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To think getting this kind of shit dealt with is what AIBU does best?

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Unrulysun · 01/04/2011 13:36

Has anyone posted this monstrosity yet? too pretty to do Maths

There's a post about it on the feminism thread but I can't see one here.

It's 2011. They do know that over at Littlewoods right?

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NorthernGobshite · 01/04/2011 19:03


gapbear · 01/04/2011 19:54

The sole girl on my hesband's Cambridge maths degree was incredibly beautiful. We were all very jealous of her - beauty and brains, and to top it all off, really nice.

Those sock things are a load of shite.

SardineQueen · 01/04/2011 20:09

Is this thread really getting around to deciding that yes, people who study maths are in fact ugly?

Unrulysun · 01/04/2011 20:16

Crikey. There's an awful lot of education and an awful lot of people very eager to show off their massive degrees and fancy alma maters going into spectacularly missing the point on this thread.

We live in a society. Lots of little things make up that society. Lots of little tiny things contribute to girls feeling less than boys and women feeling less than men. This is one of them. It's very very simple.

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Unrulysun · 01/04/2011 20:18

Christ. You get a Maths degree from Cambridge and people still sit around going 'but isn't she pretty?'

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StewieGriffinsMom · 01/04/2011 23:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MosEisley · 01/04/2011 23:26

Haven't read the thread, but my first thought was, this is April fool's day, right?

heliumballoons · 01/04/2011 23:29

Now I know why I have been single for 5 years. Its because I'm doing my maths degree - therefore ugly. Grin

Not the best advert for children but probably as harmless as they're meant to be.

MsScarlett · 01/04/2011 23:43

TBH I think that would be bought by stupid adults who already failed at maths in school a long time ago - Jordanesque types and the like...

MsScarlett · 01/04/2011 23:45

And for what it's worth, I'm pretty AND fairly fucking good at Maths thank you very much! And who says we can't have it all...(Ahem)! Grin

BluddyMoFo · 01/04/2011 23:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thumbwitch · 02/04/2011 01:23

reinforcing the stereotype, more likely and therefore NOT harmless.
Girls find these things matter in their teens - therefore a number of them will be put off doing subjects that are seen as "unfeminine" or somehow diminishing to their attractiveness. Not all by any means, but some. And some is too many.

FellatioNelson · 02/04/2011 09:16

Bluddy that is my quote of the week. Grin

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