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The Age Old Debate... What Is This???

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RoseDeWittBukatter · 16/06/2023 20:37

Obviously ... It's a cob!

The Age Old Debate... What Is This???
OP posts:
CwmYoy · 17/06/2023 06:39

Obviously it's a batch.

WhatCameFirstTheChickenOrTheDickhead · 17/06/2023 06:55

It's a barm.

HoldingTheDoor · 17/06/2023 08:40

It's not a morning roll. There's absolutely no crust on it. It's completely soft.

RampantIvy · 17/06/2023 08:56

off · 16/06/2023 21:15

We don't all say breadcake.

I have only lived in the Leeds/Bradford and Sheffield/Barnsley areas, and everyone calls them cheesecake in those parts.

FussyPud · 17/06/2023 11:21

Breadcake hereabouts.

RoseDeWittBukatter · 17/06/2023 12:52

I'm so glad we've all decided it's a cob, thanks guys πŸ˜‚

OP posts:
hookiewookie29 · 17/06/2023 13:49


hookiewookie29 · 17/06/2023 13:50

StinkyWizzleteets · 16/06/2023 21:18

Stomach cramps and two hours stuck on the loo


MrsCarson · 17/06/2023 14:27

A roll or a bap, depends.
If it's with soup it's a roll, if it's got bacon in, it's a bap. Ham roll. Sausage Bap, Not where I got those differences from.

freddieforget · 17/06/2023 14:52

Order order
Exhibit number one please...

The Age Old Debate... What Is This???
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