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Have you seen the piccies of Katie Price with her little Princess

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glasjam · 07/11/2008 12:51

Had my usual peruse through the mags in my local Somerfield (honest!) and HAD to look at the spread with Jordan and her little girl.

Now, she was never going to dress her up in any of Junior's cast-offs was she but I thought the bikini/beauty queen outfit was a bit "much" to be honest. I look at that cute little girl and I wonder whether she will look back at those photos and think "what were you thinking mother?!". She could end up being a doctor, nurse, poli tician, teacher etc. (I assume she'll get a better education than either of her parents)and there she is being paraded as a mini-beauty queen, in a bikini with her mother - she's not even 2 is she?

Made me feel uncomfortable - and god help her if she doesn't end up conforming to society's concept of "good-looking" - I suppose her mother will always support and guide her if she wants to start hacking into, sorry "enhancing" her features...

Wondered what anyone else thought.

OP posts:
VinegarTits · 07/11/2008 13:27

I have the bra set you see on the intro to the show, the black pinstripe one, i like it.

Flier · 07/11/2008 13:28

which mag is it in?

VinegarTits · 07/11/2008 13:29

'There are also a minority of those who have a slightly stalkerish/obsessive personality who might buy her stuff'

I'm defo not a stalker thanks!

Ronaldinhio · 07/11/2008 13:30

actually as a child i might have been pleased to get some nice riging stuff and not just earnest tweedy paraphenalia

things have moved on though since then

Flier · 07/11/2008 13:32

geez i give up!

dinny · 07/11/2008 13:32

OK, I think prob

glasjam · 07/11/2008 13:40

Don't worry VinegarTits I didn't want to imply that ANYONE who likes her has stalkerish tendencies. I am just imagining a person who is probably old enough to know better sleeping under her bed-linen, saving up for a boob-job, walls plastered with posters and calendars, "reading" her books, staring at her adoringly at booksignings etc...

OP posts:
glasjam · 07/11/2008 13:43

Sorry Flier - I don't know - think it might be OK or Hello. I was looking through loads in Somerfield and didn't actually purchase (tut tut!)

OP posts:
Flier · 07/11/2008 13:49

thanks dinny and glasjam, couldn't see it online on OK anyway.

I am strangely interested in Katie Price's life. Would never buy any of her products, but someone must - she's raking it in!

Will admit to buying her 1st (auto?)biography though

wannaBe · 07/11/2008 14:57

Can't stand her.

And I think the way in which she exploits her children, especially Harvy who will never have the ability to say no is horrible.

TheRealMrsJohnSimm · 07/11/2008 15:13

I think she's fab. She keeps the whole Jordan/Katie Price aspects of her "work" separate and so it probably is the the tweeny market who buys her Katie Price glitzy/shimmery stuff. No idea about her underwear market though.

Like Ronald, I think she's sparky and gobby and I have complete admiration for someone who has made the amount of money she's made simply from having breasts. I think its a pathetic that simply having big breasts can make you totally minted but without the market for it, the product is useless. I mean, she must have something because you don't see other "glamour" models with the lifestyle she has.

I don't think she exploits her kids either. I think in relation to Harvey, my impression has always been that she has tried her hardest to bring to people's attention how difficult it is raising children with disabilities. Ok, so she probably has a horde of nannies and help but ultimately she is his mother and that means she does have an understanding of the effects on family relationships.

Mrs JS sits back and awaits a mahoosive flaming

TheBlonde · 07/11/2008 20:07

I think she does exploit her kids - it's not like they can consent to the photoshoots and the reality TV series

Not sure about her making that much money - she must have a lot of people on her payroll

Aitch · 07/11/2008 20:10

i do think it's unfortunate that the child has inherited andre's first nose.

lottiejenkins · 07/11/2008 21:40

My friend hs bought the pink horse bridle!!

Gunnerbean · 07/11/2008 21:42

I must admit to being drawn to watch Jordan/KP and Pete's programme every time it's on.

However, if I was forced to answer the question do I like her?, I think on balance I'd have to say no because I think her bad points ultimately outweigh what good points she does have.

She claims that she wants her programme to present a "warts and all, no holds barred" snapshot of her daily life so, if that's true, then I'm sorry but I'm forced to conclude that what I see on the programme is the real her. And, on the basis of what I see of her, I don't really see a great deal to like.

I don't think she's "fiesty". She's certainly gobby, no one can deny that (is that necessarily a quality?) but for the most part I think she's just crude and crass. She seems to have little or no sense of humour and no wit. She often comes across as being very unthoughful and inconsiderate, selfish and spolit.

Every time you think that she actually is being quite sensible she goes and spoils it. For example, when she's doing her dressage, or when she was castrating that horse, or when she's at the doctor's or the dentist and you actually think that for a minute or two you might just be able to take her seriously and that she's not going to completely embarrass herself she goes and does, or says, something crude or crass and you just cringe for those around her. You just want someone to tell her that it's not big and it's not clever. I often wonder if she will still carry on this way on TV when her children are old enough to hear it.

I cringe at the way her entourage have to listen to all she comes out with too and not be seen to turn a hair at what she says (I know they're paid by her but really). I'm no prude but there really is no need to conduct herself the way she does in public or in front of other people, even if they are your close family, friends and colleagues. It's not that I'm shocked at the sexual stuff she comes out with but it just really makes me squirm.

We know that she does have loads of fans and I don't really know what makes her so appealing to people and would love to know what it is.

Ultimately, like many celebs, she is a self absorbed exhibitionist with an ego the size of a planet. She's got plenty of money (which, fair play to her she's worked for) and she thinks she can use to buy absolutely anything she wants, when she wants (which, again, to be fair it seems she can).

But despite all this, I never miss her programme.

It's a while to wait for the next series now. I wonder how they'll fill the next one? I hope she's got some more surgery booked in, or maybe they'll renew their wedding vows again with a different theme. Or maybe she'll go for another pregnancy and more free publicity for the Portland Hospital (although she's probably worked it that they pay her a commission). I'll still be watching though. For me, it's compulsive viewing

And I wonder how large her manager Claire will be by the next series?

Saturn74 · 07/11/2008 21:45

I think we could all learn a great deal from Katie Price.
Let's have her on for a webchat.

bookswapper · 07/11/2008 21:52

I saw her counting book in the children's section of the library today and I must confess it made me uneasy...

I thought thank goodness I have boys and then realised Peter Andre was on the book too....

Bumperlicious · 08/11/2008 08:24

I'm with gunnerbean, don't particularly like her, she's a bossy, controlling brat, horrid to Peter Andre. She's done really well for herself to be fair. It's funny how in some ways she is completely over the top, but in other ways completely pragmatic and frugal. I am also also am addicted to the show and record it. But do you know who is even more addicted than I am? DH!

beanieb · 08/11/2008 08:34

Did you read the interview? I thought Katie price came over as a caring and fairly sensible mum to be fair.

herbietea · 08/11/2008 08:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bookswapper · 08/11/2008 08:48

Actually the one K and P show I saw was the episode when they were visiting one of Pete's brother's restaurant in australia - she was drunk as a skunk and Pete was not happy.

foxytocin · 08/11/2008 08:51

agree with HC: webchat!

herbietea · 08/11/2008 08:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Aitch · 08/11/2008 11:40

because she's a humourless bully, i think...

glasjam · 08/11/2008 12:35

I must admit to being "drawn" to her TV programme in a car-crash telly way. I think it is just to marvel at the many ways she seeks to get herself noticed. It seems as if she can't exist without the glare of the cameras. She manages to come across as not particularly happy, quite bitter in fact. I wouldn't like to live with her and can't actually bring myself to "admire" her. I feel uncomfortable with the way she parades her children. She's got enough money to surround herself with people who will not criticise her and the "spats" with Peter Andre just make we cringe... but still I watch.

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