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Have you seen the piccies of Katie Price with her little Princess

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glasjam · 07/11/2008 12:51

Had my usual peruse through the mags in my local Somerfield (honest!) and HAD to look at the spread with Jordan and her little girl.

Now, she was never going to dress her up in any of Junior's cast-offs was she but I thought the bikini/beauty queen outfit was a bit "much" to be honest. I look at that cute little girl and I wonder whether she will look back at those photos and think "what were you thinking mother?!". She could end up being a doctor, nurse, poli tician, teacher etc. (I assume she'll get a better education than either of her parents)and there she is being paraded as a mini-beauty queen, in a bikini with her mother - she's not even 2 is she?

Made me feel uncomfortable - and god help her if she doesn't end up conforming to society's concept of "good-looking" - I suppose her mother will always support and guide her if she wants to start hacking into, sorry "enhancing" her features...

Wondered what anyone else thought.

OP posts:
glasjam · 08/11/2008 12:36

I must admit to being "drawn" to her TV programme in a car-crash telly way. I think it is just to marvel at the many ways she seeks to get herself noticed. It seems as if she can't exist without the glare of the cameras. She manages to come across as not particularly happy, quite bitter in fact. I wouldn't like to live with her and can't actually bring myself to "admire" her. I feel uncomfortable with the way she parades her children. She's got enough money to surround herself with people who will not criticise her and the "spats" with Peter Andre just make we cringe... but still I watch.

OP posts:
AstroPup · 08/11/2008 12:47

I thought I liked her because she didn't conform to the smiley-robotic-submissive pin up norm a-la pammie etc, I liked that she was moody and miserable and didnt feel the need to hide that and was still successful in her field.
However, having watched this series i realise she is, as someone else said, a bully. Her wierd marriage seems to lurch from foul public sex show to a contest to see who can say the most hurtful and humiliating thing to the other.
Dont like her (though still admire her non-conformation re the smily, sunny pin-up thing), dont like him and i think they need to stop parading their kids to the entire world.
Going back to the op - i would obviously question her judgement on plastering her baby all over a trashy mag, but the bikini thing, i dont see the problem, its a bikini, shes a baby. I dont understand why that should make you feel uncomfortable.

glasjam · 08/11/2008 21:23

Astropup - it's not necessarily the bikini thing per se just the context of it in a beauty-queen parade. I think her Mum's pose behind her is the oddest thing - almost seems a little bit competitive? If she was crouching down next to her little girl in a supportive way it wouldn't be so bad but she's standing in this ridiculous legs-apart stance behind her if I recall correctly. It's as if she couldn't resist an opportunity to show HERSELF off even though the shoot was supposed to be about her little girl. Personally I don't think I like little girls in bikinis but I live in Scotland so I might not have to confront my own prejudice on this one anytime soon with my own daughter!

OP posts:
jimmyjammys · 08/11/2008 22:49

I like her and love watching the programme but i was disgusted and shocked by that photo. It was far too sexualised. She was standing in a sexy pose wearing next to nothing pretending to be a beauty queen and then she had her daughter standing in between her legs in a bikini with a beauty pageant sash - it was vile - there were other nice pictures where they were wearing nice matching outfits.

i think its great that she looks good and takes care of herself as a mum of 3 but she should have just done that photo by herself and not put her little girl in it looking like a glamour model.

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