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To think getting this kind of shit dealt with is what AIBU does best?

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Unrulysun · 01/04/2011 13:36

Has anyone posted this monstrosity yet? too pretty to do Maths

There's a post about it on the feminism thread but I can't see one here.

It's 2011. They do know that over at Littlewoods right?

OP posts:
Unrulysun · 01/04/2011 13:59

Desperateforinnerthighs I am managing to do that at the same time as being angry. It's using a lot of my pretty pink brain but I'm coping.

OP posts:
BillBrysonsRucksack · 01/04/2011 13:59

Just Shock.

That's all.

Desperateforthinnerthighs · 01/04/2011 13:59

Or you could just teach her not to waste her money buying stuff with crap slogans.............................and to get a sense of humour.

Desperateforthinnerthighs · 01/04/2011 14:00

..and I want a pretty pink brain too - where can I get one of those?? Wink

AyeRobot · 01/04/2011 14:00

Everyone got their dabbers ready?

Eyes down...

manicinsomniac · 01/04/2011 14:01

Unrulysun - she might (likely will) go through a phase of liking that kind of stuff as a young teen but she'll grow out of it and become a sensible adult (probably). That stuff has a small target audience that appreciate it, everyne else thinks it's silly. But that's fine, let kids be kids and grow up in their own time.

Leopardino · 01/04/2011 14:04

Depressing on two counts

a) The assumption girls can't be both pretty and smart
b) That mums don't see a problem with this (but what do they know? They're only women)

Unrulysun · 01/04/2011 14:06

Ayerobot I've got about three so far and I am going to bet a full house by post 50.

Desperateforinnerthighs I have a great sense of humour, I am screamingly funny, I am roll on the fucking floor holding your sides funny. Dd is hilarious already. She can pull a blanket over her head and pretend not to be there but she is there. It's fucking pant wettingly funny. That is how I know that this piece of I'll-conceived wank is not funny. And if you think it is I'll hazard a guess that you're not either.

OP posts:
Chaotica · 01/04/2011 14:09

Yanbu. I'm with you on this one unrulysun. (But don't worry about your DD - just bring her up to see this shit for what it is.)

I'd be depressed about it, but my 4 year old blonde dd is just teaching herself fractions. (Better teach her about irony quickly.)

bronze · 01/04/2011 14:09

I'm even more shocked at I'm with MILF for a child

Unrulysun · 01/04/2011 14:09

Maniacinsomniac no I don't think I will just let her grow up like that. I think I'll point this kind of crap out and make sure that she knows we should be angry about it. I think I'll make sure that she's angry about it too. Because we should be angry about being kept down and patronised.

OP posts:
bronze · 01/04/2011 14:10

hahaha the D&G website is called chicksrule... obviously not if you're too pretty

Desperateforthinnerthighs · 01/04/2011 14:11

No, I dont think it's funny, I think its just crap aimed at young teenage girls who might find it slightly amusing.......I am sure they realise that you can be pretty and clever though, well hopefully if they have been brought up as well grounded young people.

I have had such a shit traumatic year that really I have learned that life is too short to be wound up by trivial shit like that - I am sure there are some gimics that are "offensive" to males as well. If that was the only thing in life to piss me off, quite frankly, I would consider myself to be quite fortunate!

Yep, I am all there thanks - you dont however sound screamingly funny to me though Hmm

yama · 01/04/2011 14:13

I have already emailed to complain.

deardoctor · 01/04/2011 14:14

Oh my word. On the american D&G website here (along with another load of sexist tat) there is a tshirt in the sale that says 'short bus cuz I'm special'. WTF.

onesandwichshort · 01/04/2011 14:18

The thing is, it makes a difference to people's lives this kind of utter rubbish.

I was at school with a girl who was very bright and very girly, blonde pretty. She was very bright indeed, but never ever answered a question in our Economics lesson, which we did along with some of the 'cool' (i.e. arsehole) boys. It was so noticeable, that I actually commented on it to the teacher at the time, who agreed. So she ended up both less educated and silenced because of these sort of attitudes.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe2726 · 01/04/2011 14:21

I can't see what the fuss is about, really I can't. I'm blonde... I have two masters degrees. 'T'shirts with stupid slogans? Not something I'm going to lose sleep over and why would any GROWN woman? It's up to us to teach our children to have minds of their own, not stomp about on chatboards ranting about insults to feminism, wringing our hands that they're buying this rubbish - yet enabling them to do it for fear of the repercussions of peer pressure.

I don't get it, I really don't. I'll reserve my anger for stuff that matters, to me, anyway.

Desperateforthinnerthighs · 01/04/2011 14:24

LyingWitch thankyou!!! From one blonde to another!

Leopardino · 01/04/2011 14:45

Lying, would you be happy with a t-shirt, that said "I'm too black to do Maths"?

mrsoliverramsay · 01/04/2011 14:51

Who cares? As some people have said, there are far more things in life to get worked up about. I guess feminism just isn't my thing

manicinsomniac · 01/04/2011 14:53

Leopardino - I know you weren't asking me but, while I wouldn't dream of wearing a t-shirt that says that personally, I wouldn't be surprised or offended to see a black person wearing it. Just as I wouldn't be offended to see a pretty person with that phone case. Sometimes people like to indulge stereotypes to make a point or to make light of something that others use to hurt them. Claiming the insult is the term homosexuals and ethnic minorities use I believe (eg 'queer', 'nigga', 'babymomma' etc now being embraced by those groups but definitely not ok when used by other groups)

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe2726 · 01/04/2011 14:53

Leopardino... No, it doesn't make sense. I was given a t'shirt that said the same thing about blondes though... and thought that was quite funny.

GeekCool · 01/04/2011 14:56

Ugh I hate the 'Sugar Daddy One'. In fact I hate them all. So tacky. I do sometimes wonder if it's more the message it sends to boys, than the one to girls...

onagar · 01/04/2011 14:56

Did everyone read that as "too pretty and not clever enough to do math"?

Only I read it as "too pretty to be wasted on doing math"

Which is just as silly, but a boast not an insult. The other two linked to were boasts too so it fits.

working9while5 · 01/04/2011 14:57

I honestly can't believe that anyone would think this is reasonable. It's reinforcing a stereotype of women that has done a lot of damage and still does. Come on, seriously! It is offensive, not "offensive".

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