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to not want ds1 to go on an airplane at 3 years old?

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astragirl · 16/04/2011 20:10

Ds1's dad stated today that he wanted to take him on an airplane to Scotland for a wedding in August. He wants to pick him up on a Friday and bring him back on the Sunday (the dad doesn't live with us, long story, but sees him Saturday - Sunday every fortnight). Don't know why I'm stressing about it but am worried that for ds, like what if he doesn't enjoy it, what if he's scared? AIBU or should i just deal with it?

OP posts:

RitaMorgan · 16/04/2011 20:12

Why would he be scared? Would you stop him going on a bus/train/boat in case he doesn't enjoy it too?


saffy85 · 16/04/2011 20:12

Chances are your 3 year old will love it. So in that respect YABU. Let him go on his big adventure with his dad. Bet he doesn't stop chatting about it for ages.


mumblechum1 · 16/04/2011 20:13

Don't see the problem to be honest. Surely it's better to be on a plane for45 mins than on a train for six hours (I'm assuming you're in the SE)


GloriaSmut · 16/04/2011 20:13

He won't enjoy it if you put the idea in his head but honestly, I think you are being a little BU. Unless your child is unusually timid and rarely leaves the house, I can't see why going on a plane should scare him.


Eglu · 16/04/2011 20:14

YABU! Your DS will love it and it is only an hour flight, a good first flight.


albania · 16/04/2011 20:15

YABU, he'll probably love it.
YANBU to worry though!


Bogeyface · 16/04/2011 20:15

Yes you are.



shakey1500 · 16/04/2011 20:16

Yes, agree, great opportunity for first flight and big adventure etc.


Georgimama · 16/04/2011 20:16

If you live in the UK this can't be more than a hour and half flight each way, wherever you are. It's 55 minutes from Bristol to Edinburgh, for example. I can't see why he should be scared - he may not like having to sit still for some time between the points where they illuminate the seat belt sign and they say you can take it off, it's usually a good 20 mins or so, but he'll cope.

Is it not the case that you just don't want your ex to take him to Scotland for the weekend? I mean, if he agreed to go by train (much more boredom/annoyance potential for a 3 year old) but needed to have him for longer in order to fit the journey in, would that be OK? Bet it wouldn't.


geordieminx · 16/04/2011 20:16

Sorry did you get airplane and nuclear missle confused?????


WannabeNigella · 16/04/2011 20:17

Yabu. He will really enjoy it unless he is lead to believe there is something to fear.

Can understand if you may feel a bit envious you won't be the one to experience such a thing with him though.


gorionine · 16/04/2011 20:17

I think he would love It, my DCs have travelled from 6 months old onwards (they would have travelled even younger had we had a good excuseSmile. They love flying I think your Das would probably really enjoy it too!

Are you scared of flying yourself?


piratecat · 16/04/2011 20:17

he will be fine, dd flew alot before that. as long as his dad reassures him on take off and landing. they were the only times at 3 yrs that dd got a bit funny, but she was/is just very sensitive to noise.


gorionine · 16/04/2011 20:18

DS, not Das!


penguin73 · 16/04/2011 20:18

As others have said it's only a short flight so even if he doesn't like it he wont have to put up with it for that long. But I think you will find he will love it, particularly if you 'big up' the whole experience for him. Hide your worries from him and let him go off and have his adventure.


MmeSurvivedLent · 16/04/2011 20:18

Have you any issues with your ex? Do you not think that he will look after DS well?

If you are generally happy that he is careful and responsible, then yabu. Sorry.


5inthebed · 16/04/2011 20:19

YABU, he will be fine. He will be with his dad if he does get upset, not a stranger.

Are you more apprehensive about his dad having him for longer than normal?


Grabaspoon · 16/04/2011 20:23


So what if he doesn't enjoy it? It's sitting in a chair for an hour with books and snacks and a parents undivided attention in a place he doesn't know. His Dad is there if he doesn't like it and it's only going to be an hour or so.

What if he's scared? His Dad is there to help him through the experience.

You do know you could put this with any experience

What if he doesn't enjoy it? What if he's scared?

  • Doctors/Dentists
  • New friends house
  • Nursery
  • Trip to the zoo
  • Trip to the park

    Are you going to stop your son going/doing these?

QuickLookBusy · 16/04/2011 20:25

Gosh I thought you were going to say on his ownGrin

I am a very nervous flyer but would be delighted if someone took my child on a plane, because it would mean I wasn't doing it and wouldn't frighten them to death with my anxiety!


FabbyChic · 16/04/2011 20:28

Lots of babies/toddlers go on planes and I bet he will love it.

Is this more about you than your child?

Let him go.


ENormaSnob · 16/04/2011 20:29



AnnieLobePassoverSeder · 16/04/2011 20:30

YABVU. Do you have plane issues? My two have always loved flying, both started at just a few weeks old. A quick flight is so much better with a small child than a looooooooooooooooong drive or train journey.

Please don't project your worries onto him though, or he won't enjoy it and he will be scared.


GwendolineMaryLacey · 16/04/2011 20:38

Why? Kids love aeroplanes and 3yos are too young to be frightened of flying. He'll probably love it.


Firawla · 16/04/2011 20:41

I would expect a 3 yr old boy will probably be excited to go on a plane? my nearly 3 definitely would! Are you sure its not more a case of you dont trust his dad doing this? would you feel the same if it was gonna be you taking him somewhere on a plane?


PixieOnaLeaf · 16/04/2011 21:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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