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How sexy is a man who can cook?!

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whatafryup · 05/06/2023 17:34

So first night staying over with a new partner (both of us had child free weekends!) on Friday and not only did he cook dinner, he cooked the mother of all fry ups for Saturday brunch - clearly knows his way round a kitchen as well as good ingredients!

He thinks I am exaggerating when I say I find it sexy that he can cook! After 15 years with my ex who only during lockdown learnt how to make spag bol for the kids, it's bloomin lovely. Yeah more fool me for putting up with that but who else agrees - a useful man in the kitchen, sexy AF?!

OP posts:
BluePoolNoodle · 05/06/2023 17:36

I think it’s great that you’ve found an equal, but it’s not sexy AF for me, it’s just normal. My DH and all our male friends in relationships cook, it would be weird if they expected their wives to cook and not be equals.
But congrats on your new relationship and getting rid of the old one!

Aquamarine1029 · 05/06/2023 17:37

Your standards have been very, very low for far too long I'm afraid. Any adult should be able to cook. Nothing sexy about it.

AnOKYearForTheRoses · 05/06/2023 17:39

Can’t say it’s top of my list on the sexy-scale. An adult being able to feed themselves is probably one of the essential skills I’d expect someone to have.

Just because a man cooks, doesn’t mean he’s sexy.

How sexy is a man who can cook?!
Kpo58 · 05/06/2023 17:39

Depends on the quality of the cooking.

SirChenjins · 05/06/2023 17:40

Eh?! Men do cook these days you know - many of them also know how to use a washing machine and can even put their own dirty socks in there too. Not so much ‘sexy AF’, more ‘basic life skills’ 😂

I can imagine after 15 years of someone who couldn’t cook at all it must be lovely though - enjoy every minute 😊

Greentree1 · 05/06/2023 17:40

I would say nice if he cooks well, sexy is a bit more sexy, of course if both are good great.

ThinkOfLove · 05/06/2023 17:43

I think it’s a basic requirement, not something I find sexy. Although it would definitely be off putting if they couldn’t cook.

JesusMaryAndJosephAndTheWeeDon · 05/06/2023 17:44

James Martin doing that thing with the sugar on Ready Steady Cook back in the day, or Jean Christoph Novelli whisking something while speaking French - yes sexy as.

A bloke making perfectly normal food only as sexy as he is while doing other normal household stuff. I mean James Norton would be sexy whatever he's doing......

Fudgeytastic · 05/06/2023 17:53

I know what you mean! I spent years with a man who couldn't / wouldn't cook and couldn't even put together flat pack furniture. So now that I have a man who can cook and is a master of DIY I feel like I've hit the jackpot Grin

SirenSays · 05/06/2023 17:54

Eh not really it's pretty basic. Dh does most of the cooking because I don't enjoy it.
I think this is the first time I've thought about how unattractive most celebrity chefs are. The food can be sexy, but never the men. Reynold Poernomo from Aus Masterchef made some sexy desserts!

MaryJean87 · 05/06/2023 17:57

Most people can cook but it doesn't come naturally to everyone to think up tasty concoctions and cook them to perfection. Unfortunately my husband is a basic cook and I do most of the cooking. But I used to see a woman (bi) who used to cook me 3 course meals every time I went to her house and it was restaurant standard. She was amazing.

AlligatorPsychopath · 05/06/2023 17:57

I would less consider it sexy and more consider it... a sign he functions as an adult human on a basic level. So he doesn't make it to my 'instant dump' list, but that's all.

wildlifeobserver1 · 05/06/2023 17:58

Are any women who cook really sexy too?

Beamur · 05/06/2023 17:59

Less sexy when it takes hours and doesn't include loading used items into the dishwasher or tidying up after themselves (looking at you DH)

dudsville · 05/06/2023 18:01

I think you're feeling very loved up and on a high op, that's a wonderful feeling!

CherryBlossom321 · 05/06/2023 18:24

Being a functional adult is not instantly sexy to me, no. Enjoy your new relationship!

YinYogi · 05/06/2023 18:25

I don’t know about sext, but it’s great having a partner who can and will cook. My DH cooks 4-5 nights a week. He’s a better cook than me and enjoys cooking. It’s great. I’d hate to have to cook everyday.

GreyCarpet · 05/06/2023 18:31

Sorry, OP.

Nothing sexy about a man who's managed to meet his own survival needs.

I've ever dated a man who couldn't cook or who wasn't self sufficient domestically. And not because I specifically sought them out. Its just what adults do.

ditalini · 05/06/2023 18:34

Dh does most of the cooking. Now a man who can clear up after himself after he's cooked.... also just ticking the most basic of boxes but I wish he'd come round to my house.

Fandabedodgy · 05/06/2023 19:22

It's just a basic expectation surely.

Arewehumanorarewecupboards · 05/06/2023 19:29

I cook every day and I’m not sexy.

lashy · 06/06/2023 14:45

I recently dated a guy who was lovely in many ways but couldn't cook at all. More frustrating was the fact that he wasn't remotely interested in learning how to cook anything. Aside from popping a rotation of 1/2 dozen or so ready made meals/ veg burgers into the oven and serving it with canned veg, his repertoire of cooking actual meals was zero.
A massive turn off.

CurlewKate · 06/06/2023 14:47

God, the bar is low for men, isn't it?

GalileoHumpkins · 06/06/2023 15:48

he cooked the mother of all fry ups for Saturday brunch

Did he cook it barefoot, shirtless and with the top button of his jeans undone?

CurlewKate · 06/06/2023 16:39

Who washed up?

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