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'The Lee family tree' Help to fill it in?

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ShakeDatTing2 · 01/06/2023 20:31

Grandad is a strict vegan, Brocco Lee.

The cousin that turns up everywhere, Unexpected Lee.

Dad is pretty sure of himself and is always dependable, Definite Lee.

Uncle is a lawyer and never jokes about anything, Serious Lee.

OP posts:
Nopeasinapasty · 02/06/2023 01:35

The determined and loyal family pet - Dogged Lee

Netaporter · 02/06/2023 03:59

The know it all Uncle who is always wise after the event - obviously Lee

Netaporter · 02/06/2023 04:00

*Correction Obvious Lee

SorrowsPrayers · 02/06/2023 06:07

Steady, average nice aunty....Norma Lee.

LemonjeIIo · 02/06/2023 06:11

Great Aunt who never comments on behaviour, Reserved Lee

Hummusanddipdip · 02/06/2023 06:15

The cousin who has an awful attitude to getting things done: Terrib Lee

LemonjeIIo · 02/06/2023 06:16

The Spanish motor mechanic cousin Manual Lee

musixa · 02/06/2023 06:53

Teenage cousin who still thinks the world is a wonderful place - Naive Lee
His mum who has seen it all before - Cynic Lee
His lovely, adoring granny - Tender Lee

ErrolTheDragon · 02/06/2023 08:30

Don't forget shrewd Aunty Canny Lee

ErrolTheDragon · 02/06/2023 08:32

Has anyone mentioned the triplets - True Lee, Mad Lee, Deep Lee?

sunshineandtea · 02/06/2023 08:33

There's the Pervy Uncle, Suspicious Lee

WetBandits · 02/06/2023 08:35

There’s the one who lives in a commuter town just outside of London, Brom Lee. Or his sister who lives in another one, Rebecca (but she prefers Bex) 😉

dexterslockedintheshedagain · 02/06/2023 08:48

The hippy cousin - Dreamy Lee

LunaNorth · 02/06/2023 08:52

The shifty cousin who looks after grandma, but you suspect he has ulterior motives - Ostensib Lee.

LunaNorth · 02/06/2023 08:52

The grumpy grandad - Curmudgeon Lee.

LunaNorth · 02/06/2023 08:53

The teenage son who never stops eating between meals and uses all the milk - Serial Lee.

toomuchlikemyusername · 02/06/2023 09:20

The twins, with different outlooks on life. Positive Lee and Negative Lee. Children of Optimistic and Pessimistic.

AdaColeman · 02/06/2023 10:44

The distant cousin who won BGT...Famous Lee

JustGotToKeepOnKeepingOn · 02/06/2023 11:00

The drama queen, attention seeking Aunt who always has something wrong with her. You name it. She's had it worse. Sick Lee.

itsgettingweird · 02/06/2023 11:38

The siblings with opposite personalities.

Manic Lee and Calm Lee

ErrolTheDragon · 02/06/2023 13:02

Then there's the cheerful ornithology Chirpy Lee

ErrolTheDragon · 02/06/2023 13:12

Potent Lee and Fecund Lee have many children and no imagination - their kids are First Lee, Second Lee, Third Lee, Fourth Lee .... etc

But there are quite a few others (Responsib Lee, Unexpected Lee for instance) who have an Own Lee so it balances out.

Phineyj · 02/06/2023 13:18

Uncle Brom ("Boring") is a bit of a bore at parties, insisting he lives in the London Borough of Brom, not outside of London...

Vitriolinsanity · 02/06/2023 13:37

In days of yore there was a terrible black sheep that held up stagecoaches known aroundabouts as Dastard Lee

Then there was the son Rich that married well to a society debutante daughter.

trulyunruly01 · 02/06/2023 15:42

The one who always nicks the last pig in blanket at Xmas
Sneaki Lee

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