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I fear I’ve messed our holiday up and feel sick at the thought

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theferry · 15/06/2023 19:47

We’re due to go to the US next month (5th). It’s our first ‘big’ holiday. DD1 is 16 and DD2 is 13. A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with our GP as DD1 has been getting stomach ache. She’s sent her to paediatrics for a blood test to check for gluten intolerance (& thyroid) but thinks it’s IBS. The blood test is on Tuesday .

I went to purchase travel insurance today but they wouldn’t cover DD1 because she’s waiting on a blood test. Now I’m worried sick that she’ll be sent another appointment/referred, meaning we won’t get travel insurance so will have to cancel the whole holiday. (I would never go without insurance).

Does anyone have suggestions of what to do? I feel sick at the thought of what I’ve done. It could have waited until we got back—it’s not really bad for her. Just gets stomach ache now and then.

OP posts:
StillWantingADog · 15/06/2023 21:15

If the blood test is on Tuesday it could all be resolved within a week or so?

some travel insurers are really persnickety these days - I have to call mine every time any one of us is prescribed any kind of prescription or undergoing any kind of test. They’ve been quite clear that any wrong or missing info on the medial side could invalidate any claim regardless of the actual medial issue (basically they’ll look for any reason not to pay out).

so I’d advise against lying.

if it’s not resolved in time though you will be able to get insurance, you’ll likely need to pay more though

mutleyschuckle · 15/06/2023 21:27

Can I just say please check how long the coeliac/gluten test takes to come back because It takes 6 weeks for the results when I do them, though that may just be our trust having to send them off elsewhere.

ThePuma · 15/06/2023 21:36

Various credit cards include travel insurance. I think the platinum amex is one of the better ones.

It costs about £600 for the card but if you cancel it midway through the year you can claim a pro-rata refund of the fee so it will probably only cost you about £50 for the period you need.

I believe the T&Cs are available online. It may exclude pre-existing conditions but I don’t think that would invalidate anything else.

Mouseaboutthehouse · 15/06/2023 21:36

I'm sorry to hear this. We had a similar situation where I fell ill before a big holiday, I had insurance but unfortunately we lost all the money as my (debilitating) condition wasn't considered serious enough to cancel the holiday. This was 7 years ago and I haven't been on a plane since 😔

pippinsleftleg · 15/06/2023 21:38

Thanks for this thread. DD is undergoing the same tests and I hadn’t even thought about the impact on holiday insurance.

buellerbuellerbueller · 15/06/2023 21:41

Don't beat yourself up OP - if your husband was having tests earlier, you would have run into the same issue.

I had the same problem recently as am on the waiting list for an investigation. I normally go with Staysure (due to pre-existing conditions) but they wouldn't cover me. I ended up using AllClear who were very helpful, I'd recommend giving them a call.

theferry · 15/06/2023 21:54

@buellerbuellerbueller thanks for the recommendation.

OP posts:
FairyDustAndUnicorns · 15/06/2023 22:01

MBappse · 15/06/2023 20:01

If it is IBS as you suspect. She would still be covered, but just not for IBS?

Which is why they won't insure her. She's got bellyache. They can't cover her for that, what if it turns out to be appendicitis and they have to pay for an operation? Insurance isn't a public service offered out of the kindness of their hearts, it's a business and it wants to make a profit. They gamble on you not getting ill or injured. They're not going to cover someone cheaply (or in this company's case, at all) for "has a problem, don't know what". It's not good business sense for them

buellerbuellerbueller · 15/06/2023 22:02

theferry · 15/06/2023 21:54

@buellerbuellerbueller thanks for the recommendation.

No problem @theferry. I hope you get something sorted and have a great trip.

Mouseaboutthehouse · 15/06/2023 22:06

I have IBS, I wasn't covered. I really was very ill, we lost £1500.

kethuphouse · 15/06/2023 22:08

jellyminelli · 15/06/2023 19:50

Just apply with another company after the blood test and tick no 🤷🏽‍♀️


TitoMojito · 15/06/2023 22:09

I have no idea how any of this works and have never applied for travel insurance so please let me know if I'm asking a stupid question here.

If she cancelled the tests, would she still be considered to be waiting for tests?

christmastreefarm · 15/06/2023 22:11

PuffinsRocks · 15/06/2023 19:57

Would you genuinely risk missing a holiday instead of just ticking "no" on "are you waiting for tests" (if they even ask that)?

Because if she does need medical treatment the first thing the travel emergency service will do is ring your gp to confirm if you have any pre existing conditions / waiting for any tests. I used to work for one of the firms.

christmastreefarm · 15/06/2023 22:13

NoPrivateSpy · 15/06/2023 20:10

Can't you use a separate cover for your DD? Then that wouldn't invalidate the rest of the insurance?

That can cause a problem if something happened to one person and they needed to extend. They are not all on the same policy and so you may hit issues.

SweetSakura · 15/06/2023 22:14

theferry · 15/06/2023 20:01

Doing that would invalidate the entire cover, even if it was a claim for something completely unrelated. And insurance companies will do anything to get out of paying.

Exactly. I can't . people are suggesting you do this!

nowtherearethree · 15/06/2023 22:18

We used Stayshore they were really helpful

mycoffeecup · 15/06/2023 22:20

Doesn't help for now but in the future you always buy travel insurance when you buy the tickets - in case something happens in between and you need to claim.

Agree staysure have a good reputation, if not then go to a broker and they will find you a company, just will cost more

SpringerLink · 15/06/2023 22:22

You will definitely be able to get cover with Staysure. I went away while waiting for cancer test results and took out insurance with them. They just wouldn't cover anything related to the cancer I was being tested for, but everything else was covered.

JanesBlond · 15/06/2023 22:23

christmastreefarm · 15/06/2023 22:13

That can cause a problem if something happened to one person and they needed to extend. They are not all on the same policy and so you may hit issues.

It’s not a problem to have multiple insurances within a group, it happens all the time when friends or multiple families travel together.

Onlyhadonejob · 15/06/2023 22:43

I was in this situation last year, having tests before travelling to America. I was able to get insurance with Avanti that excluded bowel issues that I was being tested for. It wasn't easy, you couldn't do anything online, it had to be a phone call because it was under investigation and not a diagnosed condition.

Unsure33 · 15/06/2023 22:55

Good advice to call insurance companies because on line if you are awaiting test results it’s an automatic no .

absolutely terrible advice not to declare the pending test as it would invalidate any claim whether connected or not .

honestly telling lies on travel insurance is a bad idea.

theferry · 16/06/2023 13:37

I managed to get a cancellation for the blood test this morning. Fingers crossed it’s all OK.

OP posts:
LemonB · 16/06/2023 13:47

Try your bank. I upgraded my account recently and the travel insurance won’t cover cancellation due to anything I’m waiting on results for but it will cover anything else.

mycoffeecup · 16/06/2023 13:48

theferry · 16/06/2023 13:37

I managed to get a cancellation for the blood test this morning. Fingers crossed it’s all OK.

that might not be enough if it has been recommended.......

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