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Who does the packin* for your holidays?

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BarrelOfOtters · 31/05/2023 07:27

Dh and I pack our own bags. No kids. I do have to endure the clothes parade first while he decides which of the 5 identical navy blue polos he is taking,

it seems thought that other people pack for their partners……

OP posts:
JorisBonson · 31/05/2023 07:28

Nope, he's a grown man who is fully capable of packing for himself!

h3ll0o · 31/05/2023 07:29

Husband packs his own. I’d have no idea what he wants to takes

EnjoyingTheSilence · 31/05/2023 07:29

Why would anyone pack for another grown adult? We all (children included now they are older teens) pack our own clothes

KokoKardash · 31/05/2023 07:29

Holiday today for us!! I have had zero involvement in dh packing or outfit choice

I packed fully for me and our one dc

LivingDeadGirlUK · 31/05/2023 07:32

I pack for our son but my partner packs his own. He leaves it to the last min every time.

historygeek · 31/05/2023 07:34

I pack for DS and I. DH packs for himself and Ddog.

TeddyBeans · 31/05/2023 07:34

I pack for me and the kids, DP packs his own stuff

NatureNurture85 · 31/05/2023 07:35

I pack myself, DCs (8 and 11) will bring their clothes/underwear to me to pack for them. They’ll also bring their toiletries. DH will pack his own stuff and their swim stuff. I’ll pack shoes and toiletries for myself and suncream for all of us. DH packs his own toiletries. I’ll pack DC shoes, DH coats.

DogsvsCats · 31/05/2023 07:36

I'm the more organised one so I send out lists depending on where/ how long/weather/likely activities but then expect them all to do their own packing (DC's 10,14,17)- I'd never pack for my DH though, ever!

MaggyNoodles · 31/05/2023 07:38

We all pack for ourselves.

My mum still packs for my dad; they're in their 80's. He's not allowed to pack for himself 🙄

Tinkeytonkoldfruit · 31/05/2023 07:39

DH obviously packs for himself, would be very odd if I packed for him. Normally I take the lead on packing clothes for DD7 and he may pack her other stuff (toothbrush, teddy, books etc).

DeathMetalMum · 31/05/2023 07:41

I gather my own things, dc gather theirs and I check it's suitable. Dp gathers his and does the actual putting in the bag, don't know why but he seems to get twice as much in as I do.

roundtable · 31/05/2023 07:41

Dh writes a list as he's prone to forgetting things and one for the kids too.

He gives lists to children who collect the items and attempt to stuff them in their bags. We pack our own then repack the kids bags. Works well for us and the kids like being involved. Then littlest dc and one of us go to the shop to get snacks for the plane. Dh usually drops the dog off with the dc.

Always pizza for dinner as it's quick to cook and tidy up.

Thankfully we're past the years of dc trying to pack 50 teddies with limited luggage allowance and crying when asked to choose 5. They were sweet though and would unpack them and line them up on whatever bed was theirs.

This has sort of emerged over time but it makes me feel like it's the start of the holiday! I don't know why anyone would want someone else to pack their back for them. I'd hate not knowing what was in there.

Merrow · 31/05/2023 07:41

DP puts their clothes on the bed and I'll do the actual packing. Whoever has more time will put out clothes for DS. We don't have a car so we aim to get everything into one bag, and I'm better at the wizardry required for that. I've been banned from packing the wash bag so DP does that. In pre DC days when we could carry a bag each we packed ourselves.

coffeecupsandwaxmelts · 31/05/2023 07:41

DH packs for himself. I pack for me and the dog Grin

hexsnidgett · 31/05/2023 07:42

It's an old fashioned thing, I've never done it, but I have heard of it.

It would be great to have a holiday.

ivfbabymomma1 · 31/05/2023 07:43

DH packs for himself

I pack for me & DS

I'm in charge of the toiletries & suncream etc though! But clothes no way I wouldn't know what DH would want to pack to do it for him

WinchSparkle80 · 31/05/2023 07:43

DH chooses his stuff and packs, I then get kids stuff ready with their help and he packs theirs, I then put all my stuff on the bed and he packs that…. he is a legendary packer!

thimblgattle167 · 31/05/2023 07:43

I organise all my clothes and dc clothes. I leave them folded on the bed. Dh then sort his clothes and packs the cases. He also sorts out things like chargers ans all the extras. Feels very fair

Summerishereagain · 31/05/2023 07:43

Never. I once ironed for DH before holiday but never again. I’m a sahm so I tend to do the majority if the kids packing. Although last time he had time off before so he packed for one of the kids.

Maddy70 · 31/05/2023 07:44

We pack our own I'm not my husband's mother x

roundtable · 31/05/2023 07:45

thimblgattle167 · 31/05/2023 07:43

I organise all my clothes and dc clothes. I leave them folded on the bed. Dh then sort his clothes and packs the cases. He also sorts out things like chargers ans all the extras. Feels very fair

Ooh yes dh does all the electrics and passports. We tried both doing it and realised it took twice as long as we weren't sure what the other had done.

Fizbosshoes · 31/05/2023 07:45

We all pack for ourselves including DC (they have done since they were about 8 - I used to tell them you will need x number of underwear and this number of outfits)
DH often leaves it to the very last minute and if he isn't packed at eg 10pm when we're leaving really early then I put out a "suggested wardrobe" for him to pack. He packs the bag though. I prefer him to do that because he's really bad at packing and it means there's plenty of space if I want to buy anything on holiday! 😄

Summerishereagain · 31/05/2023 07:45

This is reminds me that my Mum will ask me questions about what clothes size my DH is and suggest deals she has seen. She is very bemused when I say I will pass it on him because I don’t buy his clothes.

Passthecake30 · 31/05/2023 07:46

I watch the teens get it all out and hand over to me, and dp makes a pile of his clothes and then I pack the lot. I tend to spread the clothes across suitcases so that works. I leave the pre-holiday cleaning to dp instead.

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