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Have you seen the piccies of Katie Price with her little Princess

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glasjam · 07/11/2008 12:51

Had my usual peruse through the mags in my local Somerfield (honest!) and HAD to look at the spread with Jordan and her little girl.

Now, she was never going to dress her up in any of Junior's cast-offs was she but I thought the bikini/beauty queen outfit was a bit "much" to be honest. I look at that cute little girl and I wonder whether she will look back at those photos and think "what were you thinking mother?!". She could end up being a doctor, nurse, poli tician, teacher etc. (I assume she'll get a better education than either of her parents)and there she is being paraded as a mini-beauty queen, in a bikini with her mother - she's not even 2 is she?

Made me feel uncomfortable - and god help her if she doesn't end up conforming to society's concept of "good-looking" - I suppose her mother will always support and guide her if she wants to start hacking into, sorry "enhancing" her features...

Wondered what anyone else thought.

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NomDePlume · 07/11/2008 12:53

I haven't seen it, but surely it is no worse than the little girls in shorts with 'babe' plastered all over the arse or 'Superbitch' t-shirts on 9yr olds ?

dinny · 07/11/2008 12:54

I think she should keep all her kids out of the public eye, personally

dinny · 07/11/2008 12:55

they have moved really near us actually - still awaiting first spotting of them!!

LittleWhizzingBella · 07/11/2008 12:55

Ye gods I saw a novel in the library yesterday, supposedly written by Katie Price.

I spluttered and fell silent.

The Philistines are upon us.

rislip · 07/11/2008 12:56

I think she's horrid. Sorry.

flowerybeanbag · 07/11/2008 12:59

I have a question, I was wondering this the other day.

She is obviously v successful businesswoman. But all those hundreds of branded products, hair straighteners, bed linen, horse stuff, underwear, all the different things she has a range of. Who buys it?

Genuine question. What's the target market. Obviously there must be loads of people who do, but who are they? I'm interested.

dinny · 07/11/2008 13:01


southeastastra · 07/11/2008 13:05

will anyone own up to buying the pink nail paint for their horses hooves

flowerybeanbag · 07/11/2008 13:08

well exactly sea!

I have an image of people who go horseriding and it doesnt tally up with anyone who might purchase her pink horsey stuff.

And what is her fan base exactly? Why would someone be a fan of hers? Women particularly. Why would a woman be a fan to the extent that they'd buy branded products?

None of this is implied criticism in any way, I am genuinely interested.

dinny · 07/11/2008 13:09

horse stuff - God knows, prob will be a flop, tis only recently launched isn't it?

Ronaldinhio · 07/11/2008 13:11

I love her

love her
love her
love her

wontbepreggersagain · 07/11/2008 13:12

same girls that buy playboy stuff maybe?

rislip · 07/11/2008 13:13

But why Ronaldinhio, why?

flowerybeanbag · 07/11/2008 13:13

Do you Ronald? Why is that then? Would you buy her stuff?

Flier · 07/11/2008 13:14

which mag is it in?

dinny · 07/11/2008 13:16

her lip implants (or whatever it's called) make her look like she has a moustache, as they cast a shadow

LittleWhizzingBella · 07/11/2008 13:16

unsuccessful then

jumpingbeans · 07/11/2008 13:20

Perhaps ronald is Peter Andre

wtfhashappened · 07/11/2008 13:21

I was surfing the other day and came across her TV show when she was doing a book signing and there were LOADS of women there who looked like Jordan wannabes - maybe they're the market.

littlelapin · 07/11/2008 13:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ronaldinhio · 07/11/2008 13:23

i don't understand it myself

it's like a weird crush

my husband pisses himself over it as I'm not the type to like anyone even a little like that.

I wouldn't buy her products (My love doesn't stretch to tat) but she is sparky and gobby and very hardworking and knows how to exploit what limited talents she was born with.
I suppose I am proud of what she has done in some completely mental and nonsensical way.

VinegarTits · 07/11/2008 13:23

I love her too, shes nutty as a fruit bat and i am addicted to the TV series I watch and cringe, great viewing

Ronaldinhio · 07/11/2008 13:23

therefore i heart her

VinegarTits · 07/11/2008 13:24

Ronaldinhio i am the same! like some weird crush, i love watching her

glasjam · 07/11/2008 13:25

Well I don't now about her underwear - perhaps it's pretty and well made for the larger woman, does anyone have any? All the other stuff has got to be targetted to the "tweenie" sector surely - the bedlinen, hair-straighteners etc. There are a lot of young girls out there who probably see her as some sort of fairy-tale princess floating around in a cinderella carriage with loads of money - not really understanding the whole "glamor" element.

As for the horsey stuff - that is quite baffling - I can see a few loaded Dads in Essex buying it for their own "little princesses" and their newly-purchased little ponies - can't see anyone who is seriously into horses buying it - real horses are all about muck, early mornings, sweat and mud aren't they? Pink nail varnish? No.

There are also a minority of those who have a slightly stalkerish/obsessive personality who might buy her stuff and anything to do with her but the less said about that the better I think...

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