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For those of you with a secret Simon Cowell crush

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compo · 02/11/2008 17:19

He's single

OP posts:
LittleWhizzingBella · 02/11/2008 17:20

Not surprised

I used to fancy him

Not any more

Not when he's up against Prince Arthur in Merlin

harpomarx · 02/11/2008 17:20

how can you fancy someone with the hair of a small animal?

Waltzywotzy · 02/11/2008 17:20

lurking to see, who has a with a thing for SC

mrsmaidamess · 02/11/2008 17:21

Never mind him, when is Jordan going to announce she's divorcing so I can indulge my secret Peter Andre crush. He's so pretty!

purplemonkeydishwasher · 02/11/2008 17:21

he has hairy hands.
and he looks weird right now. i think he's had botox.

Waltzywotzy · 02/11/2008 17:21

Maybe Pete and Simon will get it oooowwwwnnnnnn?

Flightattendant4 · 02/11/2008 17:22
compo · 02/11/2008 17:26

but he is soooo powerful and rich and when he winks....

OP posts:
DippyDora · 02/11/2008 17:28

Its the mixture of confidence, arrogance and power that amkes him seem attractive

DippyDora · 02/11/2008 17:29

And the money

christiana · 02/11/2008 17:30

Message withdrawn

RainbowChaser · 02/11/2008 17:31

Thought he had a long term partner. Cant remember her name!

compo · 02/11/2008 17:32

Terry Seyomour, they just split up.

OP posts:
compo · 02/11/2008 17:32


OP posts:
compo · 02/11/2008 17:33

'The X Factor boss has even splashed out £2.5 million for a new home for TV reporter Terri, 34, in Los Angeles. It is a thank you for their six years together'

see he is lovely

OP posts:
daisydora · 02/11/2008 17:35

I would.....think its money/power turn on though not my usual type!

(skulks of as hubby lurking......)

judgenutmeg · 02/11/2008 17:37

I just posted this on a thread about tumble dryers by mistake.


daisydora · 02/11/2008 17:38

Not my usual spin speed!!!!!

Flightattendant4 · 02/11/2008 17:40

what is he doing to that ostrich behind him though?

Surfermum · 02/11/2008 17:41

Oh that is so sad if they've split because she wants a family and he doesn't.

I think he's great. And buying her a place is a lovely thing to do.


DippyDora · 02/11/2008 17:42

But she knew that from the very start of the relationship Sufermum, he made no secret of it

RainbowChaser · 02/11/2008 17:47

Maybe she was hoping he would change his mind.

Surfermum · 02/11/2008 17:50

Oh did she? I didn't know that.

Maybe at the start of the relationship she didn't want children either and thought it would be OK, perhaps things changed for her.

DippyDora · 02/11/2008 18:08

I think its probabaly more like Rainbow said, but only they know the truth

LurkerOfTheUniverse · 02/11/2008 18:24

oh dear, small hands is not good

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