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Alcohol support

100 Day AF challenge

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3GreenPullups · 28/08/2021 10:10

Morning all.

Would anyone like to join me in a 100 day challenge? I did one afew years back, and since then my drinking has crept up and up and in lockdown has gone mad. I'd like to do another challenge, with the aim of continuining on, but 100 days will do for starters.

I am also hopoing to lose weight, but mainly I am sick of feeling this way (and I am SO grumpy!)

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3GreenPullups · 28/08/2021 17:42

Well I have started well. We were at a pub lunch and I had tonic and was the designated driver. All good!

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Buntyforgirls · 29/08/2021 07:09

Fabulous, and good luck!

3GreenPullups · 29/08/2021 07:29


Plus I am feeling bright this morning and am down 3.8 pounds since last week! (I am on the 18 weeks to Christmas weightloss thread as well). :)

I will stock up on the flavoured fever trees today. I love them and it helped yesterday.

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Summertime2 · 29/08/2021 08:42

I'd like to join you. I did 100 days from March then said I'd let myself drink over the summer. Drinking huge amounts now and feeling like crap. Plus have gained 10lbs.

Ecdysis · 29/08/2021 08:46

I will join (well 99 days as I drank yesterday) I stopped last October, then had some over Xmas and gave up again until lockdown started to lift and then went a bit crazy. Also want to lose what I've gained since drinking again.

3GreenPullups · 29/08/2021 08:51


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ZooeyS · 29/08/2021 09:13

I’m on day 9 and planning on going till Christmas so more like a 126ish day challenge for me but I’m in too please. Started the summer all but teetotal, ended it drinking FAR too much and in need of a reset.

3GreenPullups · 29/08/2021 09:29

total reset needed here also. Plus I realised how much i was spending on booze and I really need to save that money (for a decent holiday)!

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Moonlight1972 · 29/08/2021 12:09

Can I please join ? I have enough 😩

3GreenPullups · 29/08/2021 15:38


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Summertime2 · 30/08/2021 21:21

Day 2 done. Feeling quite irritable but hoping to wake up feeling pleased with myself! How are the rest of you doing?

Howshouldibehave · 30/08/2021 21:25

Day 1 done here, may I join you?!

It’s the weekend evenings I struggle with Blush

3GreenPullups · 31/08/2021 08:23


Day 4 by the skin of my teeth!

So happy to have others on board. :) Will check in properly later.

OP posts:
3GreenPullups · 31/08/2021 11:32

Morning again,

I really struggled yesterday but got through it by watching tv and eating marshmallows. Blush

Feeling newly inspired today. Bring it on! I defintiely need a nice treat type drink to look forward to though so have bought myself some sparkling alcohol-free wine. It might be 'cheating' but whatever gets me through!!

How is everyone?

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Summertime2 · 01/09/2021 20:07

Failed tonight. feel terrible. Will join again on Tuesday (several tricky events before then).

Keep going....

madmumofteens · 01/09/2021 20:23

Hooray I was looking for a 100 day challenge day 4 for me I put £1 in a tin everyday and will treat myself once complete! Hubby matched my £100 and I got myself a lovely new winter coat last year! Good luck everyone 😋

FrugalFanny · 02/09/2021 11:19

Hi everyone.

This thread couldn't be more timely for me.

Alcohol consumption creeping up over the Summer months and I'd already decided that September 1st was my d-day.

At the start of lockdown I didn't drink for months, exercised every day and was in the shape of my life. Unfortunately I let it slide and here I am having gained back much of the weight I lost and drinking way too much.

So I'm back on the wagon, including the diet and exercise train and like a previous poster I'm going to sign up on the 18 weeks to Christmas weight loss thread.

Day 1 (yesterday) was fine, a very productive and enjoyable booze free day and I slept like a baby last night so feeling refreshed, invigorated and determined on Day 2.

I would like to give up drinking for good if I'm honest, but I've gone 10 months before only to fall off the wagon again.

100 days sounds like a good target for now. I like the sound of putting a pound in a tin each alcohol free day. Should have a nice little nest egg for Christmas!

madmumofteens · 02/09/2021 14:11

Hi Frugal sounds familiar I've too have let myself go this is just what I need to get rid of my wine belly good luck with the challenge 😘

bigdecisionaboutwork · 02/09/2021 14:23

I started yesterday - I've a nice moneybox that I will move to my desk and put in €1 a day. I'll have to get some cash though - is anyone else finding that everything is paid by card/phone nowadays?! I've never got any cash on me!

madmumofteens · 02/09/2021 14:31

Yeah I don't use cash these days I was lucky as I managed to swop £70 of £1 coins from my son who's off to university x

3GreenPullups · 02/09/2021 15:35

Love the £1 idea!

i have failed I am afraid and today is day 1 again.

My DM who lives in a different country (so i have not seen her since October 2019) was given the all clear for her ongoing cancer treatment. I had some champagne (but tbh would have taken any excuse to fall off the wagon). Instead I should have used it to inspire me to a healthier me, but there you go.

Day 1 today and I am so pleased to have company on this thread. :)

OP posts:
madmumofteens · 02/09/2021 16:52

Hey 3greenPullups please don't beat yourself up!! Amazing news about your DM 🥰 onwards and upwards x

FrugalFanny · 02/09/2021 23:19

Day 2 completed here and I'm just off to bed.

Not missing wine at all but it's very early days! Feeling a bit sore and tired because I have also embarked on an exercise regime and watching what I eat, in an effort to lose a bit of weight.

Two quid now in the pot!

madmumofteens · 03/09/2021 07:17

Well done Frugal no booze definitely working I've lost a 1lb in weight so far tracking everything on MFP though got to start exercising! It helps DH is not drinking too good luck everyone 😋

FrugalFanny · 03/09/2021 09:06

Morning all,

Shitty night's sleep, had to get up and take paracetamol because I'm aching so bad from two days' worth of exercise, which shows how fit I am!!

Feeling slightly grumpy and irritable this morning, but apart from that aches and pains have gone and ready to start day 3 booze free. Only 97 to go!

Well done on the weight loss madmum and good luck everyone else!

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