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To think getting this kind of shit dealt with is what AIBU does best?

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Unrulysun · 01/04/2011 13:36

Has anyone posted this monstrosity yet? too pretty to do Maths

There's a post about it on the feminism thread but I can't see one here.

It's 2011. They do know that over at Littlewoods right?

OP posts:
minipie · 01/04/2011 15:57

"do the rest of us really have to protect the mindless from themselves"

The problem is that their attitudes don't just affect them. They affect other people - for example the girl who gets picked on because she's good at maths (yes it does happen). Or the woman who doesn't get employed as an engineer because "girls don't do that sort of thing".

BristolJim · 01/04/2011 15:57

heh, clear. Obviously.

squeakytoy · 01/04/2011 16:01

I must have missed the bit where it is compulsory to buy these things. Hmm

OTheHugeManatee · 01/04/2011 16:02

What the actual fuck.

I can't stir myself to get offended if someone wants to call a bakery 'Nice Baps' but this takes the fucking Biscuit

Lynch mob. Now Angry

doggiesayswoof · 01/04/2011 16:03
StewieGriffinsMom · 01/04/2011 16:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FellatioNelson · 01/04/2011 16:07

Good Lord. What a pile of shit.

jonicomelately · 01/04/2011 16:09

As adults we are clearly savvy enough to take this crap for what it is and vote with our purses. But this is clearly aimed at younger consumers and that is what I find irresponsible and insidious.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe2726 · 01/04/2011 16:13

Oh get over yourself, StewieGriffinsMom. Who are you calling an anti-feminist and what exactly do you know about what others are personally doing about the 'big stuff', as you call it? Hmm

... and what are you personally doing about it other than stamping your feet on a chatboard thread because other posters don't share your view of petty slogans? Who here has insulted and denigrated you? Nobody that I can see. But thank you so much for rushing in to correct and label with abandon, I'm sure it will help. Big up to the er... 'feminists', is it?

fiveisanawfullybignumber · 01/04/2011 16:15

David & goliath stuff USED to be funny. DD (when she was 13) had the 'Peas on Earth' top and also the 'Stupid factory, where boys are made' one. TBH it was just harmless fun, but it does seem to have gotten out of hand a bit.

squeakytoy · 01/04/2011 16:18

I love threads like this. It simply confirms my belief that the militant feminist are rabid loons with far too much time on their unmanicured hands.

jonicomelately · 01/04/2011 16:21

ROFL squeakytoy because you are so wrong.

Desperateforthinnerthighs · 01/04/2011 16:21

Squeaky - I popped over to the feminist board and had a quick peep......scary stuff!!!

Feminist/Anti Feminist........such a load of shite!!! I now imagine manure and all sorts behind those unmanicured fingernails ....lots of manure on this thread anyway!

manicinsomniac · 01/04/2011 16:22

so why is it funny to say directly that boys are stupid but not to imply that some girls are?

They also do 'Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them'. I used to love it but would have thought that people who really wanted to get on their soapbox could call that both sexist and encouraging of violence! :p

manicinsomniac · 01/04/2011 16:23

sorry, that was t fiveisanawfullybignumber - these threads move FAST!

jonicomelately · 01/04/2011 16:23

I have manicured fingernails Grin

Preferred choice of varnish is Chanel's Rouge Noir Grin

Still think you are talking shit squeaky Grin

squeakytoy · 01/04/2011 16:27

Joni, I saw a thread on there recently where a few of them were having a competition to see who could refrain from shaving any body hair for as long as possible... you call that the actions of sane women?? Grin

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe2726 · 01/04/2011 16:35

I saw a thread here, Squeaky, where they'd asked others from AIBU to come and join them on the feminists thread. I looked at a few posts and just found them very intolerant and dismissive, self-congratulatory also. That's not what feminism means to me.

Mumofaflump · 01/04/2011 16:36

I know I'm going to get stoned to death for this.... But I'd buy it for myself! Only because my acute inability to understand maths is the source of much merriment amongst friends and family. Personally I prefer the excuse that I'm too pretty rather than the fact I'm just daft.

For the record I am awesome at loads of non girly stuff. Mostly centered around cars, engines and computers.

Katiepoes · 01/04/2011 16:36

I am a feminist. I despise this type of clothing, I despise the message that it sends and I will object when I come across it. I do not want this to be shrugged off because someone else thinks it's a non-issue. I have picked my battle as suggested, for me it's this type of thing.

No go make yourself feel better by calling me a feminazi and laughing at the possibility that I might have hairy legs.

libelulle · 01/04/2011 16:41

Squeaky you are actually saying you think it is insane for a woman not to shave her body hair? Personally it isn't a competition I'd be entering, but honestly if you think manicured fingernails and shaven skin are somehow the benchmark of sane womanhood, you have issues.

CelebratedMonkey · 01/04/2011 16:48

Even if you are not personally offended by it, don't you think it's a bit pointless?

I don't understand how it would even come up in product brainstorming meetings.

"We need to make some cool mobile covers for girls"

"Okay, let's do one that tells the world she's happy to be considered stupid because of her looks."

Aren't there a million other 'funny' slogans that they could come up with first?

MIFLAW · 01/04/2011 16:52


jodie Marsh and Jordan are not girls.

They are women.

Bloody hell, I'm a man and even I get it.

StewieGriffinsMom · 01/04/2011 16:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ohmeohmy · 01/04/2011 16:55

[ more shit]

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