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Foo fighters presale

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snoozingbaby1476 · 27/06/2023 10:47

Does anyone know how to get the code to access the foo fighters presale tomorrow morning? Thank you 🤞

OP posts:
Chocolateship · 27/06/2023 20:35

VioletCharlotte · 27/06/2023 20:34

I'm not sure if I'm going to sleep tonight! I have a presale code and various family members on stand by to try and get tickets.

I love the Foo's so much and I'm desperate to see them again. I'm trying for London, but will happily go to wherever I can get tickets for.

Good luck everyone, fingers crossed that we all get tickets!

Good luck!

Nugg · 27/06/2023 22:29

I've a code too and only need a ticket for little old me. I'm crossing everything as nobody I know is interested !

Sunshinesky1981 · 28/06/2023 08:41

Good luck everyone

VioletCharlotte · 28/06/2023 08:53

I actually feel sick!! I've been awake since 5 and I'm sitting with 3 devices, poised and ready to go!

User65412 · 28/06/2023 08:57

Fingers crossed all.
I'm waiting but have no idea what happens at I do anything?!
Hope some us get tickets!

ApolloandDaphne · 28/06/2023 09:01

I am 1901 in my queue! It's going down quickly though.

MelaniaT · 28/06/2023 09:07

Hmm I think I'm in a queue to get into the queue, on Gigs and Tours. Have already had one queue to put my code in.

I never know how to approach these things. Is it the earlier you start waiting the better? But sometimes you're too early and nothing works. Any tips would be gratefully received.

User65412 · 28/06/2023 09:08

I'm also nowhere on gigs and tours but DH is 1000 in the ticketmaster queue.

Chocolateship · 28/06/2023 09:08

I'm at 700 in ticketmaster queue.

Apparently gigs and tours isn't working properly. I got onto TM at five to 9 and went into the waiting room before being 2000+ in queue but it's going down quickly.

ApolloandDaphne · 28/06/2023 09:08

I didn't get any prompt for my code and can't seem to get anything.

User65412 · 28/06/2023 09:10

Absolutely nothing on gigs and tours. Not good.
The only problem is I was only emailed the code for the gigs and tours queue...hoping the ticketmaster code is the one that comes up on google!!

Chocolateship · 28/06/2023 09:10

ApolloandDaphne · 28/06/2023 09:08

I didn't get any prompt for my code and can't seem to get anything.

What site are you trying?

snoozingbaby1476 · 28/06/2023 09:10

I didn't need a code after all that 🤷‍♀️ I'm through the waiting room

OP posts:
User65412 · 28/06/2023 09:13

@snoozingbaby1476 which site are you on please?

Sunshinesky1981 · 28/06/2023 09:14

Gigs and tours is doing nothing for me. Have joined the ticket master one with 2000+ in front of me - does anyone know if it is the same code?

snoozingbaby1476 · 28/06/2023 09:15

Ticketmaster. I'm back to 2000 in front now.

OP posts:
Gardenclems · 28/06/2023 09:15

You need the code once you go into the select your seats.

I ended up getting the “best seat experience” because my DH needs a seat and all the regular seated ones were gone. In block E4 so hope that’s a good seat!

snoozingbaby1476 · 28/06/2023 09:15

We are trying for Manchester but it's a Thurs gig so hoping they might announce fri & sat too

OP posts:
snoozingbaby1476 · 28/06/2023 09:16

Well done @Gardenclems

OP posts:
User65412 · 28/06/2023 09:18

Nice one @Gardenclems ! At the front of the queue on ticketmaster and seats are just loading for ages.....hope this is normal! Is the code the same as the gigs and tours one?

VioletCharlotte · 28/06/2023 09:20

OMG I for mine! London 22 June, standing!

Everyone trying - have you gone through the presale link in the email rather than direct on the website?

snoozingbaby1476 · 28/06/2023 09:20

I've got the happening now page & just a spinning wheel on ticket master. Feels so close but so far away

OP posts:
snoozingbaby1476 · 28/06/2023 09:21

Well done @VioletCharlotte

OP posts:
ApolloandDaphne · 28/06/2023 09:21

I'm trying both

Chocolateship · 28/06/2023 09:22

I got 2 for Cardiff. If the spinning wheel of doom is on TM that usually happens when it crashes (which it does often as its crap). Doesn't mean they've sold out just best to wait.

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