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Jenifer Aniston-I feel for her-GQ cover

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DarrellRivers · 12/12/2008 14:32

She sounds so much as if she is trying to keep up with Angelina and Brad, and she is so still hurting, and yes I know I shouldn't really care....
She does look great but don't you reckon she'd rather be snuggled up with Brad with a few babies by now?

OP posts:
DarrellRivers · 12/12/2008 14:32

and here is the link

OP posts:
devoutsceptic · 12/12/2008 14:33

I dunno, I keep looking at Brad in that scary moustache and shuddering.

traceybath · 12/12/2008 14:34

i suspect brad is very very dull - he just seems to morph into whichever woman he's with.

jennifer looks fab and has a pretty fab/lucky life by most standards.

think her comments about her and brangelina spending weekends together in the hamptons were very funny though.

kittywise · 12/12/2008 14:35

I don;'t know about getting hotter but she is certainly getting ore air brushed

nailpolish · 12/12/2008 14:36

she looks amazing

nappyaddict · 12/12/2008 14:37

She looks fab

DarrellRivers · 12/12/2008 14:37

agree kw, v airbrushed but still fab
I really think she wants children and she is looking for the right man.
A great life yes, but it gets a bit empty without meaning doesn;t it

OP posts:
DarrellRivers · 12/12/2008 14:38

Demi Moore also looks fab and she has had childern too

OP posts:
devoutsceptic · 12/12/2008 14:38

I'd wear a bikini to work if I had her body.

sparklyxmasfairy · 12/12/2008 14:38

I don't get her at all
if he left because he wanted babies then fine she is perfectly entitled not to want children but she does go on and on and on about it, tiresome and annoying

shootRudolphinthehip · 12/12/2008 14:38

I'm not even remotely jealous. At All. I mean, I look like that even before I'm airbrushed.

jeez woman, put some clothes on, it's December.

nailpolish · 12/12/2008 14:40

brad left jen cos angelina licked her big cock sucking lips in front of him


poor jen - she needs a good man

TheCrackFox · 12/12/2008 14:40

Why do Slebs bother to get married? They must know it will last 5 year max.

LadyBuntingofCupcake · 12/12/2008 14:41

Airbrushed and botoxed within an inch of her life. And let's remember, she has not had her body ruined by the barbarism of pregnancy and childbirth.

Still though, lucky caaaaaaa...

LadyBuntingofCupcake · 12/12/2008 14:41


sparklyxmasfairy · 12/12/2008 14:43

and she is a rubbish actress don't see the point of her when she was in friends every interview seemed to be about how she hated being fat and that she had been a fat teen etc.

no career reaching 40 she looks desperate but very pretty and fit

kittywise · 12/12/2008 14:44

remember ladies that she doesn't actually look that that in RL!!!

I bet most of us would scrub up really well with a little camera trickery

Some of might be past helping ( I include myself in this category!)

NomDePlume · 12/12/2008 14:51

it doesn't even look like her. For a start it looks like the head has been stuck onto another body.

Her face, from above the chin looks like Lisa Snowdon.

Her bellybutton looks weird and her chin really is enormous. She's one of those women who is quite pretty but has ZERO sex appeal.

Same as Brad, I think. Nice enough looking but about as sexy as a bucket of cold sick

snowleopard · 12/12/2008 14:51

Well, I'll just roll out my ancient feminist opinion once again! and say what a shame she feels she has to get her kit off at this point.

I saw a thing in some mag about her "racy" new calendar that she's done and one of the "racy" pics was just bizarre!

found it here

What WAS she thinking? She looks as if it's 3am after a party and she's had much too much G&T.

DarrellRivers · 12/12/2008 14:51

SL, it's arty

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 12/12/2008 14:52

She looks like she's doig a meercat impression on the GQ cover.

nailpolish · 12/12/2008 14:52

omg NDP i think brad oozes sex
i melt into the carpet when i see him
and he has one of those sexy voices - very distinctive

nailpolish · 12/12/2008 14:53

ndp how do you know it doesnt look like her? ahve you met her?

NomDePlume · 12/12/2008 14:53

That, my friend, is where we part company on Brad.

He is very, very beige. No spark

nailpolish · 12/12/2008 14:53

SL if i had a bod like that id walk down the high st naked never mind pose for a mag

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