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'The Lee family tree' Help to fill it in?

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ShakeDatTing2 · 01/06/2023 20:31

Grandad is a strict vegan, Brocco Lee.

The cousin that turns up everywhere, Unexpected Lee.

Dad is pretty sure of himself and is always dependable, Definite Lee.

Uncle is a lawyer and never jokes about anything, Serious Lee.

OP posts:
ghislaine · 01/06/2023 20:38

Little Sis is the best at everything
Ultimate Lee

Mum is always busy
Perpetual Lee

Uncle John inherited the family baronetcy
Gent Lee

Pieceofpurplesky · 01/06/2023 20:53

Grandma never takes sides and listens to them all
Objective Lee

SkunkAndNanci · 01/06/2023 21:14

The son, who was named after a famous actor , flows serenely through cork, River Lee

Arewethebadguys · 01/06/2023 21:22

Nosey Aunt, always wanting to hear about other people's business, Curious Lee

inappropriateraspberry · 01/06/2023 21:26

That distant cousin who can do anything - Capable Lee.
Everyone has one somewhere (usually an uncle) - Stupid Lee

Zoologydragon · 01/06/2023 21:28

The great uncle who walks backwards at weekends, Weird Lee

Married to the great aunt who insists on speaking like a quiet fairy, Faint Lee

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 01/06/2023 21:30

The teenage son... Smell Lee

Zoologydragon · 01/06/2023 21:31

Their children are Odd Lee and Silent Lee. Odd Lee is the root of many "phone 101" Mumsnet threads; Silent Lee doesn't speak and only communicates by mime.

clpsmum · 01/06/2023 21:31

The funny twins joking lee and funny lee

Their little sister amusing lee

TravellingSpoon · 01/06/2023 21:31

Tween Dd who is always grinning... Smile Lee

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 01/06/2023 22:09

The glamorous aunt who lives overseas, somewhere rich and sunny and drifts in every couple of years... Fabulous Lee

unfortunateevents · 01/06/2023 22:33

The child of a cousin who is a humourless Maths prodigy, Serious Lee

unfortunateevents · 01/06/2023 22:34

His brother who hates the dark and will only sleep with the landing light on, Bright Lee.

titchy · 01/06/2023 22:37

Sarcastic second cousin: Real Lee

JenaWren · 01/06/2023 22:38

The two nieces - one shouts
and the other whispers...

Loud Lee and Quiet Lee

PurplePositivity · 01/06/2023 22:39

The football mad cousin, Goal Lee

flyingtherag · 01/06/2023 22:40

The beautiful serene red head Ginger Lee

TomatoSandwiches · 01/06/2023 22:44

The abrupt MIL who demands overnight stays rather Rude Lee.

AdaColeman · 01/06/2023 22:44

Everyone's favourite uncle...Man Lee

And that sweet little cousin...Happy Lee

The aunt who ran away to be a chorus girl...Gorgeous Lee

TomatoSandwiches · 01/06/2023 22:46

Your favourite Nephew who always gives you a lift, Kind Lee.

LadyDaffodil · 01/06/2023 22:46

The polite and kind Aunt and Uncle, Gentleman-Lee and Woman- Lee

AppleDumplingWithCustard · 01/06/2023 22:50

Another daughter is an absolute drama queen. Hystericall Lee

AttilaThePun · 01/06/2023 22:52

The wealthy grandma, Finantia Lee.

AttilaThePun · 01/06/2023 22:52

The OTT nephew, Hyperbo Lee.

WhiplashGirlchild · 01/06/2023 22:54

Not forgetting the dyslexic step child, Supposab Le

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