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I fear I’ve messed our holiday up and feel sick at the thought

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theferry · 15/06/2023 19:47

We’re due to go to the US next month (5th). It’s our first ‘big’ holiday. DD1 is 16 and DD2 is 13. A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with our GP as DD1 has been getting stomach ache. She’s sent her to paediatrics for a blood test to check for gluten intolerance (& thyroid) but thinks it’s IBS. The blood test is on Tuesday .

I went to purchase travel insurance today but they wouldn’t cover DD1 because she’s waiting on a blood test. Now I’m worried sick that she’ll be sent another appointment/referred, meaning we won’t get travel insurance so will have to cancel the whole holiday. (I would never go without insurance).

Does anyone have suggestions of what to do? I feel sick at the thought of what I’ve done. It could have waited until we got back—it’s not really bad for her. Just gets stomach ache now and then.

OP posts:
Kentkittypie · 16/06/2023 21:07

The ignorance about insurance and declaring conditions on this thread is just staggering. No, getting insurance through a credit card is not a solution for the OP. So many people must be winging it and just lucky they never need to claim!

Your dc bloods should be back this time next week OP. See how things look then and if further investigations need seek the specialist insurance from companies mentioned by PP.

People - educate yourselves!

Purpl · 16/06/2023 22:25

Can you pay a private gp to do the tests and get them back quicker in time fir holidays?

Whataretalkingabout · 16/06/2023 22:33

If you pay for your airplane tickets with a Goldcard you automatically are covered with travel insurance for each person traveling. This also covers lost or late luggage and a lot of other useful things.

SabrinaThwaite · 16/06/2023 22:54

Travel insurance included with credit / charge cards can be basic with many exclusions. You need to check the Ts & Cs carefully, especially when it comes to coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or conditions under investigation.

AlleycatMarie · 16/06/2023 23:10

Another recommendation for Staysure. Give them a call, they have been fantastic with me!

CottonSock · 17/06/2023 07:57

Toomuchtrouble4me · 16/06/2023 19:00

This is not a good idea / both will claim that the existence of the other renders theirs invalid.

Yeah well it's likely better than no insurance for an expensive trip which could currently be the case. Ie if cancellation happens for a different reason.

Careerdilemma · 17/06/2023 08:12

If the blood tests come back showing anything you've got time to go privately to get a quick diagnosis and still get insurance before you go.

joles12 · 17/06/2023 08:43

Try Aviva they should still provide cover just won’t cover the thing you are waiting for results on. Same thing happened to us earlier this year and Aviva were great

Qilin · 17/06/2023 09:33

Winter42 · 16/06/2023 19:06

Do you have a bank account that you pay a fee for? On the off chance that you have travel insurance already?.

Many of these wouldn't be enough for the op who says they already have different cover normally due to their own existing conditions.

BTcomplaint · 17/06/2023 10:56

Bank account cover doesn’t cover you for anything pre-existing. You can usually phone to add things on but last time I did that they charged about £100 per condition so it actually ended up cheaper to buy a full separate policy.

OnTheTuftedWilton · 17/06/2023 16:13

This thread prompted me to look at travel insurance in respect of a diagnosis I got yesterday. The website covering my condition listed lots of insurers who would probably give cover. But for the OP the one that stood out was who apparently only cover from 60 days before travel and if a doctor has said you are fit to travel. No first hand experience but possibly worth looking into.

MIA Travel Insurance - Making Insurance Accessible

Welcome to MIA, your specialist medical travel insurer. Our friendly and experienced team can provide flexible travel insurance cover for a range of pre-existing medical conditions, at competitive prices.

Twentyfirstcenturymumma · 18/06/2023 00:42

YouveGotAFastCar · 15/06/2023 19:49

Just try other travel insurance companies. You might need to pay more; as some might consider it a pre-existing condition, but you'll find somewhere that will cover her. You can get cover for holidays even if you've got terminal diseases.

This. There are plenty that do cover for ongoing serious conditions, let alone awaiting investigations

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