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Alcohol support

The freedom thread ( continued ) Riding the rollercoaster of an alcohol free life!

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Fortheloveofgodwhy · 21/05/2022 07:48

Hello all

This is a thread for people who have decided that life is much better without alcohol!🤩 These threads were started by @Drybird, and they have changed the lives of many people.

Some posters on these threads have been sober for a long time, and some are only just starting. We are a very friendly and inclusive bunch and we are always excited when someone new joins the thread. The only thing we ask is that our posters have given up alcohol completely. Talk of moderation can be triggering for some people, so this thread is not the right place for that (there are other moderation threads🙂).

We are a supportive welcoming bunch. No question is ever to “ silly “ and their is generally someone around if you are struggling

So just come here to chat or vent or check in . Whatever you need as you ride the rollercoaster of an alcohol free life smile

T@Champoopapihank you to for hosting the last thread 💜

And here’s to the next 40 pages grin

OP posts:
Fortheloveofgodwhy · 21/05/2022 07:51

Whoops went a bit wrong on the thank you there… but you get the gist.

Saturday and clear headed seems a good way to start the new thread. 104 days in to the rest of my life.

OP posts:
Namechanged12344 · 21/05/2022 08:13

Thanks @Fortheloveofgodwhy for the new thread. Checking in on my 3rd Saturday AF. I was feeling wretched yesterday esp in the evening but it passed as @nouveaunew said at the end of the last thread! I'll try and tag some people in this thread!

Namechanged12344 · 21/05/2022 08:15


SavBbunny · 21/05/2022 08:27

Morning all.

namechanged12344 · 21/05/2022 08:34

Sorry I have to go back to the old thread to spell the names but don't want to clog up too many posts.
Morning @SavBbunny how are you?
The weather and stress is always triggering for me, I did have some AF beer yesterday but shouldn't have bothered. I know I don't even want to look at wine at the moment but again if my DH will drink tonight (although he might not start at home like I used to and is going out ) I definitely need a better way to handle stress in life. I have downloaded the sober diaries and read first few pages and it totally resonates to a t! Have a great weekend all

HangingOver · 21/05/2022 08:36


So the tattoo is basically the start of a tally... You know when you do four vertical lines and a diagonal crossing it? So I'm just getting the fist two lines and I'll add a new one on my soberversary for each year of sobriety I clock up Grin

Namechanged12344 · 21/05/2022 08:40

That's a brilliant tattoo @HangingOver !! I want one so badly but wasn't sure what!
I'll start with an ear piercing I think haha

Huge congratulations for 2 years wow I am in awe of you and I'm only on my 3rd weekend but I shall get there!! How do you cope with birthdays (yours) and weddings etc ? I feel like those will be my f it moments...

Breathmiller · 21/05/2022 08:48

hangingover what a fucking awesome idea. I am so impressed with you. 2 years!! Can we believe we'd get there?

onewildandpreciouslife thank you for the new shiny thread. Great to see you take the helm. You are a great support here.

Onwards and upwards everyone.

SavBbunny · 21/05/2022 10:31


I am fine thank you.
Just waiting for the contract, i got the new job!!

JesusSufferingFuck22 · 21/05/2022 10:42

Morning allWink
Thanks for the shiny new thread xx

Onewildandpreciouslife · 21/05/2022 10:45

@Breathmiller not my work! @Fortheloveofgodwhy gets the credit

@SavBbunny so pleased to hear the job news. Well done - n@nouveaunewew start!

to answer your question on the old thread - yes, 3 years cancer free and 2 months AF. And I celebrated by having a swim. That’s how we roll

Enjoy your clear-eyed, clear-headed Saturday everyone x

Crunchymum · 21/05/2022 11:35

Checking in on day 96 for the shiny new thread. Thanks for starting it @Fortheloveofgodwhy

Namechanged12344 · 21/05/2022 11:57

Congratulations on the new job @SavBbunny !
My mind is still boggy if that's a word. I'm trying hard every day is hard but some days are easier than others. I hope I don't slip up at any point the F#£! It moment can come upon me easily but I haven't budged this time unsure why but I do feel good. Someone on the other thread asked when the sleep gets better mine is still hit and miss and I'm heading to 3 weeks but I'm pretty sure it gets better ?

Crunchymum · 21/05/2022 13:10

Congratulations on your new job @SavBbunny 👏

Breathmiller · 21/05/2022 13:37

fortheloveofgod apologies. Thank you forthe shiny new thread. Brain not engaging.

SavBunny congratulations on the job!

Fortheloveofgodwhy · 21/05/2022 15:13

Fab news on the job @SavBbunny

OP posts:
JennyAct3 · 21/05/2022 15:41

@SavBbunny well done on job offer.

Day 16. Colds in the house so I am busy playing nurse. Hope everyone is doing ok.

@Fortheloveofgodwhy thanks for the new thread.

HangingOver · 21/05/2022 16:17

Thanks Namechanged12344

I don't get fuck it moments any more tbh. Are you familiar with "playing the tape forward"? I think it's about forcing your brain to be honest with itself and recognise that the image you have of yourself sipping a cold white wine in the sun and enjoying it isn't real. What would really happen, in my case, is having the whole bottle, starting another and waking up being crushed with fear, shame, hangover and blackout anxiety.

That little voice that says, "but wouldn't just one be nice".... You have to answer with "Well yes, wouldn't it! But we know we cannot have one. Ever".

See what I mean? It's lusting after a reality that doesn't exist.

HangingOver · 21/05/2022 16:21

Also people overly fixate on weddings and how hard they'll be but they really aren't when you're actually there. It's literally 6 - 8 hours of trying a bit harder than usual. That's all. It'll zip by and you'll wonder what you got so worked up about.

@Breathmiller Flowers Can we believe we'd get there? It's strange isnt it because if you'd told me two years ago I'd totally give up drinking I'd have thought my life was over!! But once you get into the swing of it you're bucked up by your own success. I've done two, now I'll try another two. We can rock this. The tattoo guys said "see you next year".

HangingOver · 21/05/2022 16:23

Here we go. Two for Two. Grin

The freedom thread ( continued ) Riding the rollercoaster of an alcohol free life!
Breathmiller · 21/05/2022 17:50

I love it hangingover. And I love the tattooist's belief in you. I feel a little emotional on your behalf. Well done!

JennyAct3 · 21/05/2022 18:54

@HangingOver that’s just lovely, huge well done 👏🏻 . Less importantly - your heels look so pretty, I need to sort mine out!

Namechanged12344 · 21/05/2022 19:27

Thank you for the words @HangingOver I absolutely love your tatt!!!!

Rupertpenrysmistress · 21/05/2022 20:30

Good evening everyone. I will try to be a bit more present on this thread as it has been so helpful to me.

Love that idea for a tattoo HangingOver big well done, two years is amazing. I am at 131 days and feel amazing. Do you still feel that at two years? I guess it just becomes a way of life, is it still hard work?

Crunchymum · 21/05/2022 22:23

It's perfect @HangingOver

What a wonderful way to mark your two years ❤️

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