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Who was a famous name when you were growing up that young people today wouldn't have heard of?

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Brettthepei · 22/06/2023 00:06


OP posts:
barbarahunter · 22/06/2023 07:22

Harry Worth

wheresmymojo · 22/06/2023 07:22

Peter Mandelson

NooNakedJacuzziness · 22/06/2023 07:22

Jonathan King
Freddie Starr

barbarahunter · 22/06/2023 07:24

Shari Lewis and lamb chop

Yirk · 22/06/2023 07:24

Val Doonican
Andy Pandy !!!

Whenwillglorioussummercome · 22/06/2023 07:24

wheresmymojo · 22/06/2023 07:21

I was about to write one but realised I don't know his name and 'the bald guy who hosted that game show' wasn't useful.

Crystal maze was the game show I think (best ever IMO)

Richard O’Brien. Although he’s all the media right now. Big name in Rocky Horror.

I’ll go Isla St Clair.

inappropriateraspberry · 22/06/2023 07:26

Gary Wilmot! I loved him as a child for some reason. He was always on Saturday night tv.

NooNakedJacuzziness · 22/06/2023 07:26

Bloody hell this is bringing back some memories, I haven't thought of Magnus Pyke in years!

theyoungishman · 22/06/2023 07:27

Steve Urkle

UsethisUsername · 22/06/2023 07:27

Helen Sharman (first Britain in space. Lots of people seem to think it’s Tim Peak which I find irritating).

Tara Palmer Tomkinson

Roy Castle

Terry Nutkins

Tessisme · 22/06/2023 07:30

Max Bygraves
Brian Cant

RosesAndHellebores · 22/06/2023 07:36

Ena Sharples and Albert Tatlock
Danny La Rue
MIchael Miles
Angela Rippon
Sandie Shaw
Petra and Shep the Blue Peter dogs (and I think Peter Purves and Lesley Judd have been missed off)
Michael Healey
Benny Hill

I second or third Jonny Morris and Animal Magic - how I looked forward to that.

I am 63.

TimeSlipMushroom · 22/06/2023 07:36

Pat Sharp

OnlyFoolsnMothers · 22/06/2023 07:39

Noel edmunds

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 22/06/2023 07:54

Kenny Everett
John Noake

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 22/06/2023 07:54

Tommy Cooper

LadyOfTheCanyon · 22/06/2023 08:01

I'm going Saint and Greavsie

JesusMaryAndJosephAndTheWeeDon · 22/06/2023 08:04

Snugglemonkey · 22/06/2023 07:19

Rick Astley
Anneka Rice

The youth love Rick Rolling, he's as famous as he ever was!

RenoDakota · 22/06/2023 08:04

merrymelodies · 22/06/2023 02:15


I went to see Madness last week and there were loads of young people there.

fairylightning · 22/06/2023 08:05

Pia Zadora

canyon2000 · 22/06/2023 08:05

I can't believe that Lionel Blair hasn't been mentioned yet!!

Oblomov23 · 22/06/2023 08:06

Rick Astley is still touring.

KimberleyClark · 22/06/2023 08:07

Kevin Keegan
Barry John
Leonard Rossiter
Stanley Baxter
Richard Burton
Frank Sinatra
Dustin Hoffman

Someone mentioned Dick Emery upthread. He was brilliant as was Stanley Baxter. They could portray women convincingly with just acting ability with no need for gallons of makeup and huge wigs. They also portrayed a range of male characters.

barbarahunter · 22/06/2023 08:07

erm, Cliff Richards? He was old when even I was young and yet he keeps going, you have to hand it to him!

inappropriateraspberry · 22/06/2023 08:08

Bill Beaumont.

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