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American Summer camps

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Remotecontrolatmyside · 04/06/2023 17:17

Why have American style summer camps ever taken off in the UK? Is it because it would be unaffordable for the vast majority of the UK population? They always look like so much fun in films (I know that might not be the case in reality) and would solve a lot of child care issues maybe?

OP posts:
mathanxiety · 15/06/2023 17:03

A study that delves beyond the summer break/bad - long school year/good binary.

Grumpyfroghats · 15/06/2023 17:04

mathanxiety · 15/06/2023 16:55

But I realise that anything that isn't YAY AMERICA isn't going to do it for you...

There's no need for personal digs.

Either your opinions are backed up by evidence or statistics or they're not. If you choose to interpret factual statements as attacks on the UK or American flag waving then I suggest that's a You problem.

Virtually everything you post on this forum is YAY AMERICA.

There is so much research on this topic. Feel free to point me to something that shows that summer learning loss doesn't exist. I already linked to some of the many many studies that shows it does exist.

But of course it isn't the only thing that affects a country's school system, it's one very documented thing. So one country that has a longer break but still does well shows absolutely nothing

mathanxiety · 15/06/2023 19:55


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