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Who was a famous name when you were growing up that young people today wouldn't have heard of?

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Brettthepei · 22/06/2023 00:06


OP posts:
inappropriateraspberry · 22/06/2023 09:55

The Krankees!

LadyWithLapdog · 22/06/2023 10:07

Beavis and Butthead

Woahtherehoney · 22/06/2023 10:10

Rod, Jane and Freddie

JollyGood777 · 22/06/2023 10:27

Benny Hill

newtb · 22/06/2023 10:30

Kenneth McKellar

newtb · 22/06/2023 10:33

Leonard Sachs - the good old days, Jonathan Sachs, Manuel in Fawlty towers is his son.

EducatingArti · 22/06/2023 10:40

alloutofluck · 22/06/2023 09:43

If young people have heard of him it is just as lily allens dad.

Dave Allen was not Lily Allen's dad! That's Keith Allen.

HerVagestyTheQueef · 22/06/2023 10:43

Rod Hull and Emu
Billy Dainty
Willie Rushton
Ross and Norris McWhirter
Roy Castle
Ed Stewart
Kenneth Kendall
Molly Sugden
Angela Rippon

PrincessHoneysuckle · 22/06/2023 10:50


FormerlySpeckledyHen · 22/06/2023 10:52

Me! Well my maiden name anyway . There was a famous actress with my name, with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. I had frequent comments growing up until I changed my surname.
You never hear of her anymore.

ChaToilLeam · 22/06/2023 10:53


Elderflower14 · 22/06/2023 11:01

newtb · 22/06/2023 10:33

Leonard Sachs - the good old days, Jonathan Sachs, Manuel in Fawlty towers is his son.

Andrew Sachs played Manuel... Not Jonathan!

hookiewookie29 · 22/06/2023 11:04

Rod Hull
Amanda De Cadanet
Eric Sykes
Paul Michael Glasier
Cannon and Ball
Eric Morecambe
Tommy Cooper

HippyChickMama · 22/06/2023 11:05

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards

HuntingoftheSnark · 22/06/2023 11:17


(If you see Sid, tell him).

HerVagestyTheQueef · 22/06/2023 11:33

PrincessHoneysuckle · 22/06/2023 10:50


By some bizarre coincidence I just received an email saying that Sooty and Co are on in my local theatre soon, as part of their 2023 tour!
They must be getting on a bit.

Think Basil Brush has long since left us, though.

RestingMurderousFace · 22/06/2023 11:40

David Mellor
Daley Thompson
Lena Zavaroni

KitchenSinkLlama · 22/06/2023 11:43

Snugglemonkey · 22/06/2023 07:19

Rick Astley
Anneka Rice

Rick Astley is at Glastonbury this year.

I also saw him come on with the Foo Fighters at Reading. He is great mates with Dave Grohl

Cattenberg · 22/06/2023 12:15

Selina Scott. Autocorrect just changed her name to “delinquent Scott”, which made me smile.

Matthew Corbett

Salt n’ Pepa

Mel and Kim

LadyWithLapdog · 22/06/2023 12:18

Jo Guest. She was gorgeous.

charabang · 22/06/2023 12:21

David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky&Hutch)

BordoisAgain · 22/06/2023 12:25

LadyWithLapdog · 22/06/2023 10:07

Beavis and Butthead

He. Hehe. Hehehe. Hehe. Boobs

Tony Hart
Johnny Ball

LadyWithLapdog · 22/06/2023 12:26

@BordoisAgain i hear there’s a B&B remake and that it’s good.

Scrumbleton · 22/06/2023 12:44

Lewis Collins
Alvin Stardust
Eric Faulkner
Les McKeown
Maggie Philbin
John Noakes
Tina Charles

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