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to resent the time change for British summer time at the weekend?

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LunarRose · 29/03/2011 23:12

My body is stubbornly refusing to adjust and I'm up way past my bed time (an I'm an adult)

Is it really necessary to change the clocks and have british summer time??

OP posts:

bootilicious · 29/03/2011 23:14

I feel exactly the same Lunar!

This is the 21st Century can't we just have the clocks set at either GMT or GMT+1 and ffs leave it. If the Scots or Welsh or Irish want they can change their clock times as they make a lot of their own decisions about how they govern themselves, why not this?


gaelicsheep · 29/03/2011 23:32

I hate it too. But I will hate it even more if we get BST imposed on us in winter and it's still dark and frozen at getting on for 10am. It drives me mad that they are even considering imposing that on us northerners just so southern children can play for a while after school. Angry


A1980 · 29/03/2011 23:34

I still feel "jet lagged" days after the change too.

I absolutely object to BST in Winter too.


FlorenceCalamityandJoanofArc · 29/03/2011 23:36

its an hour. Get over it.


GrimmaTheNome · 29/03/2011 23:38

YABU! Do you whinge about jetlag if you go to France?

Lovely to be able to play outside with DD after tea this evening. The birds were singing in the dawn when I got up at 6:30, if we didn't have BST just think how early the little buggers darlings would be waking us up in a month or so!

I'd keep GMT+1 all year, TBH, and I'm in the north of England. As it stands, its dark when DD goes to school and when she returns in winter.


A1980 · 29/03/2011 23:42

"its an hour. Get over it."


Didn't mean to cause offence.



gaelicsheep · 29/03/2011 23:44

Grimma, I was talking about the north of Scotland, where it is frequently minus 10 or below before the sun comes up and where there are no streetlights in most parts.


FlorenceCalamityandJoanofArc · 29/03/2011 23:46

No offence! Grin but BST works. if anything we should stay with BST. And it is only an hour. My DH does the whole, its 11 but its really 10 bollocks and I jsut say, no, its 11, shut up to fuck with your alternate reality times.


gaelicsheep · 29/03/2011 23:49

And to hell with us in the northern latitudes then? BST is fine in summer, although I'd personally rather we didn't change, but downright stupid and dangerous in winter. I sincerely hope is they do change that the school and work days up here will start at 10am and not 9am.


A1980 · 29/03/2011 23:51

My body just wont sleep. Everyone has different sleeping patterns.

I am a night owl by nature anyway and I find it hard to fall asleep before midnight. When the clocks change to BST I just don't tire out an hour earlier and bed at midnight is pushed back to 1am or later as I roll around for ages and can't drop off. So I am exhausted at work the next day and fell asleep on the sofa monday night and then i couldn't sleep last night so i'm exhausted again.

One hour makes a lot of difference to people who don't have trouble sleeping.

I love the switch back to GMT though. I wake up really early Grin


gaelicsheep · 29/03/2011 23:53

I agree A1980. In fact that is probably the reason behind why I felt so totally totally crap at work yesterday. I am totally sleep deprived any way as my DD still wakes several times a night to feed. The loss of an hour just made it even worse. And yes I am finding it hard to settle at night.


A1980 · 29/03/2011 23:56

I don't notice the difference of an hour ahead when I travel to France, Germany, etc. The reason being I am so tired from a few hours of travelling that I have no trouble sleeping at night when I get there.

Travelling's different.


FlorenceCalamityandJoanofArc · 30/03/2011 00:02

but its only an hour one night, people moan about it for weeks. Its just the one hour, get a grip!


bootilicious · 30/03/2011 00:03

But when I go to France or Germany etc I am on holiday, so doesn't matterGrin


A1980 · 30/03/2011 00:06

I don't moan for weeks and haven't heard anyone else either. In fact I look forward to it coming because it means that when i get home at 7pm, it will be light.

It's just the first night or two that I have difficulty dropping off but beyond that, i'm fine.


LunarRose · 30/03/2011 00:07

I'm liking the replies Grin

why exactly do we do it anyway??

No offense but scotland is cold, surely you are prepared for cold weather and dark days anyway? have pity on us southern softies who can't seem to eat and sleep at the right times!!

OP posts:

LunarRose · 30/03/2011 00:09

" it means that when i get home at 7pm, it will be light. "

That happens in summer anyway just means you might have to wait a few more weeks...

OP posts:

A1980 · 30/03/2011 00:11

I know Lunar but I like it lighter earlier. Grin


madhattershouse · 30/03/2011 00:14

Wow..I adjust to new time with no worries and so do my 4 dc's!! Sunday is a free to wake up whenever day and as long as we go to bed by the new time it,s never been a problem. I dreaded it when the kids were little but they always adjusted fine. Loving the evening sun!!!


gaelicsheep · 30/03/2011 00:15

No offence but why should I risk my children's lives driving them to school on icy untreated roads in the pitch black for months on end just so softie southerners can kick a ball around after school? Roll on independence (and I never ever thought I would say that).


FlorenceCalamityandJoanofArc · 30/03/2011 00:17

hardly a small percentage of "softie southerners", actually the entire population of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland too. So why should we get rid of it for your minority population, if you want to be like that about it?


gaelicsheep · 30/03/2011 00:20

I was repeating LunarRose's terminology! We're talking at cross purposes. I was talking about the southern chattering classes trying to impose BST on us all year round. Crackers, as anyone who has dealt with a prolonged Scottish winter would know. Anyhow I'm off to bed.


madhattershouse · 30/03/2011 00:24

I understand the Scots point...lets hope they don't go to European time and put Scotland in the dark till lunch!!! Scotland needs to be considered in these's a wonderful place but, sadly, often forgotten in the needs of London and the money makers. And that's coming from an Essex lass!! Grin


LunarRose · 30/03/2011 00:27

Grin I never thought this could get so controversial. Who have thought we could get from BST to a discussion on devolution

Damn can I trade in my kids? Given DD wakes routinely at half five in the morning and DS has trouble going to sleep until late (SN) it's takes them about a week to return to some kind of equilibrium!!

(preparing to start the bun fight proper) the problem of icy untreated roads could be solved with a 4by4 or moving south maybe?

OP posts:

moonstorm · 30/03/2011 08:48

I hate light nights!

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