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'The Lee family tree' Help to fill it in?

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ShakeDatTing2 · 01/06/2023 20:31

Grandad is a strict vegan, Brocco Lee.

The cousin that turns up everywhere, Unexpected Lee.

Dad is pretty sure of himself and is always dependable, Definite Lee.

Uncle is a lawyer and never jokes about anything, Serious Lee.

OP posts:
WandaWonder · 01/06/2023 22:55

The wacky crazy but reliable cousin Stead

maybekauri · 01/06/2023 22:59

The cousin with dubious morals

Loose Lee

JenaWren · 01/06/2023 23:00

The twin maths geniuses...

Additional Lee and Average Lee

ErrolTheDragon · 01/06/2023 23:00

There are two Literal Lees - one who is scrupulously factual and another who is prone to exaggeration. The latter could be called Oxymoronic Lee

maybekauri · 01/06/2023 23:00

The aunt who’s a ballroom dance fanatic

Strict Lee

AdaColeman · 01/06/2023 23:00

The rather dodgy second cousin...Menacing Lee

The great uncle who was a country clergyman...Divine Lee

aperolspritzbasicbitch · 01/06/2023 23:02

Ah, a new addition to the family! a bouncing baby boy - Recent Lee

wizzler · 01/06/2023 23:03

The nephew who likes stamp collecting, Philate Lee and the grand daughter who is never on time Late Lee

MyBrownEyedHandsomeBoy · 01/06/2023 23:04

The unplanned twins..
Mistaken Lee and Surprising Lee
Children of...
Drunken Lee and Horny Lee

N0tANOoDl3He4D · 01/06/2023 23:05

There's always a knowitall in the family. In this instance, we have Correct Lee

maybekauri · 01/06/2023 23:10

The favourite uncle

Jol Lee

AdaColeman · 01/06/2023 23:12

The uncle who's a successful bookmaker...Honest Lee

AdaColeman · 01/06/2023 23:22

And his son who will soon join him in his betting shop..Lucky Lee

maybekauri · 01/06/2023 23:22

The ailing grandma who’s in and out of hospital

Patient Lee

tailinthejam · 01/06/2023 23:29

The tight-fisted relation who never buys you so much as a birthday card -

Miser Lee

Imisspacers · 02/06/2023 00:06

The son who loves bungee jumping and high risk sports - Daring Lee
Uncle who gets pissed at every family event - Drunken Lee

MyCatsSlave · 02/06/2023 00:11

And the cousin who’s a terrible driver Dangerous Lee

HipHipWhoRay · 02/06/2023 00:20

The nephew who’s a real braggert, Shameless Lee

Mardiarse · 02/06/2023 00:22

The dodgy uncle in prison bird lee.
The much loved family dog woof lee

Fillybuster · 02/06/2023 00:23

2nd cousin on their mothers side who is often in town when there’s a family party or big event. Serendipitous Lee.

Ereshkigalangcleg · 02/06/2023 01:19

The irritable second cousin Huffy Lee

somethingischasingme · 02/06/2023 01:23

The sisters who want to form a band
Scari Lee
Posh Lee
Sporti Lee
Babyish Lee

somethingischasingme · 02/06/2023 01:24

With their cousin Ginger Lee of corse!

somethingischasingme · 02/06/2023 01:25


HostaLuago · 02/06/2023 01:26

The niece who likes baking cakes

Sara Lee

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