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The Age Old Debate... What Is This???

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RoseDeWittBukatter · 16/06/2023 20:37

Obviously ... It's a cob!

The Age Old Debate... What Is This???
OP posts:
Tratjymp · 16/06/2023 22:21

Also called a softy.

sherbertyellowteddy · 16/06/2023 22:22


ThisIsTrifficult · 16/06/2023 22:36

It's a cob!!!

CandyCaneLane0 · 16/06/2023 22:38


wwydhere23 · 16/06/2023 22:39

Hairbrushhandle · 16/06/2023 20:40

You're on mumsnet so it's UPF


off · 16/06/2023 22:56

booksandcats22 · 16/06/2023 22:14

But teacakes are sweet with dried fruit in

That's a currant teacake. Hence toasted currant teacake. Teacake alone is a single-serving flattish bread thing for sandwich usage, not that it's a term I use.

For those objecting that breadcake and teacake are inaccurate because neither of them is cake, for the love of God never go near yellowcake or urinal cake.

nina97 · 16/06/2023 23:00

A bap

Soapboxqueen · 16/06/2023 23:03

It's a bread bun or bun

A roll is a crusty bread bun that's elongated (like a very small baguette)

A bap is a large bread bun

A scottish morning roll is like a bread bun but with a bit of crunch on top

A teacake has fruit in it

A stottie is for very hungry people (and bloody lush with ham and pease pudding)

Justleaveitblankthen · 16/06/2023 23:15

A barm cake.

goingtotown · 16/06/2023 23:16

Soft Roll.

ATaleofTwentyCities · 16/06/2023 23:18

It's a roll.

Calyx72 · 16/06/2023 23:24

Roll or bread roll

Littleroundsponge · 16/06/2023 23:25

A cob if it's crusty and a barm if it's soft!

bringincrazyback · 17/06/2023 00:03


MojoJojo71 · 17/06/2023 00:04

It’s a bread bun

CrumbliestCrumble · 17/06/2023 00:30


fridaynight1 · 17/06/2023 00:36

CiaoBellisima · 16/06/2023 20:52

A cob is crusty, a soft one is a roll or bap. A bun is sweet.

Yes to a cob being crusty and a bun being sweet.

But have to disagree on the soft one - it's a barm cake.

KnickerlessParsons · 17/06/2023 00:56

This is a cob

The Age Old Debate... What Is This???
MistyGreenAndBlue · 17/06/2023 00:57

Barmcake. But DH says it's a cob. He's barmy though. 🤣

JaneJeffer · 17/06/2023 02:28

It's a pre-starter starter

DiscoBeat · 17/06/2023 02:36
  • A soft bread roll

    (I've never heard most of these other terms!)*

Thurgie · 17/06/2023 02:56

We call them Parker House Rolls in Boston, MA. Named after the hotel that invented them in 1854.

Deathbyfluffy · 17/06/2023 03:02

BillieShears · 16/06/2023 21:23

Those who claim it's a roll, what do you ask for when you go into a cafe and want a sausage cob??

No one has ever asked for a sausage cob - don’t worry!

RoseDeWittBukatter · 17/06/2023 05:08

Those who claim it's a roll, what do you ask for when you go into a cafe and want a sausage cob??

No one has ever asked for a sausage cob - don’t worry!

People do ask for sausage cobs though.

OP posts:
Greycheck · 17/06/2023 05:14

It's defo a batch.

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