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Anyone else tempted to put the heating on?

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UndercoverMoi · 03/07/2023 10:54

It’s gone a bit chilly! Only just reaching 19* in the lounge.

OP posts:
GeraltsBathtub · 03/07/2023 12:04

Sorry just read you are in southern hemisphere - tbf 12 isn’t bad going for midwinter!

isthismylifenow · 03/07/2023 12:13

FrenchandSaunders · 03/07/2023 11:59

Your thermostat should show the indoor temp.

We don't have these either.

My nose and toes have usually been the thermometer until now. No clue why I didn't think to just download an app, until this thread.

Selfesteem23 · 03/07/2023 12:16

19 is winter heating boost for a short time in my house . It’s now 20 in mine. I’ll admit it feels chilly in comparrison to the heat we’ve had when still, but I’ve put socks and a blanket over me when I’m on the couch.

Heating is still set but it won’t come on as it’s set low. It’s July!

GeraltsBathtub · 03/07/2023 12:16

@isthismylifenow Don’t you have a thermostat on your AC?

BloodandGlitter · 03/07/2023 12:17

No, its 14c here raining pretty heavily and I have my window open and a tank top on. Not at all cold. Windows open all night and we're sleeping without covers at the moment too.

PurpleButterflyWings · 03/07/2023 12:18


You were tempted to put the heating on when it was 19C in the house?!

This is a joke right?!

Like heck will I be putting the heating on. It's JULY, and although it's 15 C which is a bit cooler than normal for July, it's still not cold!!!

speluncean · 03/07/2023 12:19

Yea me. I'm in an oodie and socks and I can't function so I've just put the heater on. (I have medical conditions as well that mean I struggle when I'm cold)

speluncean · 03/07/2023 12:21

My garden thermometer is reading 13 degrees and it's windy and raining.

isthismylifenow · 03/07/2023 12:24

GeraltsBathtub · 03/07/2023 12:16

@isthismylifenow Don’t you have a thermostat on your AC?

No, no aircon either.

We just kinda wing it as the day goes. 😀

It is cold inside, mild outside, quite hot in the car if its parked outside.

4 seasons is one day is not just a song here 😂

KickboxingWanker · 03/07/2023 12:25

No although was starting to feel a bit chilly so I’ve closed the window and put a jumper on.
I am working from home though (lunch break) so not moving around much.

Jacobsladders · 03/07/2023 12:36

Absolutely no way about heating, that's absolutely ridiculous and hugely wasteful of resources unless you're seriously ill or infirm.

All back in jumpers though here and had a blanket on top of the duvet which is crazy for July!

UndercoverMoi · 03/07/2023 12:37

Well, it's on! Grin

OP posts:
mondaytosunday · 03/07/2023 12:41

Nope. Doors and windows wide open. Yes a bit cooler but nothing to warrant even considering the heat on - I am wearing a flannel shirt rather than usual lightweight linen though.

OnTheRunWithMannyMontana · 03/07/2023 12:44

No!!! I've got my fan on... I'm in Yorkshire and it's 22 degrees in the living room.

Jumbojem · 03/07/2023 12:50

19 degrees is higher than my thermostat is set when I do have the heating on. Let alone a temp when I'll put the heating on in summer! During the winter thermostat is set to turn the heating off when it hits 18 degrees, unless it's a particularly chilly spell.
Each to their own OP but personally I'd rather spend my money on other things than heating in the summer months.

Stickytoastandhoney · 03/07/2023 12:50

I’m currently laying on couch with water bottle 😁 14 West of Scotland but getting caught in a downpour and getting over a stomach bug doesn’t help.

sanityisamyth · 03/07/2023 12:51

No. I can't afford it! It didn't go on for a single day over the winter (or a wood burner or any other form of heating!) so it's definitely not going on now!

PineappleLatte · 03/07/2023 12:52

UndercoverMoi · 03/07/2023 12:37

Well, it's on! Grin

Tell me you’re minted without telling me you’re minted! 😂

Motheranddaughter · 03/07/2023 12:52

Put mine on yesterday morning for a couple of hours

UndercoverCop · 03/07/2023 12:53

I put the electric blanket on for an hour last night, DH rolled onto my side and asked what on earth was wrong with me it's July 😂

AlwaysWantingIceLollies · 03/07/2023 12:54

Might have to go on in a minute, I've just dragged four loads of washing in off the line as its started pouring down and I have no tumble drier and also now no dry clothes!

tealandteal · 03/07/2023 12:57

Where are you all living? I’m wearing a long sleeve top today but the window is open and I’m working sitting down. If I was doing anything (hoovering etc) I’d be hot. The heating comes on at 16 in winter.

Mutabiliss · 03/07/2023 13:01

Er... no. I'm in the south, it's breezy and cooler than it has been but not cold. My house is 20 degrees. I am wearing jeans for the first time in a few weeks as I was chilly in a dress, but it's a very long way from heating weather (no thermostat but I usually put ours on when it's about 14 degrees inside).

Decafflatteplease · 03/07/2023 13:03

Tbh it crossed my mind earlier as it's so damp and drizzly here, 1800s house so when it's cold and damp the house feels cold and damp. Have put dehumidifier on! We try to not have heating from Easter to October.

mrssanchez · 03/07/2023 13:08

This thread is bonkers! Unless you've got a serious medical condition or are a frail 95 year old, why on Earth would you put the heating on in this weather?!

I'm in Yorkshire, it's wet but not cold, I've not put the fan on today but all the windows are still open and I'm wearing shorts.

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