

She should not have been parking in the P&C spaces without a child with her.

Having said that, many many many years ago, I had occasion to try to put a child in a car seat and a massive buggy in a Lotus Esprit.

It was not pretty.

But there is no reason not to have a child in a sports car if that is what floats your boat.

But oh I wish I had your presence of mind. I always think of the perfect insult 10 minutes later when it's of no use to me whatsoever.

SummerRain · 24/04/2011 09:13

Ach.... my idiot mate insisted on watching Trainspotting one night when I was pregnant with my first. Spent months having nightmares of dead babies SadAngry DP damn near went for him when i told him the next morning when he got in from work!

OP..... Yes it was horrible... really horrible but I think the vast majority of us have done similar (the ones who claim they haven't are probably blocking out the memory) and the fact that you'll be remembering that moment for years to come and getting that sick feeling in your stomach is more than enough punishment imo. You don't need a roasting on here as well.

I hope the personal issues that stressed you to that degree resolve themselves soon

pinkyonthebeach · 24/04/2011 09:20

I was randomly called a fat cow by a fat woman once.(back when I was quite a nice weight) - I think her own internal self critical voice came spilling out.
I think you have learnt your lesson. I wager you wont do this again to someone even if they deserve a telling off, I also predict this sports car driving lady wont park in a parent and child space again.

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